Always look on the bright side of life….

Always look in the bright side of life.

The old saying
Is the glass half full or half empty?
It’s all about perspective.

You can choose to dwell on your problems.
You can spend all your time & energy worrying about things.
You can talk constantly about your problems.
But what message & energy do you think that sends to the world?
Exactly the lower vibration and like attracts like.
Who wants to be around someone who constantly whines, whinges & has front row seats at their own pity party?
You are just manifesting & ensuring more of the same comes your way.

Or you can choose to look for the positive.
Look for the lesson.
You may even choose to use your free will to make a change.
Look around and you will see there is so many beautiful things.
Look & see who is beside you.
Look at your health, your surroundings, your family, your friends.
What are the things you should be focusing on?
Have you forgotten what you should be grateful for?
When is the last time you took in the free natural beauty of a sunrise or sunset?
When is the last time you put your phone down & looked at who or what is around you?
When was the last time you actually had a really good conversation with a friend?
When was the last time you thanked your partner for a kindness?
When was the last time you played games with your kids?
When was the last time you told someone I love you?
When is the last time you thanked your parents for everything they have done for you?

Do you have a job?
Do you have a roof over your head?
Do you have food to eat?
Do you have clothes?
Do you have shoes to put on your feet?
Do you have clean drinking water?
Do you have access to medical help?

Yes, yes, yes, yes
Well you are richer than many.

Stop dwelling on the bad things!
Because when you stop & look around, this life is pretty amazing.

Something to ponder


You think you have time?

The problem is
You think you have time………..

Time is a gift.
In a blink of an eye,
A lifetime came pass you by.
A moment lost.
A chapter or period of time in your life.
Time to say those thoughts.
Time to forgive.
Time to forget.
Time to move on.
Time to make a change.
Time to follow that dream.
Time to travel to that place that’s always fascinated you.

You think you have all the time in the world, but do you?

You look up in the mirror an old face stares back at you. Grey hair & wrinkles show a journey walked.

Where did that time go?

A moment can change everything.

Time is a gift, use yours wisely.
For in the blink of an eye it’s gone.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings


Earth Angels

Earth Angels

Have you ever had someone come to you & you swear they are heaven sent?

That Good Samaritan.
The kindness of a friend.
The one that spoke the words you needed to hear.
The animal that arrived in your life just at the critical moment.
The person who calls you & says you have been popping into my thoughts, then asks, are you ok?
A stranger who arrived to save the day.
The person who stepped into your life when all else left.
The person who sits next to you in your greatest suffering, just so you don’t have to go through it alone.
The teacher who changed the way you thought about things.
The parent who refused to give up on you.
The partner who loved you when you were unloveable.
That friend who understands you like no other.
That person who appears & gives you hope.
That friend who teaches you how to trust again.
That person who delivers the trigger to connect to your soul.
The dear old lady who takes you under her wing.
The kind old man he tips his hat, greets you like a lady & reminds you gentlemen still exist.

Earth Angels are everywhere, maybe you will be blessed to have one appear in your world.

Earth Angels are masters of disguise.

Love, light & blessings


Teachers & Soul Contracts

Teachers & soul contracts.

Everyone who comes into your life has something to teach us.

Sometimes it’s minor lessons, but sometimes we have soul contracts to honor.

Some teach us how to love.
Some teach us to trust again.
Sometimes they arrive in the darkest moments & light your path again.
Some empower us.
Some diminish us.
Some challenge us.
Sometimes the souls contract is the harsh lessons of betrayal, abandonment or self love.
Some may set you free.
Some may mortally wound your soul.
Some may try to bind or control you.
Some may try to destroy you.
Some may be so jealous just because you are you.
Some may hate you for you reflect everything they are not.
Some may be pure light.
Some may have a darkness that consumes them.
Some may want your help.
Some may refuse your help.

But our souls have a contract to honor, lessons to learn, wisdom to gain.
These people are drawn into your life & your world to be that trigger, catalyst, teacher.
You will realise that the good, bad & ugly all have their place, their duty.

I know for a fact it takes a mighty soul to honor a soul contract.
To pay the price of a soul contract and gain the lessons & wisdom is the purest of love & devotion.

But be warned, it will hold a mighty price tag.

To forgive the unforgivable when you learn the reasons why?
To sacrifice yourself for another’s evolution.
To finally understand that they were strong enough to honor & deliver you the unfathomable lesson that shattered your soul into a million pieces, but somehow you survived, becoming wiser, stronger & empowered.

My greatest lessons & teachers came from the harshest lessons.
But I know the lessons have been done, the wisdom gained.
For only then can you look back, with forgiveness, compassion, understanding & love them for their sacrifice & release them & you from our soul contracts.

Bless the people who are the hardest to forgive, they hold the key to the greatest gifts for you & your souls evolution.

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings


Tree of life

Tree of life

So many people look for external validations.
Many read everything possible to try & gain wisdom, yet they are only learning someone else’s truth.
Some search endlessly for what’s missing, yet never turn their gaze inwards.
The wisdom you are searching for lays within,
It’s waiting for you to take the sacred journey within.
Your soul holds all your answers.
Your roots run deep.
Your ancient self is waiting patiently for you to reconnect.

Maybe you are searching among the branches ………..
For what only appears in the roots.

Something to ponder


Full Moon Blessings.

Full Moon Blessings

This morning at 11.02am (Adel) Grandmother Moon is full in Leo.
Leo is a Fire sign, ruled by the Sun.
I spoke of the Lion traits yesterday and where the hidden keys may be.
Lion knows it’s place, it is king of the jungle, it rules its domain, is in charge, is respected, shows great strength, power & courage.
Lion symbolises Pride.

The Sun gifts you solar/soul energy, with the ability to transform, to bring new life.
The Sun is the ruler of your whole life, your identity, will, ego, spirit.
The Sun connects you to the life force of the Cosmos.
It is a masculine energy.
Fire ignites & transforms.
Fire stirs desires & passions to come to the surface or be released.
Fire is a driving force, that can ignite or destroy.

The aspects of you that are getting the spot light shining upon it is your warmth of character, inner light, confidence, your potential, your real essence & strength.

Have you got fire in your belly?
Are you feeling inspired by a stirring from deep inside?

This Eclipse is closing out the energy from the last Eclipse back in September, can you remember what you were learning then?
This Eclipse is rebooting you & pushing you into this next cycle.
So the Eclipse throws in a curve ball.
Think about you, your world, your dreams………are they reflecting this?
Has this been eclipsed or compromised in you?
Have you stopped loving & taking pride in you?
Have you stopped dreaming?
Have you stopped fighting for those dreams?
Has your pride or ego been dented or challenged?

The Sun is in Aquarius, the freedom lover.
Moon is in Leo, your essence, strength, pride & passion.

So Full Moons are pressure cookers, culminations of cycles, designed to put the spotlight on areas of your life & you, illuminating what may have been hidden.

So see what has rumbled into your awareness this last few days & be prepared to get real with what needs to change or let go.

If your path is opening up, trust it.
The Universe is saying go for it.
Dream those dreams & take that chance.
Believe in you, it’s time to Roar.

Be Brave
It takes a braveheart to look fear in the eyes, and then leave it behind.

Love, light & blessings


I’m tired Boss

I’m tired Boss

So many people have spoken to me lately, sharing their feelings & emotions. As I sit & reflect they all have the same thread.

I’m tired!
How much more work do I have to do?
When is this going to be over?
Why is so much shit & ugliness popping up everywhere in the world?
It’s unrelenting when do I get a break?
I have to go sort out their problems?
Why is it always up to me to fix everything?

Well, the dimension has shifted from the old 3rd dimension of control, power, greed & domination.

Many light workers are born to be of service & have been placed in this lifetime in the harshest of places, families & situations to shield this darkness from the masses & hold light.

But now we know that’s not our job anymore.

This is the transition lounge, the times are changing.
We all know how hard change is.
We fight to hold on & fight to let go.
We are not the old & not immersed in the new.
The shield has gone from the ugly & its there for all to see now.
That’s why there’s so much coming to the fore in the world & your world.

It’s the shift & time of the 5th dimension. A time of inclusion, oneness, compassion, communities, humanitarians.

It is time to hold your light steady, just like that lighthouse is a beacon of light in the stormy seas at night, guiding a ship past obstacles.

Have you stepped away from being the buffer or emotional punching bag for others?
Have you set healthy boundaries?
Have you realised its not your job to save everybody?
Have you realised its ok to say no?
Have you seen how much of your light was used to shine outwardly?
Does my help enable their behavior?
Am I stopping them from learning their own lessons?
Am I the one trying to control?

It’s said we used up to 80% of our light to honor this service to mankind.

Now imagine if you took back some, a portion or most of that energy, light & power back for your soul’s evolution.

Just think, how you are now energetically & how amazing you can be with reclaiming your full potential & become pure light & love.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings