Shamanic Healing

My journey into the realm of Shamanic Healing really kicked in 8 years ago. Someone used to call me Angel Girl and I felt happy & safe to work with the Angelics. She laughed at me & said you have not connected to your true powers & healing until you look outside this realm and discover who you really are. 

Well that shook me to the core. But it was true, we are not just love, light and gentleness. Within us is our Shadow self. The place where our ancient powers, healing and memories reside. They have remained hidden, preserved, safe for many lifetimes until the time is right for them to awaken. 

First thing I noticed was my Crystals collection evolve, I started to be drawn to the Earth Crystals, The Shaman Crystals, The Shadow Crystals, The Journeying Crystals.  How did a Black Crystal enter my collection? But I was now drawn to these new Crystals like a magnet. 

I was always drawn to the Native Americans and I studied the Medicine Wheel with Grandmother Kay Gifford. We learnt ceremony. We activated our inner wisdom. We learnt a deep understanding of animals medicine and their lessons they teach us. We learnt about cycles of life, the elements, the lessons that every step of the Medicine Wheel teaches. 

I learnt to walk the mighty Wheel of LifeI connected deeply to this aspect of my Soul. I remembered. 

I have an active Medicine Wheel on my land and a Crystal Medicine Wheel in the Healing Room.  I am also the keeper of an an activated Labyrinth set to sacred geometry & Earth Keeper work.

Then I took the learning to an even deeper level, undertaking the ancient teachings and wisdom of the Incas. I undertook the massive journey and received the 9 sacred rites of the Munay Ki. A life transformational journey of shedding all that diminished me, igniting the sacred seeds that were now reconnected and growing within me and accepting who I am.

 I also hold Crystal Shamanism Diploma through the Academy of Crystal Awakening in Shamanism.

In September 2018 I became a teacher in Crystal Shamanism offering Accredited Courses through the Academy. I will be offering these teachings late 2018, watch events for workshop notifications.

“A Shaman is a healer who moves into an altered state of consciousness to access a hidden reality in the spirit world for the purpose of bringing back healing, power, messages and information.Shamans believe that all problems, whether they be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, have their root cause in separation or spiritual imbalance”. 

Shamans work with the spirit or the Soul. Illness is healed at a soul level, if you heal the energetic charge or cause then the other bodies are supported to release & heal. Diseases or dis ease within the psyche is caused from an injury, trauma, memory, belief system, fear etc. This is where the Shaman works, with the cause not just the symptoms. A Shaman works with Mother Earth, The Elements, Healing Tools, Crystals, Ancient Medicines, and knowns it is a way of life.  A Shaman helps you return to your I am Essence.

Shamanic Healings 

  • Drumming & Crystal Chakra Balancing
  • Soul Retrieval & Journeys
  • Past Life 
  • Journey to connect to your power animal and spirit guides
  • Shadow Merkaba Grid
  • Advanced Cord Cutting
  • Cutting Energetic Cords & Old Karma
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Soul Star & Earth Star Activations
  • Rebirth


Shamanic Tools

I am in the process of manifesting and making many Shamanic Healing Tools. You can find some photographs of my personal collection of healing tools here** 

Some will be made with feathers, healing wands, crystals wands, talking sticks.


Shamanic Courses 2019 (to be scheduled)

Medicine Wheel – this will be a foundation course followed be an ongoing monthly gathering where I will assist you in your journey, understanding, and learning on a very sacred & deep level. This is a sacred journey, and will be restricted to a small group as we journey together, learning, supporting and awakening. Expressions of interest are welcome.