The University of Life is the Master Teacher.

Life constantly dishes out an array of challenges, lessons, obstacles, secrets, journeys, connections, growth, opportunities.

But often our growth comes through the hardest challenges in life.

We grow through the pain, suffering & struggles.

The more we resist the changes & growth the more we seem to get dumped on from great heights until we get it & learn.

The Universe is our parents, we are beloved Children of the Universe, just like any good parent, it dishes out tough love, truth & guidance when needed, with a healthy dose of love & nurturing to balance.

All our earthly needs are always provided, but not for greed for need.

Just like the butterfly it’s the struggle that strengthens its beautiful wings.

A butterfly doesn’t know it’s beauty nor get to see its magnificent wings, but it knows they are there. It’s the same for us.

You get to choose will you allow life to break you or shape you?

Are you going to become increasingly resentful, angry or bitter?

Will you be & remain a victim?

Or are you softening, open to change & making positive wise choices?

Will you become all you can be?

Will you gift yourself love, nurturing, support, compassion, forgiveness, understanding?

Are you victorious, growing & learning through life?

Are you evolving & becoming more aware or conscious?

Have you finally worked out you are worth so much more, deserving happiness?

Remember you have the divine gift of free will.

You have to make a choice, to make a change, or things will always stay the same.

You are so worth the effort Dear Ones.

Love, honour & respect self as much, if not more, as you do & give to others.

Then watch your world transform.

You always have the choice.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Elders, walking encyclopedias

Elders, walking encyclopedias

Do you take the time to listen to the elders stories?

Do you know the stories of your Ancestors?

Do you know your family heritage?

Do you know the skeletons in your families closet?

Do you know where you are from?

Do you know how life was in times gone by?

Have ancient medicines & healings, or family traditions, been passed down the lineage?

They are keepers of wisdom.

They have seen many moons & sunsets, seasons, cycles.

They are monuments of time itself.

They know what it takes to survive.

They are history in motion.

They deserve to be respected, loved, treasured & honoured.

Because believe me, you can’t find that information out once they have gone, it’s lost forever, if you don’t listen or encourage them to speak.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Unknown Blessings 🙏💜


Clear this space,

It is done with peace, ease & grace.

For when the heart is open,

The light within begins to shine,

Just like the solar eclipse,

I now see,

Allow prayers & sacred seeds to activate.

Grounding heaven to earth.

Walk tall now dear ones,

Cast the shadows behind you,

For the I Am essence has awakened.

It’s time to dream your world into being.

Deepest Gratitude, for unknown blessings, already on their way.

The dark moon will reveal much if you have allowed the resistance to fade away.

It’s time to rise above it,

Fly high like an Eagle,

Let your dreams take flight.

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Sharing Wisdom

All the wisdom & knowledge in the world is useless, if you don’t share it.

Why keep it all to yourself?

Isn’t the whole reason we go through so much is to gain lessons, that becomes wisdom?

An empowered person has no fear of sharing their stories.

A truth seeker & truth speaker lives their life by expressing their beliefs, actions, word & deeds in truth.

An Awakened person knows the journey, guiding & inspiring others.

A Conscious person knows they are to be of service to humanity.

We show others it can be done, leading by example.

A person driven by ego, power, control or greed will not share information & suck you dry financially, as they drip feed you information, that’s often found on google searches and not lived.

You will know the true & authentic Masters & Teachers.

They are beacons of love & light.

They are wise & authentic from walking their journey & Mastering the University of Life.

When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears.

Sharing your knowledge & wisdom is one of the highest form of unconditional love.

What can you share?

How can you help or inspire someone?

Tell your stories, share your knowledge, speak & live your truth.

You just may be the reason someone keeps going, or the inspiration & beacon of light needed.

We never know how we can touch a heart & life with kindness.

Let’s nurture, support, inspire, share, care & cheer for each other’s growth & success.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls

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Energy Update 26/1/2019 – Mind over matter

Energy Update


Mind over matter

Have you seen many react, project, trigger & literally have a melt down once you have set some strong healthy boundaries or finally spoken real truths?

Once you have stood up & said no more, not my monkeys not my circus.

Are people actually seeing past their needs, judgements, insecurities, weakness?

Do they want to pull on your heart strings to keep you trapped?

Do they manipulate you through guilt, blame, shame?

Narcissists pray on your kindness & vulnerabilities.

Judgemental people make you question your truths as you find them.

Constantly not being seen, heard, supported, nurtured makes you feel abandoned, unloved & empty.

Have you been short circuiting just trying to get through all the crap others want to inflict on you?

Has your wounding cascaded out, as a last ditch effort for change, yet sadly it only falls on deaf ears?

Or with speaking your truth has it been loved & nurtured towards new awareness, change or awakening?

It’s the very Energy we are all waking through.

We are being challenged more than we have ever been challenged before.

If you are lying or kidding yourself your lessons will be unrelenting & brutal truths.

If you are speaking your truth the old establishments have had massive shock waves & mass destruction of old relationships, family connections, work places, friendship are instantly combusting.

Our days of sacrifice are over.

We can’t play small anymore, it’s killing our very essence.

If you have done the work, walk your walk, know yourself, you don’t care less what everyone else thinks or says, knowing it’s just them reflecting their own jealousy or insecurities or abilities.

Many say they love you but they really don’t.

They love what you bring to them, do for them, what you represent to them.

That’s not love.

Real love is mutually beneficial & not a one way street.

Because the ones that genuinely love you & want the best for you will love, support, listen, nurture, guide & be by your side.

They will be next to you through the rain, mud, shit & blood, they won’t leave your side or let you feel unsupported.

They will be with you in your darkest hour & when you dazzle with brilliance & happiness.

You will know you belong, you mattter, you are seen & heard, you are safe.

The rest really don’t matter.

When you finally grasp this, you actually do hold, own & utilise the most wonderful gift of all, Free Will.

For you won’t be lied to, manipulated, disrespected, put up with bullshit, enable behaviour, be a people pleaser, sacrificial lamb or stay where you no longer belong.

You finally know your worth.

You simply cannot be anything but your truth & authentic self.

You realise you can’t speak butterfly to caterpillars.

You accept it is what it is,

Then exert your free will to freedom, joy & happiness.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Energy Update – Happy Lammas 2/2/2019

Energy Update – Happy Lammas


1/2 February in the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate Lammas, the midpoint between Summer Solstice & Autumn Equinox.

It is the celebration of the first harvest from all our hard work over spring & summer.

We get to start to reap what we have sown.

Traditionally you bake bread, seeds, fruits, or anything made from the land, to show you have been rewarded for your hard work & rejoice in sharing the fruits of your labour.

We receive nurturing & great satisfaction for a job well done, a bounty or blessing.

We are also in our dark moon phase, preceding the upcoming New Moon in Aquarius, where freedom awaits.

It’s a time of deep introspection, where we go deep into our ancient wounding that has surfaced to bring about the retrieval of aspects of your soul from the deepest shadows & finally become free.

So think about that for a moment.

We are energetically doing the same as nature.

The University of Life made you connect to your sacred self, your journey & tree of life, your journey of Self Mastery.

You had to dig deep, weed out your life, prune dead wood, poison toxic people/weeds, send deep roots down, weather life’s storms, get battered around & endure the daily changes along your journey, shed all our old growth, reach for the sun/soul food, then with a new season of your life we start to grow & flourish again.

We are now stronger, more resilient, sustain ourself, able to bare fruit or blossom now.

But many are shaking their heads thinking what the hell just happened to me & my life?

Nothing is the same, I’m not the same.

Congratulations, you are doing your personal journey work.

Well we have all definitely seen what could no longer remain in our world, life, career, family dynamics & relationships.

We have seen our patterning, triggers, wounding & needs.

We have seen where we have played small, sacrificed, compromised, diminished ourself, self sabotaged, where we have remained a prisoner to our past or victim mentality, people pleaser or doormat.

All do not serve us anymore, and if you are still playing these games, refusing to grow, learn & change, your lessons will be beyond brutal & cruel now, until you literally shatter into a million pieces & face that fear or resistance, breaking through that shadow self.

That’s the Dark Night of the Soul that many have/are experiencing now.

It’s scary until you surrender into it, then the epiphany comes, the wisdom, essence, insight, knowing, fight, truth.

Then you return, rebuild, awakened, conscious yet like a wise new born.

We are not the old nor the new yet, that’s the scary time, and we often want to run back to the familiar, but we can’t unless it’s changed & evolved.

We must build a new way of living, relating, communicating, expressing, from our hearts not heads.

We really are coming home to our purest essence, but that’s a mighty journey.

Be brave dear ones, we are evolving, relationships, families, communities, countries, humanity, Pachamama, we are all evolving & lifting our consciousness, energy, vibration, love & light.

It is far greater than any of us know, but we all play a vital role in this spectacular moment in time.

Get ready to rise into the most authentic version of self that you have ever connected with before.

It’s time to reap what you have sown.

It is time to come home to you & be free to be all you can be Dear Ones.

I know personally I’ve done massive work over the last couple of years for my personal soul journey, ancestral healing, relationship healing, earth work & feeding the net of light. Yet never before had I reached such a deep & ancient accumulation of my ancient soul woundings, I finally got to the very core of my being.

She was wounded, angry, sad, lost, betrayed, abandon, had seen too many bitter truths, been unfairly judged, cursed for her very gifts, felt unsupported, unseen, unloved, used & disrespected.

Yet strangely she had the strength & determination of a mighty dragon forged through time itself, determined to survive, to never fail her sacred mission & ancient self.

Yet she also knew she was only protecting the sheer exhausted, desperation & frailty of a shattered, vulnerable, lonely, broken woman & soul.

Until I realised & had purged all that, which was beyond brutal & shattering, until the only thing I could do was surrender, free falling into a black abys, knowing I will land on my feet or find my wings.

So I chose to save me, I was my hero.

I had to face everyone of those fears & woundings, nobody else could do it for me, that was my mighty challenge.

But it was necessary, to crack me & my heart space open even wider than before. Then it filled me with such compassion, forgiveness, understanding, insight & higher perspectives that I never had before.

All the pain & suffering literally just started to fall away & the clarity & light started to return.

So please be kind to you, be kind to your loved ones, family & friends, because we never know just what someone really is going through.

And if you are in a dark place that you can’t get out of alone, then call out, reach out, say I’m drowning, I need help, I need to be seen & loved, that’s not weakness, that’s a sign you have been too strong for too long.

You just might find you have real friends & real love right by your side waiting to help you & restoring your trust & faith again.

It is time to birth you into a new dimension of existence, where we thrive, not barely survive.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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Infinite & Divine Sovereign Beings

We are infinite & divine sovereign beings of pure love & light, choosing to have a human/earth experience.

However I have been known to say I got tricked I didn’t read the fine print!!!!

We signed up to have the most highly prized & sought after human experience.

We picked our parents, family & set soul contracts in place with many, who join us along the long & winding road called Life.

They become our lovers, parents, children, friends, antagonists, truth speakers, our soul tribe/family, mirrors & triggers for our souls lessons.

That’s why this earth walk can literally feel like hell or purgatory.

We are the thickest, densest, diminished aspect of our love & light.

We endure tremendous pain & suffering until we do something about it, let go of fear & grasp love, reconnecting through our heart & I Am essence.

The whole point of coming here is to descend, experience, learn, shatter, splatter, then return home Awakened, conscious & empowered from another dimension, time & place.

Please remember, for most it’s a temporary place, a challenge, the hard times. Just like the seasons, we know change will come.

The darkness, abandonment, betrayal, abuse, trust issues & fear are all there to show you where your primal earthly needs are not being met.

We all need to be seen, to be heard, to feel safe/nurtured, to be loved.

When we learn this & no longer negotiate that, settle for scraps, we no longer stay diminished, in relationships or families that make us feel like we are dying a slow painful death inside, fading to invisibility.

No more sacrifice.

Step up, stand tall, love you, speak your truth.

Otherwise how will anything ever change?

How will you become all of you?

Will you love & honour you?

You are whole & One with all.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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Energy Update 10/2/2019

Energy Update


Many I have chatted with including me are exhausted, soul weary, tired to the core of our beings.

We have been clearing & healing our ancient soul woundings, as individuals, with some also doing clearing for communities, universal Consciousness, Pachamama, Net of Light, Starseeds & beyond.

We have been challenged beyond our breaking point to move through the heavy dross that buried your pure I Am essence deep within your shadow self.

Everything in your world is challenged throughout this mighty Rites of Passage time.

It is a new world.

It’s freedom & liberation time, but that often comes with a hefty price tag, your old essence, belief systems, patterns, triggers all challenged, your world that doesn’t serve you crumbles at your feet.

You may feel literally like a newborn in a very foreign place, time line or situation.

You may feel shattered, splattered, overwhelmed, exhausted, upheaval, bewildered, confused, lost, empty, alone.

But it’s designed to empower you & take you through that very resistance, lifetimes of stored pain, suffering & woundings, to finally break & blow that shadow up to smithereens with your unconditional love & light.

Because you have put or agreed to allow those conditions to remain with you …….until now.

Until you finally realise you are & deserve so much better than scraps or remain diminished in any capacity.

If you do you will have great pain & suffering on your heart & soul now until you break free of this ancient woundings.

There is a mighty rising of the Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine within us all.

A sacred unification.

A reemergence of heart based humans, not mind controlled robot humans.

The awakening is happening on mass.

We are gifted pride in your surroundings, tribe, yourself & your kingdom.

It is the king of the jungle & Lion has the respect or is feared by all other animals, because it has portrayed strength, courage, agility, protection of self, adaptability.

Lion has stepped up & claimed its regal place on top of pride rock.

They also know when to rest, sleep & when to hunt.

When to be solitary & when the strength is with in the pack.

Lion knows it’s place, it owns its place.

So here is your keys to work through this current energy.

Where have you been overshadowed?

Where have you allowed your pride to get in the way?

When did you stop loving you or taking pride in you?

Has your pride become unbalanced to stubbornness or arrogance?

Are you strong enough to rise to the challenge?

Are you going to let fear take what’s rightfully yours?

Are you going to exert strength, power & courage to break through perceived obstacles?

Do you need to walk with ease & grace?

Do you need to let out a mighty cautionary roar to let people know just who they think they are trying to play games with?

Or have you engaged in a mighty battle, now licking your wounds or regal in victory?

Did you need to make a stand in the face of adversity & stare down a ferocious challenger or tyrant?

Do you believe in you?

Are you ready to step up & claim your destiny?

Has the King of the jungle bowed down to his Queen, realising he is King of nothing without her?

Have you seen who should remain in your pride/tribe & who has shown they are unworthy after disrespecting & dishonouring you & your graces?

This is exactly what this energy is demanding of you.

The universe has opened a mighty gateway since our recent eclipse reflected exactly what was still out of balance in your life, for we are all at pivotal points in our evolution.

You get to choose.

Are you ready to accept your destiny, step up & take your place?

Or are you going to cower in the shadows?

Are you on your path of Self Mastery?

Are you finally the Master of your Destiny & no longer a prisoner to your past?

The heavens are open, waiting & watching.

The heirachy are offering you a helping hand, reboot, upgrade or an all mighty shove.

But what direction will you go?

I thought about quitting, then I realised who was watching.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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Energy Update 18/2/2019

Energy Update


So many are feeling like this.

Soul weary & tired to the core of your being.

The energy of change & transformation is upon us, as the pressure cooker to release through the upcoming Full Moon energies intensify.

Everything is coming to the surface.

Nothing can be hidden anymore.

Masks have fallen off.

Ugly humans & their actions are being exposed.

Your deepest, darkest, pain, sufferings, triggers, patterns & woundings, to finally release & let go of their mighty burdens to your heart & soul.

Watch for judgements or blame, it’s not about that now, it simply about the surrender, shift & change.

You are the storm or change needed in your world.

You must find, retrieve, love, nurture, support, forgive, be kind & encouraging to this mighty essence that has waited so long for you to be the hero of your life & story.

Only you can do it for you………

That’s what you are grieving & yearning for.

The place where you are genuinely free to be you in your pure essence.

Free to be loved, honoured, accepted, nurtured, honest & able to walk & talk in your truth & integrity.

Where life is simple because once you are awakened & conscious you see things from a Souls perspective, not a human physical lower vibrational level.

You crave belonging, so you seek out your soul mate, soul tribe, soul family, feeling so alone & misunderstood until you do.

You will no longer tolerate, compromise nor accept old behaviour or patterns.

You will speak great truths, stand your ground.

You may need to let out a mighty roar & let some know they need to back off & teach them just who they think they are playing games with.

You will no longer accept poor behaviour or settle for scraps.

You can no longer self sabotage.

You can no longer suffer in silence.

You can no longer be anything but authentic, anything else is simply a waste of your time & energy.

Many old friendships, relationships & family dynamics simply no longer serve you.

Some may have to walk away to save themselves, from those who choose to stay asleep or diminish you.

When you surrender to this, then watch you & your world transform beyond your wildest dreams.

Are you homesick for a place that you don’t even remember exists?

One where you are loved & understood?

Well how can another if you don’t understand your own needs?

It’s all deep within you.

Everything you need to not only survive but thrive is already there.

Just waiting for you to shed love & light upon it.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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