New Moon in Taurus

New Moon Blessings

Tonight at 9.46pm we have our New Moon in the fixed Earth sign of Taurus, depicted by the Bull, and ruled by Venus.

The energy is all about solid foundations & physical security, stability, patience, ability to create beauty, routines, steadfastness, it’s all about your earthly reality. It’s ruled by your assets, finances & the things that you value.

Balanced you will be pleasure loving, peaceful & calm, working steadily towards your new goals & dreams. You will be feeling safe & secure within yourself & where you are heading with your life.

This energy craves beauty & extravagance. Rich or fine foods, you may feast, or crave your favourite chocolate or treats. It’s how we feel rewarded, or to have earnt a treat for a job well done.

It also craves strong foundations or establishing or setting these foundations & boundaries.
It craves to sense & know that there is now something tangible for the hard work you have done.

Taurus energy craves possessions & beautiful things & you may find a real resistance to let something go or accept changes, which can cause problems & too much focus on materialism.

In the negative you may find yourself like the bull in the china shop, madly charging in or full steam ahead, breaking everything & leaving a trail of destruction.
Or you can be as stubborn as an old bull refusing to move, or all fired up & charging!!!

It hates complex mind games or emotional outbursts, it won’t respond well to this coercion. It must feel safe & free, it must be pleasurable & even sensual in nature.
Think of the bull just chilling out, chewing on its cud & lush pasture ruling it’s domain with strength, power & courage.

The key is slow & steady to make long term, realistic, long lasting successful goals & foundations.

New Moon’s herald a new cycle & new beginnings.
What new cycle are you birthing?
What have you been planning?
Have you got hopes & dreams?
Have you been working towards a bright future?
Are you ready to launch a project?
Are you ready to be you?

It is finally time to ground those hopes & dreams, to beautify your world.

Dream your world into being, for the Universe is on your side & saying yes, yes, yes, it’s time.
Go for it !!!!

Love, light & blessings


Shine brightly

As you start to shine brightly be aware………..

This is exactly what you were born to do, to shine your love & light.
To find what you are good at.
To remember who you are.
To reconnect to your gifts & talents.
To share them freely & to be of service.
To find your purpose & embrace it.
To be happy.
To feel alive.
To shed the layers & discover your I Am essence.
To connect deeply as a spiritual being.
To evolve.
The path of awakening & self mastery.

this is when you will find many threatened by you, jealousy, envious.
You may even find the ugly act of betrayal will have to be dealt with.
Maybe it’s because they wish they had the strength & courage you have.
Maybe it’s because they want to be like you.
Maybe because their lives are miserable & they think everyone else should be to.
Maybe they are just lazy & think the world owes them everything on a silver platter.
Maybe they simply don’t understand you, and you always fear what you don’t understand or know.
Maybe they are a very judgemental person.
Maybe they are simply not nice human beings.
Some like nothing better than intimidating, controlling & diminishing others.
For some it’s all about power.

When people are intimidated by your strength & happiness, they will try to tear you down & break your spirit.
Remember it is a reflection of their weaknesses, not a reflection of you.

Something to ponder,

Shine brightly dear ones,
For nobody has the right to break your heart & soul.

Love, light & blessings


Love what shaped you.

Every single thing that you have gone through has made you who you are today.

Keep the lessons & let go of the hurt, wound, betrayal, fear, abandonment, grief etc.

In order to love who you are,
You cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.

Otherwise you will always have a void, a wound, a trigger, a vulnerability, an emptiness that you will fill with substances instead of love & light.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings


Energy Update

Energy Update

As Grandmother Moon is in her introspective stage, her dark moon phase, where she turns her gaze deep within her soul to search any hidden depths within, to prepare the space for her upcoming rebirth, her new moon, her new cycle.

Energetically we tend to naturally do that now also.
You may have the need to just chill out & rest.
You may feel very tired & sleepy.
You may be quiet & reflective.
You may feel a bit spacey or in limbo.
You may be pondering over lots of decisions & truths that have been thrust in your face since our Libran Full Moon wielded the mighty sword of truth.
Have you been shown what was out of balance in your world?

There maybe a heaviness, emptiness, aloneness, a feeling of being unsure or lost – which way do I go?
For some this energy can feel heavy & oppressive, you are in the dark, feeling a heavy empty wasteland surrounding you, and all you can sense is foreign or alien to you. The shadow self, the unknown, the depths of your soul, reflecting to you the space to journey or deep void within.

These next few days are for introspection, for self reflection.
A time to listen to the whispers of your soul.
Remember the monkey chatter in the head is the ego & keeping you trapped in only the physical humanness of your existence & journey, don’t let it continually fill you with uncertainty.

This is the time to journey deeper within, to trust your inner knowing, your I Am soul essence enough to discover what aspects of you need your love & light?
What needs to be nurtured or tended to?
What internal work do you need to do to prepare the sacred soil for the sacred seeds of new beginnings or new cycle you are preparing for?

If you find yourself consumed by the shadow, surrounded in fear, doubts, pain & negative energy, call on your mighty Ancestors. Call on your guides, call on your Angels, call on whatever you believe in to help you journey through the darkness.

You are never alone.
You are watched over.
You are guided.
You are loved.

When you can’t look on the bright side,
I will sit with you in the dark.
The Ancestors.

Love, light & blessings


Ignite the seed of love.

Ignite your inner light.

Always keep the divine spark of love within, for it is the seed of love & light that you have to plant deep within the darkest & broken pieces of your soul.

But that sacred seed of love, that you learn to love & nurture, will always give you the strength, the light or fire within, to ignite the sacred light within, to get that fire in your belly to summon up the strength & courage you need.

To love you back whole.

The Phoenix rises from the ashes.

It’s time to love & honour you.

Never let the embers of love burn completely out.

Always love & honour you.

Love, light & blessings

Strong Empowered Women

image.pngThe most dangerous Woman of all
Is the one who refuses to rely on your sword to save her.

Because she’s earnt her own sword & carries her own sword.

She needs nobody to save her.
She loves & honors herself.
She has saved herself many times.

Wield the mighty sword of truth.
Cut away the cords & bindings.
Free your sacred heart.
Unleash your magnificent soul.
Free yourself from what or whom diminishes you.
Be the Master of your destiny.

It’s a wonderful feeling to know you can not only survive but thrive all on your own.
Have people in your world because you choose to, not because you need them.
Take back your power.
Stand in your strength.
Face your fears.

For only then you know & believe in you.
You are a strong warrior woman.

Love, light & blessings

Full Moon Blessings

Full Moon Blessings

Today at 3.38pm (Adel) Grandmother Moon is full & sharing her wisdom in the Cardinal Air sign of Libra.

Depicted by the scales it gifts you balance, or the process of restoring balance into your world.

Libran energy craves balance and there has been a huge push to release all that is out of balance in your world.

Libra is ruled by Venus, and yearns for balance, beauty, peace, harmony, justice & truth within your world, that’s when you have the space to spread your wings & fly high. That’s when you are home in love with life, your world, your purpose & loving yourself.

However, Libran energy wields the mighty sword of truth. It is all about justice or balancing any perceived or real injustice that you may have endured or that has been thrust upon you to learn & grow from.
But be warned it is a double edged sword, if you wield it in judgement, or for ill will, it will cut you just as deep. It must be used with great integrity & truth, releasing through love & wisdom not hurt & control.

Remember Saturn the planet of Karma has just gone into retrograde, revisiting your life lessons & journey. Combine that with Mercury retrograde the planet of communication & Venus the planet of beauty & love coming out of her retrograde phase, the big planets are pushing us to seek & find our truth.
What truths have you finally seen?

Nothing will fire this energy up more than untruths, injustice, control, dominance, unfair, disrespect. You can be guaranteed if this energy has been around you, the fire in your belly, the passion or fight, will push you through to make long overdue life changes.
It will gift you the strength & courage to love you again & bring back the true love & light of your heart & soul, making sweeping changes to restore your truth & balance.

Full Moons are pressure cookers designed to help things come to a head, to rattle you, to release, to let go, for endings that create space for new beginnings & cycles.

Libran energy craves & demands it.
It will demand you get real.
It will show you truth.
It will help you cut away lower vibrations, old belief systems, attachments, people & situations that diminish or no longer serve your highest good.
Masks will fall off & you may see some ugly people beneath them.
You may see people start to shine in all their beauty as they shed protective layers & start to show their true self.
You may see big battles between ugly & beauty.
You may have many relationships under the spot light.
You may have a great need to eat well, move your body & nurture you.
You may need to beautify & change your surroundings.

Whatever brings these aspects to your world, the truth will set you free.
The balance is & will come.

In this 1 Universal Year, of new unlimited possibilities what do you need to do to restore the scales to balance, to restore beauty in you & your world?

What will you be gifted?

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings


University of Life, the Master Teacher.

University of Life is the Master Teacher.

The physical incarnation is the most prized for your souls evolution.
The soul has come to the physical to learn, grow, evolve, empower then ascend.

For many souls the physical life can be pure torture, feelings of not belonging, trapped in a heavy dense body & vibration, enduring many challenges & karmic lessons. For some hell is on earth.

Life gives you the opportunity to peel away all that is not your truth, your moral compass, learned behaviours, an opportunity to journey deep within to reclaim your divine I Am essence.
It is a journey of self mastery.
It is all about your souls evolution.

Life can often be lived as a beautiful lie.
Many never connecting to their souls whispers, yearnings, guidance & wisdom.
The ego keeping you trapped in old outdated paradigm or belief systems. You become a shadow of your glorious self.

Many fear death.
Death has such a bad wrap, because we associate it with grief, deep loss, desperation, separation, pain & suffering.
Indeed the death of the physical shell often is a cruel & bitter rights of passage.
When you loose a loved one or look death in the face, you do face many painful truths.

But life & death are just part of a souls evolution.

When you know or learn this, everything changes.

Every experience you go through, the good, the bad & the ugly, is there to heal you, to teach you, to make you strong, to bring you home to your true magnificence.

You are a divine being of pure love & light.

Are you ready to reclaim this?

Has the University of Life provided you with many opportunities to grow & evolve?

What blessings have you discovered in the harshest, darkest times & places?

What truth, learning, healing & wisdom have you gained upon this journey called life?

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings


Energy Update

Energy Update

Big energy is shifting & clearing & I would like to offer you some guidance & clarity.

All day I have felt a big shift, as Saturn the planet of Karma begins its retrograde phase & we start to build towards the upcoming full moon in Libra.

Now people hear Karma and fear it.
But remember Karma is only a bitch if you are!!!
For many of us the last few years have put us through a fast tracked powerful ascension path. We have had to endure much splattering, shedding & shattering from old paradigms that no longer serve our highest good.
This has seen many relationships, friendships, families, connections & belief systems simply fall by the wayside, as vibrations shifted, changed & evolved.

Many are sitting thinking what happened?
Many are looking at very different worlds now.

The mighty wheel of life has been turning, so if you have done the work, healed the wounds, learnt the lessons, gaining the wisdom, you are ready to start a time of personal empowerment, reflection & awakening where balance & harmony are being restored.
Karma !!!

We reap what we sow.

So if life has been brutal and forced changes upon you then it’s been to awaken you, to see a truth you resisted, not to break or punish you.

If you have been dishing out bad karma to others, then the mirror will reflect your poison arrows & karmic debt back to you big time.

The energy of the upcoming full moon is in Libra.
It wields the mighty sword of truth & justice.
Injustices will be dealt harshly with.
Truth will be seen.
Masks will fall off.
This is to restore beauty, balance, peace, tranquility, exactly what this energy craves & demands.

So work with this energy not against it.
Let go of the pain, hurts, betrayal etc.
Get real & truthful and cut those cords that bind or diminish you.
Are you going to get off the karmic merry go round and start to take back your power & free yourself to be all that you were destined to be?

What you asked for in life is coming………but first I will make you strong.

Shine brightly dear ones, it takes great strength & courage to look your greatest fears & triggers in the eye, but that is the only way to love you back whole & reclaim your divine heart & soul.

Something to ponder.
Love, light & blessings