Hurt people hurt people.

Hurt people hurt people.

There’s nothing wrong with walking away.

There’s nothing wrong with setting strong healthy boundaries around you.

It’s ok to say no.

It ok to not want to hang out with negative, nasty or gossiping people anymore.

It’s ok to say I deserve to be loved & treated better.

But it’s not ok to wish ill will on another, because you know the laws of karma, what you send out does comes back to you 3 fold.

Hurt people hurt people.

People living in pain inflict that pain on others, often rejecting help, support, kindness, friendships because they don’t feel worthy or they have been told & made to believe they aren’t good enough.

They often self prophecies their greatest fears & beliefs manifesting that pain & suffering over & over again.

Have you considered just what happened to make them hard, cruel, ugly, unfeeling, manipulative, angry?

They don’t need our negativity or anger as confirmation or proof they have won or beaten us down to their level, vibration or games.

Don’t give them that satisfaction & control over you.

They need healing.

No instead show who you are & who you refuse to be or become.

Walk away.

Disengage, don’t play games, because an idiot, narcissist, manipulator or control freak will always try to bring you down to their level.

Wish them well.

Wish them luck.

Wish them healing & compassion.

Rise above it.

Only then can a cycle change or the energetic charge disperse, because you have fed it with higher vibrations.

You have broken the connection.

You have not compromised yourself nor your integrity.

We teach people how to treat us.

Wish them well & walk tall.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

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Values & not negotiables

Are they words, lip service, hobbies, or your values?

Your moral compass, belief system & values are not negotiable.

Do you know yours?

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


She’s been through hell & came out an Angel

She’s been through hell & came out an Angel.

Nothing or nobody has the right to break your soul………And that includes you.

Love, honour, nurture & protect this sacred essence.

You are so special,

Shine brightly dear ones,

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

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Sad Souls

Sad Souls

It’s real & lethal.

Don’t die a slow painful death inside.

Soul sadness is excruciatingly painful & many of us have felt its deep pain, fears & yearnings.

Some love nothing better than to try breaking, manipulating, diminishing & controlling another’s soul, love & light.

Some are just negative ugly people, limit your time spent with them.

A soul can be haunted or shattered in a past life, continually attracting the same mirrors, triggers & people to your world to heal & teach you that very lesson of self mastery.

A soul makes binding contracts for growth & enlightenment before incarnating.

A soul chooses family pods to journey with.

A soul is your divine I Am essence.

It is the only thing you can take with you when you shuffle off this mortal coil.

Soul pain is real.

The amount of people I see that are totally blown away when I see & connect to their soul, as they are gently guided to connect deeply with self, then realising that someone else can see, acknowledging its truth or feelings, when even they couldn’t .

But soul liberation & empowerment is real too.

That’s what spirituality is all about.

Embracing, empowering, enlightening, nurturing, honouring & liberating that very essence.

Its loving, embracing, nurturing, connecting, understanding, being authentic, walking your walk, living in truth, integrity, compassion, humility.

Then your soul essence shines brightly not withers away.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

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Past, present & future

It’s time to leave the past

Step into the now.

Today is all you have influence over.

That’s why it’s called the present.

The past may have shaped you.

It may have even changed you.

But does it get to define you?

The past is a part of your journey,

By no means do you have to stay trapped there or feed it anymore of your valuable energy or time.

It has made you brave, strong & wise.

It showed you everything you are not.

It showed you your heritage, roots & ancestors struggles.

Forgive yourself for not knowing any different or not understanding what you hadn’t learnt yet.

Forgive yourself for the impact of your actions, inaction or choices made.

Make peace with your past.

It’s time to be the best version of you.

It’s never too late for change.

Do you have to forgive yourself or another?

Do you have to come to grips with being unloved, abandoned or orphaned?

Do you have to face your biggest fear?

Are you finally over feeling sick & tired of all the pain & suffering?

Do you want to feel alive & happy?

Is it time to love, nurture, honour & protect all aspects of you?

Do you have to love & nurture aspects of you long hidden & forgotten?

Are you redefining just who you were told you could or couldn’t be?

Are you realising you have so much more to offer & share?

Are you finally seeing there is a person inside that wants to change & rise above adversity?

Are you a truth speaker & seeker now?

Have those shackles & bindings loosened their grip, maybe even crashing to the ground setting you free?

Are you the hero of your story?

Are you the Master of your destiny?

Shine brightly dear ones,

For in the darkness & rough is where diamonds are forged.

A diamond receives many cuts, then dazzles with brilliance in all its facets.

So do we.

Are you a precious diamond in the rough?

Shine bright like a diamond that you are dear one.

Once the past has created its future,

Let it go…….

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Once upon a time ……..

Once upon a time…………

Don’t let someone else write your story.

For it’s your story.

Remember all those dreams you have?

Those unfulfilled yearnings.

You know you have a story to write & a journey to live.

Make sure you haven’t abandoned them.

Dream big dear ones,

Turn the page & write a new chapter,

Get a new blank document if you must.

But don’t you ever quit on those dreams.

Your story is important.

You are important.

You are the hero of this story.

Change your history………….

Create a mystery, a love story, an adventure, a journey, a biography.

Whatever it is make it a wonderful tale of wonder & awakening.

Live & embrace that life to the fullest & write your story.

You never know,

You just may have a masterpiece in the making.

For you are the Master of your destiny.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

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Do you Talk the Talk or Walk the Walk ?

Do you Talk the talk

…………….or walk the walk ?

If you only get your knowledge or wisdom from books, you are only taking in another’s discoveries or belief system.

But does that resonate as truth?

Don’t we only really learn by doing or going through situations & life where we really experiencing things?

How can you relate, empathise or speak with any truth or authority if you have never personally learnt, experienced or try something?

You only think you know.

You have to walk a mile in someone’s shoes to have empathy, understanding & compassion, so why would spirituality be any different?

We all have our own moral compass, belief systems & I Am Essence.

The spiritual path is the unlearning of all we have been told or programmed to believe & discovering your truths by walking your path.

All the books in the land won’t make you spiritual.

We must live what we learn.

Your spirituality comes from within & activates as you search, love, nurture, heal, discover, empower, connect, trigger, evolve & awaken.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

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Friday 13, The Goddess is Calling

Friday 13, The Goddess is calling.

For all the strong women.

We are forged through time.

We find, search & protect the ones we love.

We put a hand out to our struggling sisters.

We are the essence of creation & birth miracles.

We hold the Holy Grail within.

We claim our very essence which is to love & nurture.

We happily sacrifice ourselves for the ones we love.

We find limitless strength & endurance to keep going beyond what seems humanly possible.

Yet the greatest gift is when she finally discovers the Goddess within.

To know she holds all aspects of herself in equal esteem.

To know she has a kind & compassionate heart.

To know she is safe & strong enough to walk this Earth unharmed.

To love freely, deeply & passionately.

Yet to sit on her Crones throne, her flowing silver hair her crown, her words strong & true.

Having earnt her wisdom, because she walked that journey designed by the Master Teacher, The University of Life.

May the divine Feminine be blessed for her rebirth, her awakening with ease & grace now.

May her footsteps heal her as she walks & connects to an ever deepening soul journey to her Divine Mother, Pachamumma, Mother Earth.

Knowing she has Father Sky & Creator watching over & guiding her every step of the way.

Knowing she’s found home, her safe place, the place of serenity, surrounded & living in beauty that feeds her heart & soul.

She can be nothing but authentic.

She has learnt & grown strong.

She brings heaven to earth.

She is a beacon of light & hope.

May the Divine Feminine in you receive deep soul healing, awakening & blessings today, Friday the 13th, New Moon, Solar Eclipse.

Sometimes destiny does say its time.

May she become the Master of her destiny, co-Creator of the world she manifests.

May we join together to create the world we want to live in not run away from.

Plant those sacred seeds, hopes & dreams today ladies.

We weave this net of light together.

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Energy Update, New Moon Solar Eclipse, Friday 13 July 2018

Energy Update

New Moon Blessings

Partial Solar Eclipse

Friday 13th July 2018

Well this week has certainly been a pressure cooker as we all get challenged on our self mastery journey.

Today is Friday 13

Friday the day of the Goddess.

13 sacred number & number of goddess.

The divine feminine is rising & healing.

New beginnings of heart centred humans building a divine & nurturing connection.

The Goddess within has woken from her self imposed slumber, but when she wakes & calls, there is no turning back.

You will not be able to turn away from your heart & soul, with your purpose awakening.

Our New Moon is at 12.47pm (Adel) in the Water sign of Cancer.

Depicted by the Crab, I’ve explained how she looks fierce with nippers blazing but has a vulnerable soft underbelly, well so do we.

It’s all about family & Mother/nurturing issues.

Our deepest, darkest, hidden wounds, shame & fears have all rattled to the surface to be healed once & for all.

Have you been facing hard times in relationships?

Have you been digging deep into the raw vulnerability of your wounds?

Have you spoken or heard great truths?

Have friendships or relationships literally disintegrated before your eyes?

Has your relationship evolved to a new level of open communication & heartfelt connection?

Have you been dealing with archaic family dynamics?

Have you seen the blessings or pain & suffering family gives you?

Have you seen how your family, parents, siblings, upbringing & connections have shaped or changed you?

Have mighty ancestral wounds come to the surface?

Have ugly secrets of abuse or neglect risen & finally been addressed ?

Have you had haunting memories surfacing or been brave enough to have tough conversations about your childhood?

Have you been dealing with dysfunctional family dynamics?

Are you licking the wounds from family battles?

Then you throw in the partial Solar Eclipse that will be seen in the Southern Hemisphere, starting in Adelaide at 12.37pm & finishing at 12.43pm, followed 4 minutes later by our New Moon.

Now eclipses bring great change & often fear.

Their impact is felt for up to 6 months & we have a trilogy of eclipses coming all on new & full moons.

Great change is here.

This one is asking us where we are still partially eclipsed with our soul work or connection through our heart.

The Sun or our Soul food is eclipsed, so where have you been diminishing yourself.

Who or what is eclipsing your shine & radiance?

Where are you not being your authentic self?

Where are you not being seen & appreciated?

Your Soul or I Am essence is getting a mighty awakening call.

All this wrapped up with a super New Moon, with Grandmother Moon close to Earth & home to nest & rest in her sign of Cancer.

And we all know nothing cleanse house like a woman on a mission or when she or her home are under threat.

Energetically that’s where we are at.

We are all super sensitive.

Many are licking their wounds.

We are all soul weary & feel like we have been pushed to & beyond breaking point, and that’s exactly what this energy was designed to do.

Shatter the old belief systems, the old wounds, the old ugly stories of lifetimes.

Many soul contracts have been completed.

Much ancestral healing has happened.

You have been challenged to step up & be the Master of your destiny.

Do you talk the talk or walk the walk?

Be kind, caring, nurturing, supporting.

Be truthful & honest with all your relationships.

Your integrity, word & essence is paramount.

If you don’t have family then your soul tribe will be your safe place.

But whatever your safe place to fall represents make sure you know it.

Be brave dear ones, the shedding & splattering has happened & now the sacred space & soil is prepared & ready.

Dream your world & life into being.

Love & honour you.

It’s time to live, speak & be your authentic self.

Nothing else will cut it, nor be accepted.

You simply won’t be able to maintain the facade or illusion.

All masks have fallen off.

All wounds exposed.

Everything is there for you to be the hero of your story & now you are ready to live & be the author of your story.

Love yourself whole.

Give yourself all the love & nurturing you need.

For then with open hearts the path forward appears, our long dreamed of life awaits.

But only the bravest will reach for those stars & dreams.

Great healing & blessings are here.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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