New Moon in Gemini

New Moon Blessings

This morning at 5.14am (Adel) we had our New Moon in Gemini.

Can you feel the fresh new light energy that you have woken up to?

Gemini is an Air sign, depicted by the Twins. It has the energy of the adolescent, with a need to be living life with a light carefree way.
This energy will want you to be social, to catchup & chat to friends or family.
You may feel the need to flit from various situations.
To not want to be bogged down with heavy situations & conversations but rather just going with the flow & feeling light.
You may feel a need for freedom, to break the shackles or to just get out & about.

So what dualities did you face?
What sibling issues have you seen or sorted?
What relationships have been under the microscope?
What situations have you cleared?
What situations have you seen that have torn you in half?
What aspects of you have you been denying?

Now what new way are you seeing your life?
Where have you created space?
What new ideas have started to become clear?
Have you been shown a new direction or path?
Have you felt a coming together or alignment within?
Are you ready to let go of the past & step fully into the present?

New Moons gift us new beginnings.
A time to nurture a new way of being.
A time to action or make plans.
A time to take steps to manifest dreams into reality.
A time of new growth.
A clean slate.

So use this energy wisely.
Break the shackles that have held you in a hard learning phase, come up for air & be playful & have some fun.
It just may be just what you need.

Love, light & blessings


Energy Update – dark moon phase

Energy Update

As the energy builds before tomorrow mornings New Moon, we are now in the dark moon phase.

For many this month has been all about sorting your world, both inner & outer & a lot of conflict or tests have appeared.

We are moving into Gemini energy now and this New Moon is in Gemini.
Now Gemini is depicted by the twins, and there is your key.
Dual aspects of you, the light & shadow self may be in conflict.
Relationships with siblings may be challenging.
Relationships with you as the child & how you relate with parents.
Lots of mind or monkey chatter going on in your head, sometimes not able to switch off.
A feeling of being torn in two, or pained over what direction or path do I take?

Many endings have occurred but they are making way for new beginnings.

Some may feel like part of themselves is lost or dying as the old patterns & belief systems shed.

So use this time to go within.
It’s where your truth is.
It’s an essential step for personal growth & empowerment.
But many struggle with the darkness or heaviness this energy brings, it’s akin to the void just before the dawn.
Many don’t like journeying into their shadow self, fearing change or emotional upheaval.

Prepare the space for those hopes & dreams, it’s worth the hard work.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings




So often I hear people saying things like –
Nothing happens in my world.
Its too hard
Or they just sit in a rut being envious or jealous of other peoples lives & achievements.

To manifest anything you have to take action. That’s the golden rule!

If you just sit dreaming about something, it stays in the ethers or your head.
You have to take action, go study, make plans, take chances, motivate yourself, taking baby steps is progress, learn new things, grow & evolve, rise to the challenge & task at hand.
Work hard to achieve & realise your dreams.
Believe in yourself.
Be willing to stumble, struggle, learn & go for it.

No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist.

If you really are passionate about something you will find a way, you will move mountains.
If not you will find a million excuses or reasons to fail or self sabotage.

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings




Anger is such a destructive energy, it consumes every waking thought.
When anger isn’t released it turns into bitterness, jealousy, rage, hatred, deep seeded pain & is such a destructive energy.
It is an inner ugliness that eats away at your personal power, your mind, your heart, your soul, your being, every aspect of you is effected.

Fire is such a transformational energy & must be respected. Too much results in anger, bitterness, destruction, loss of personal power, revenge.

You have to open the hurt or wound, look into the pain, hurt, fear, betrayal, feelings, then recognize it, acknowledge it, release it, work with it, heal it.

Then you will find the energetic charge starts to change, the anxiousness, the fears, the destructive emotions, they start to loose their power & hold on you.
You can start to breathe.
Then you will find a peace of mind, clarity of thoughts, softening, a return to your heart centre, an opportunity to let go & gain clarity, with the ability to see a way forward.
A new way of being.
An empowered you.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings

Something to ponder…….

Something to ponder……

Deep down within, there is a buried or hidden shame, a fear, a sadness, loss, or grief.
There was an unspeakable moment in time when you broke & buried your pain deep down within your heart & soul.
Haunting & causing you to live in the darkness.
A mere shadow of your glorious self.

This is the place that needs your love & light, kindness, compassion, strength, courage, truth & understanding.
Find a way in, journey deep into the shadow self, shine a light upon it, honor it, wrap your arms around it, love it & heal that broken piece of you.

Learn to love all of you.

Find a way to let go.
To forgive yourself or another.
Find a way to move forward.

For that is the very moment in time you set your heart & soul free.

Love, light & blessings




It is essential for your health & well being to regularly connect or ground yourself.

When we move away from nature & this sacred connection we harden our hearts & loose our connection to the Divine Mother & all that nurtures us in the physical incarnation.

If you are feeling off, too much in your head, overwhelmed by emotions, feeling lost or disconnected to yourself or your purpose.

Get out in nature.
Go to the beach, park, sit in a garden, go for a walk, put your hands in the dirt, kick your shoes off & absorb the amazing energy Pachamama gives all her beloved children.

You will feel a release.
You will feel a deep peace come in through your feet & breathing in the fresh air.
You will feel a sense of reconnecting or belonging.

Visualise roots coming down from your feet connecting you to the earth.
Allow a flow of energy between you & Mother Earth.

Try it, it’s simple, it is free & costs you nothing but time to love & nurture you.
Are you worth it?

Enjoy your Sunday
Love, light & blessings


Free Will

Free Will

As humans, we have the most amazing gift called free will.

In every situation you have a choice.
Admittedly sometimes the choices that you face are harsh & sometimes they are easy.
Sometimes it takes all your strength & courage.
Sometimes it means to fulfill or sacrifice your hopes & dreams.
Sometimes you find your action or inaction changes everything.
Sometimes you face a reality you know is or will diminish you, but will you choose to love & honor you, or choose to go around the merry go round to learn another lesson?

But at any given moment or scenario you find yourself in, you are the master of your destiny.

Do you want to learn from love & wisdom or pain & fear?

You have free will to decide.

You are responsible for your happiness, your well being, your purpose.

When you realize you have choices,
You have found your freedom.

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings


Remembering & Learning

Learning & remembering.

Your soul holds your wisdom from many lifetimes lived.
The key is to get out of your head & stop being ruled by ego which will cast fear & doubt. It will keep you from your spiritual evolution, trapped in the physical journey only.
Trust that knowing, that deep sense within, that yearning, that thing you have always been naturally good at, that thing you are magically drawn to, where you are guided to go.
For that is your soul, it gently whispers, yearns, it gives you a deep sense of belonging, of coming home, of being you. Of being perfectly enough in all your own divine & unique beauty.
Connect to your soul & you will discover your higher self, your calling & connection to the Creator, to higher dimensions full of knowledge, to deep connections & guidance.
It all lays deep within you.
Peel away the layers, journey through the shadow self, face those fears, get rid of what isn’t your truth, find what is your moral compass, what your cloth is really made of.
This is the hardest & loneliest journey you will ever take or have to endure, for you alone must do it, believe in it, embrace it, fight for it, protect it, nurture it, be challenged by it, be broken into a million pieces, but the blessings & empowerment & evolution is all worth it.
Your light within will be the beacon, your connection to a world of beauty, amazement, shine brightly dear ones.
You will be home, greatly loved & supported.
Love, light & blessings


Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon Blessings

This morning at 7.12am (Adel) time Grandmother Moon is now full in the fixed Water sign of Scorpio.
She was so majestic with a golden ring around her last night, bathing us in her illuminated grace, filling even the darkest places with light.
Did you feel the sting of emotions from the mighty scorpion πŸ¦‚emerge?
Did you shed emotions?
Did you feel enormous emotional turmoil or releases in your world?
Did you survive the pressure cooker forcing you to let go of what no longer serves you?

Some walked through this energy & are birthing & transforming their worlds, free to follow their paths & start to soar.

For some, who resist change, who are stuck in old patterns & belief systems, you can be guaranteed they faced & are in a dark place, deep within the shadows of their souls. Some would have endured the dark night of the soul with this profound energy.

But it’s in the shattering that the light gets in. Chaos precedes change & we have just been through the chaos.
Now the transformation begins.
The Phoenix rises from the ashes & rubble & is reborn, a bigger, braver, stronger & wiser version of self.

Scorpio energy demands endings & rebirth. It takes no prisoners & is forcing all that has layed deep within the shadow self to be forced into the light. Scorpio energy is ruthless & unforgiving in demanding it.

The Nodes or Karmic points have shifted from Cancer (families & relationships) to Leo (your power, courage & pride, leadership) after 18 months of lessons. This also added to this huge transformational energy.
There can no longer be such great personal sacrifice for the sake of another. We all must step up.

So as we walk out of these energies, it’s time to let go, to release, to shed, to express our words, to acknowledge our emotions, to get real, to be authentic, to be you.

Be gentle loving & nurturing you & your loved ones. Watch out if someone is down & out & show them they aren’t alone. That they are seen & loved.

A power combination of Moon in Scorpio demanding change & Sun in Taurus demanding beauty & harmony within your world. No wonder so many had so much inner conflict.

Release, let go, move forward.

Love, light & blessings


Energy Update

Energy Update
It’s all about your start ……….

So who has big emotions stirring at the moment?
Who has been shown a relationship at breaking point?
Have you had an unexpected reconnection with someone or is something sorting itself out?
Are things shifting & changing in your world?
Are you ready for a challenge?
Has something come to an abrupt end?
Has a new cycle started to emerge?
Have those long planned for dreams stared to become a reality?

This upcoming Scorpio Full Moon 7.12am tomorrow (Adel) sure is pushing for change, demanding endings, transformation & rebirth.

Did you see how bright & large it was last night?
It was like Grandmother Moon was gently shining her light into the darkest crevice of your soul & world. She was so serene yet steadfast in her energy, literally like that Grandmother that can charm you into doing whatever she wants just by showing you a little of her love & wisdom. She was weaving magic last night.

The Veils were thin & communication with the Heirachy was very easy last night.
Did you have trouble sleeping?
Did you have vivid dreams?
Have you woken up with clarity & purpose emerging?

So the releasing, shedding & letting go will happen over the next couple of days if it hasn’t begun already.

Be very aware of snitchy, short tempered, overwhelmed, irritable, frustrated, absent minded people. Many will be in a haze or fight/flight mode as the shifts take place.

Remember, change is always preceded by chaos.

So if chaos is in your world, don’t crumble, push through to solid ground.

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go………..
They merely determine where you start.

And the start of change is always the hardest part.

Be gentle on you or those around you.

I will write more about the Full Moon later.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings