Do you have triggers?
Have you noticed a certain topic brings an instant reaction from you?
When you tell a story do you still cry, get angry, feel pain, react, become overwhelmed, anxious, fearful?

Well that is a trigger, to draw your attention to an unhealed pain or wound that lays deep within your being.

To survive, we have coping mechanisms, so we tend to tuck things away where we think they won’t hurt us…………wrong !!!
This is exactly how dis-ease within the body happens leading to diseases & sickness.

You have to be brave & face the issue.
Only then can you heal the emotional charge with lots of understanding, compassion, self love, self care, letting go, growth, change of attitude etc.

Some triggers cannot be unexplained, like an irrational fear, or overwhelming emotion. But you have no idea where it came from or have no memories of why you would fear drowning or sharks?
Have you ever considered that the soul holds memories & we have come back to heal our old triggers from a past life?

What are your triggers?
Are you ready to heal & release them?
I can help you.

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings


Shining from within

Shine your light within

For many in the Southern Hemisphere the reality that Winter is here is hitting home.

We become introverted.
We tend to hibernate.
We head to our caves for rest & recharge.
Days are shorter, colder, dark & gloomy days, short daylight hours as Winter weather unfolds.

Energetically this can feel oppressive, heavy, depressing & burdens may appear & feeling alone because of this. The darkness can become all consuming.

Light the candle within your soul,
Rather than curse the darkness.



Spiritual Teachers

Spiritual Teachers……true or false?

There is a beautiful saying
When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears.

A true spiritual teacher will freely share their knowledge.
They empower the student to excel, to grow, to become the best version of themself.
This person is connected spiritually & is wise & authentic.
They are evolved to know we are one.
They understand this journey isn’t a competition, but a journey of self mastery.
An evolved soul operating from an open heart space & a higher dimension vibration will attract like minded souls.

However you may find a false teacher and the difference will become obvious.
They withhold information.
Create power struggles, holding you back so you don’t grow or outshine them.
They try to diminish you, knock you down, derailing or sabotaging your growth.
They often wear masks or feed you scraps of information & drain you.
They are coming from ego, power, control & greed. The old dense 3rd dimension, these are being left behind now.
This teacher will show you everything you don’t want to be or what you have evolved away from.

Knowledge is power.
It isn’t a competition.
Share your wisdom, what is all the knowledge going to do kept all to yourself?

For the greatest compliment a teacher can ever receive, is to see their student spread their wings, start flying, outgrowing them, setting off on their own path, excelling, becoming empowered.

Only then has the spiritual teacher fulfilled their soul contract with you.

Love, light & blessings


Self Love 💜

Self Love

For some, this is so very hard to do.
The University of Life may have been cruel & taught you that you weren’t worthy.

What or who stripped away your self worth?
What moment in time or who taught you that you aren’t good enough?
When did you start to believe that you need to be different or perfect for someone to love you?

Be you, love you, nurture you, discover you, remember you.
For you are perfect just the way you are.
You will learn eventually that the right people will love you, just because you are you.
An authentic person is an empowered person, shining brightly from within.

If you were meant to be different you would have been made that way.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings


New Moon Blessings on 22/4 Master Day

New Moon Blessings

Today at 12 noon (Adel) we have our New Moon in Cancer. It is a Water sign (yes here come the emotions) & depicted by the Crab. It is ruled by the Moon & has the healing energy of the Mother/Nurturer.

This new cycle will gift you a new cycle around your feelings & emotions if you have done the work.
Issues relating to family are ruled by Cancer, because it’s our most sacred connections & our deepest learning/healing space within the soul family pod.
You may have deep emotions or memories stirring around your family, mum, your place within a family?
You maybe questioning your roots or dealing with Ancestral Healing.
Are you questioning your home & family dynamics, looking at how you relate within it?
You may be craving nurturing, caring, sharing & emotional support.
It is a great opportunity to finally balance those emotions & deal with any addictions that you have to mask that buried pain.
You may be tested emotionally to stay focused & true to you.
Remember to rise above any chaos, you can hover within the eye of a storm & not get sucked into the emotions, if you choose.
Do you need more lessons the magnitude of a Tsunami or are you happy & wise safe in the white wash on the shore?

Think of the Crab
It guards its domain with fierce tenacity, on guard with its nippers up ready to strike. You think twice before entering or taking it on.
But if it gets knocked off balance, unstable or flipped on it’s back it’s defenseless. Its soft underbelly exposed & a mortal wound can be delivered.
That’s exactly what can happen to us if we aren’t balanced & feeling safe within our homes & worlds.

We have just had our Winter Solstice & the soil is lush & fertile.
What sacred seeds are you ready to plant?
What new way of being & feeling has emerged within you?
What hopes & dreams do you have?

The tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness, and struggle to reach the light.
Energetically that is us.
Take those sacred dreams & plant them now.
We reap what we sow.
Tend to your Tree of Life now & you will find a harvest beyond your wildest dreams will be waiting for you in Spring/Summer.

Dream big, with the passions of your heart & soul, for the one with the open heart will receive great blessings when the mighty wheel turns again.

This is the key to manifestation.
Knowing when to gather, when to rest, when to let go, when to take action, steps to ground it from the ethers to the physical.

Today 24/6/2017 is a 22/4 Master Day.
The Master Builder.
The Universe is giving you the green light, because of Self Mastery, to build the life you were destined to live.

What are the next 6 months going to look like for you?
I know I have planted my sacred seeds to nurture & tend to.
Dream your world into being.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings


Solstice Blessings

Solstice Blessings

Today at 12 noon (adel) we have our Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.
So what does that mean?
Today has the shortest daylight hours and longest hours of darkness.
Today we are furtherest away from the Sun our Soul/Solar Energy.
From today the mighty wheel turns & starts its long journey back towards the light.
Energetically so do we.

Spend a moment reflecting on cycles, seasons, lessons learnt & the journey you have travelled so far this year.

Light a candle & look into the flame, you can release anything to be transformed by the element of fire. Symbolically by lighting a candle you are also lighting the light within.

I bet there has been huge transformation in many aspects of your world. Relationships, family, career, homes, etc.
21/6/2017 is an 19/10/1 day in a 1 universal year. 1 the number of new beginnings.
1 day, 1 year, look at that doorway to step through. Are you ready to Master yourself?
You hear about divine timing, well the planets, stars, moon, earth, sun are all aligning to honour the mighty wheel & cycles.
So have we, the Universe is saying go for it, green light.

Mother Nature always knows, we tune into her rhythm we tune deeply into life itself.
We reap what we sow, and what we do now will yield us a great harvest come Spring & Summer.
Now is our time to tend to that fertile soil & ideas in preparation for Saturday’s New Moon.

We dream our world into being.
Dream big dear ones, dream big, for your hard work has been done & your inner light is guiding you home.

Love, light & blessings
Jenny 🙏💜


My hardest life lesson…..,..,

My hardest life lesson.

To learn not everyone is like me & has a big heart & good intentions.

When you have a big heart full of love & kindness, you gladly share, you are always helping & supporting others, people are drawn to your love & light like a magnet for that very reason.

But it is often taken for granted, used & abused. They want what you have, then spit you out or suck you dry.
Some simply vanish or disconnect when they can no longer manipulate or use you.

We learn, we see, we grow, we remember.

Who is there for you?
Have you learnt not everyone is the same?
Have you finally learnt to keep some of that love & light for yourself?
Have you learnt you deserve better?
Have you learnt about healthy boundaries?
Are you so trusting anymore?
Can you see straight through someone’s motives now?
The hardest lesson is we think others are like us?

A good heart will only be happy once it has learnt these life lesson, but first you will endure a lot of pain & heartache.



Truth will set you free


The truth will set you free.
But first it will probably annoy & frustrate the hell out of you.
You can deny it.
You can run from it.
You can seek it.
You can avoid it.

But the truth never denies the seeker.
It’s the seeker who often denies the truth.

Truth, it’s undeniable.
It is what it is.
Acceptance is the key.

When you have found the truth, you have a choice.
You contemplate the truth.
You absorb that truth.
You have to digest the truth & often it can be a bitter truth.
You decide to take a chance.
So then you decide to use your free will.
That’s how the truth will always set you free.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings


Ascension Symptoms

Ascension Symptoms

Have you noticed you have changed?

Do you still crave the same things?
Have you lost your appetite?
Do you need to spend time alone to recharge?
Have you needed to rest?
Do you still connect to the same people?
Have you made amazing new connections?
Have you started to look at the world with different eyes?
Is there need for change?
What are you discovering about you?
What part are you playing within your circles & communities ?
Are you seeing darkness, tragedy & ugliness unfolding around the world?
Are you seeing the immediate balance or polarity of love, light, compassion, togetherness, the helpers, the change?
Are you being called to a higher purpose?
Have you discovered an inner knowing guiding you?
Are you being called to anchor light or the need to help Pachamama?
Do you feed the net of light, for the greater good?

The mighty Tree of Life.
Long may you grow.
Long may you evolve.
Long may you learn from life’s cycles.

Draw down the golden light through your Soul Star Chakra & Crown, breathing deeply into your heart space & expanding out through the exhale.
Then breathe up the the energy from Mother Earth, connecting deeply to Earth through your Earth Star, or roots.

You must balance, centre & ground yourself regularly as we go through the Ascension process. It is the key to helping you through the integration process.

What are your symptoms?

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings


Energy Update

Energy Update

Big energy has been downloading all week, shifting, clearing, bringing emotions to the surface, pushing us through any perceived restrictions, as we build to our new moon & winter solstice next week. It is the darkest phase of the moon & year.
As the mighty Wheel of Life turns deep into winter, it’s designed to take you there & within.

What has been shown to you?
Have you had deep old wounds rattled?
Have you been dealt with old patterns in relationships, sabotage, self worth?
Has deep pain come up to be addressed & healed?
Have you been making life transformative decisions & changes & nothing looks the same?
Have you finally learnt your value?
Have you set up healthy boundaries?
What are you fighting for?
Has the path finally started to clear?
Have you been loving you?
Have you been feeling the need to rest or go within?
Have you been pondering on what’s next?
Have you been reflective or introspective about your life & purpose?
Have you been wondering “what’s next or “where am I going”?

Only after you journey into your shadow self do you find what you are looking for, that part of you that you sense or know is missing. The place we sometimes fear, the place we hide our hurt, pain, shame, loss, betrayal, abandonment & broken parts.

For this is the place where our personal power resides, our life force, our I Am essence, our passion, our strength, our light, our courage, the pieces of us hidden in the shadows just patiently waiting for you to love, understand, rekindle, nurture, honor, heal, reconnect to & gain clarity.

It takes great pain to crack you open or shatter your world & belief systems enough to empower you to take the journey within.

What you are yearning for, or feel is missing, is deep within the shadow self.

It is the greatest journey you will ever take.

Do not fear the darkness, for only light can drive out darkness. Your self love will be your divine light to guide you.

Shine that light brightly within for you will become empowered & meet your higher self, your soul. You will become the best version of you, you will Be, you will feel whole again, you will be home. You will love & honor yourself.

Love, light & blessings
Jenny 🙏💜