Oh that sweet place of innocence.

Oh that place of sweet innocence.

Do you remember your childhood?
I hope you were blessed with a happy home & the family you were born into taught you what you needed to know.

Do you remember life was so simple?
Such a carefree existence.
Our rules in the 60’s were respect your elders, be polite, tell the truth & make sure you were home before the street lights came on.
(And to be on your best behavior because everyone knew your parents & the community grapevine worked well).
All the kids in the street or block outside playing games together.
No grown up problems.
You were simply you, life hadn’t slapped you down, told you what to be, or taken that innocence from you.
You had a family, family traditions & family Sunday Roasts.
You had your favourite pet.
You always sat at the table for meals & beautiful homemade food on the table.
Warm clothes on your back that were hand knitted or passed down the line, never designer, rarely new but we always had whatever we needed.
We walked everywhere.
No computers, internet, mobiles, we actually talked to each other.

Oh Childhood Innocence.
She is still perfectly pure & innocent
She remembers.

Love, light & blessings


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