Energy Update

Energy Update

Leo energy has certainly arrived with a mighty roar & we are only just walking into this phenomenal & transformational month full of gateways, eclipses & sun/soul energy.

Have you felt a surge or stirring in your solar plexus or fire in your belly?
Have you felt some strength & courage stirring?
Have you felt some anger come rumbling up from deep inside to ignite your fire?
Have you felt a glimpse of hope that things are starting to change or turn around for you?
Have you stepped forward on your path?
Do you feel it’s time?

Have you felt your core body temperature kick up a few degrees?

The last 2 weeks every night I have been getting major energy downloads. This level I haven’t felt for a while & this can be quite unsettling if you haven’t been through an ascension process.
To the point like a sauna or fierce heat is being activated inside.
Its burning away, letting go, transforming all the thick dense energy that remains within.

Have you been having vivid dreams?
Have you been waking up clearer about what steps to take next?
Are you getting itchy feet to get moving?

Your Merkaba is being activated & realigned.

Self Mastery is taking responsibility for everything that’s happened to us.
Its elevating your perception from the earthly/physical/human perception & elevating it to a Soul’s perception.
It’s letting go of all that no longer serves or diminishes you.
We draw back & reclaim all our energy we have invested in those emotions, like fear, guilt, shame, blame, hurt, anger, we reclaim our power.

As we do this we have to assimilate the huge amounts of light into the physical.
This can bring about flu like symptoms, lots of aches & pains, creeky bones, head aches, tiredness, your vision my be blurred, your mind may feel cloudy before clarity.

If the fire energy starts to get to much exert some energy, exercise, yoga, gardening etc to burn some energy away otherwise it can become destructive with anger, rage, jealousy, need to control.
If you feel shitty, angry or frustrated or have someone who is triggering you, be aware of how you release that fire, for you can be guaranteed in this state you may shoot the messenger.
It can lead to destruction of friendships & relationships.

Work with the energy definitely not against it.

Be gentle with yourself dear ones.
You are awakening.
You are remembering.
You are starting to love & honor you.
Hold on to your hats & enjoy the Cosmic ride.

Love, light & blessings


New Moon – abundance & manifestation

New Moon – abundance/prosperity

New Moon energy is the perfect time to manifest abundance, new beginnings, prosperity, to ground those dreams.

You can write your intention, that brings it out of the ethers & into the physical.
You can also write an “abundance cheque”
Try it & see how you go.
The Universe responds to the Law of Attraction.
The level your heart & soul vibrates at attracts your riches within.
If you are only thinking on a material level, think again, don’t ask to win the xlotto.
What riches will make your heart & soul sing?

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings


Energy Update

Energy Update

Well we are all pushing through the last of the Cancer energies & lessons as we starts to head even deeper into our shadow selves. As Grandmother Moon wanes (diminishes) & we enter the dark moon phase, the deepest darkest recess within the wounded shadow awaits.

What deep emotional waters have you found yourself in?
What family issues have appeared for healing, resolution or challenges?
What part of your vulnerability has been tested?
What wound or soul lesson has appeared for you to face, to heal once & for all?
Or are you not ready to sort your emotions?
Do you need another cycle on the merry go round of life?
Have you been wounded, disappointed or even betrayed by the inner sanctum yet again?
Have you been the one to decide it’s time to walk away?
Have you been the one who finally realised they deserve better in a relationship?
Have you seen that job, situation, friendship, relationship, connection, simply brings you down & no longer serves your highest good?
Have you been craving a deep soul connection that you can no longer deny?
Have you seen the roles family members play in your evolution?
Is it time for forgiveness or to see from a Souls growth perspective?
Do you need to love you again?
Are you finally worthy of happiness & ready to honor you?

Congratulations, you have been doing your soul work.

Energetically we are just like Winter.
We hibernate or go into our caves.
It is a time of reflection & introspection.
We need to nurture us to survive the harsh elements & lean times.
We need to prune the dead branches, to promote new growth.
All the beautiful colored leaves have fallen & fruit are gone & the trees as baron.
We need to prepare the soil for all the new growth in Spring.
We literally bunker down to weather the storms.
So do we.

We let go.
There must be endings to create space for the new beginnings, the new growth in Spring, when the Sun or our Soul energy returns.
We make room for the new ways, the new people, new job, new study, new belief systems, anything can appear.

You have to grow & stretch within the transit space.
You leave or let go of the old & you find your self in the unknown abys.
Nothing is familiar or feels the same.
Instinct says this is unknown.
Your primal survival instinct of fight or flight kicks in.
I’m not safe, I’m not strong, I’m not capable, I’m not ready, I don’t understand.
That’s the moment when fear steps in & you self sabotage, accepting the familiar just because you know it, thinking better the devil I know.

But the real transformation is in the stretching & growing.
Like the grub in the cocoon sack, it’s in its metamorphosis.
It has no idea what it is becoming, but instinctively knows it has to go through this process.
It has to wriggle, struggle, endure, sit in the darkness, stretch & break the bindings & grow out, breaking free of its restraints.
When it does that, it’s transformed into a magnificent butterfly, its earnt its wings, then spreads its wings & fly.
Transformed & empowered.
Starting a new beginning & cycle.

That’s exactly where we are at now.

So continue to make your space.
To grow.
To change.
To believe in your dreams.
To stretch & push through perceived challenges, boundaries or restrictions.

Hold on dear ones,
The blessings for all this soul work is on its way.
The Sun is returning, so to are we.
You wings are being earnt & discovered.

Love, light & blessings


Life & Lessons

Life & lessons

I’ve heard stories from so many people about the hardships they have had to endure. A few exasperated with life & its heavy weight even stated “I don’t deserve this”, many saying “how much more do I have to endure”.

That is true, just because you are strong enough to handle pain, doesn’t mean you deserve it.

Sometimes it feels like life is against you, life is pushing you to the limits, life is unfair, life is hard, life is painful.

Yes it is at times.

But it’s designed not to destroy you or break you, but to empower & liberate you.

The University of Life is the Master Teacher.
If you continue to resist your truth or lessons, it will send you more of the same until you get it.
Each time you resist the lessons are harsher, until the soul has learnt & honoured its soul contract.

It will break you free of limiting & diminishing environments, people, situations & relationships.

Life will keep delivering lessons for the evolution of your soul.
We go through lessons to gain wisdom.
To peel away the layers.
To push you along your path.
To become an enlightened & empowered soul.
After all, that’s why you are here in the physical journey.

We can choose to be a victim or victorious.

It is said you will never be given more than you can handle.
At times I have challenged Creator with his faith in me. When I’ve fallen to my knees, when I’ve been shattering into a million pieces.
But every challenge I have endured, and I’ve had more than my fair share, has made me stronger, wiser, free, connected on a deeper level.
I gained strength & courage when I didn’t have any.
Love & compassion to heal the deepest wounds.
Light to counteract any darkness or fear.
Self belief to endure.
Help in the darkest hours.
Awakening & remembering my life purpose.

And so can you……

Love, light & blessings




There’s no maybe about it.

What makes you think you will be happy with more if you aren’t grateful with what you have or the blessings you have already received?

The darkness, the shadow self, the hard times are all designed to make you search for riches hiding deep within.
To fall crashing to your knees so you can learn your strength & courage.
To have old belief systems stripped away.
To see what you are really made of.
The greatest lessons are learnt in the most painful times.
To bring love & light to the darkest places.
You grow in the hard times, you evolve, you awaken, you sort things, you let things go, you hold on for dear life.
You transform.
You are reborn.
Then the light returns & you start to shine brightly again.
A diamond received many cuts before it’s polished & dazzles with beauty.

Materialism is another focus.
Often I ask people what are you grateful for in your world?
Many will immediately rattle off material things.
But then I ask…………
What about to be alive?
What about your health?
What about the food you eat?
What about Mother Earth, she provides all your earthly needs?
The home you live in?
The family & friends you have?
The job you have?
The money & freedom that job gives you to not only survive, live your life & maybe even travel?
The fact you live in a safe country not a war torn country?
Do you appreciate your journey?
Do you see who was teaching you such valuable lessons?
Can you see they were honoring their soul contracts with you?
Have you paused to see how far you have come?

All this wisdom comes from the hard times, the times of self reflection, the time of introspection, sitting deep within the shadows.

Hello darkness my old friend,
I’ve come to talk with you again………
Great wisdom sits there.
Do not fear the shadow self, your greatest power sits there, patiently waiting for you to reconnect.

The kindest, bravest, strongest, compassionate people have all had more than their fair share of darkness & hardships.
They are that way because they know how it feels & they shine their light brightly so others don’t have to endure as they have.

You have to know the darkness,
Before you can appreciate the light.

Shine brightly dear ones,
And if you can’t be the light,
I pray you find your light.
If you can’t do that then reach out.
You are never alone.

Love, light & blessings




Are you going through big life changes?
Were they your choice?
Or did your world come crashing down at your feet?
Are you contemplating what way do I go?
What’s the best choice for me?
What would I do or be if I was free to choose?
Should I stay or should I go?
Will this job change or always drive me crazy?
Do I still want to be in this relationship?
Do I have the strength to keep going?
Why am I always pleasing others?
What is it that I want to do or achieve?

Life is a series of natural & spontaneous changes.
Don’t resist them –
They only create sorrow.
Let reality be reality.
Let things flow naturally forward,
In whatever way they like.

You inflict the greatest pain & mental anguish on yourself with the indecision.
How long have you been struggling with this decision?
Does your decision cause others pain & you don’t want to hurt them?
Are you afraid of criticism or judgement?
Do you believe in you?
Or do you believe you aren’t good enough or worthy of abundance & blessings?

Are you finally ready to love & honour you?
Are you worthy of happiness?

Change, we fight so hard to change.
We fear & resist change.
We struggle with change.
We refuse change because at least we know the familiar & may fear the unknown.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings

Shadow self

So many are sitting deep in their shadow self.
Deep in their old wounds on their heart & soul.
If you find yourself there, take solace.
Take all the time you need to nurture yourself.
Find, retrieve & love that part of you so broken & lost.
If you love someone who is sitting there, hold the light, support them.
When was the last time you asked “are you ok”?
Sit quietly by their side, so they know they aren’t alone.

Be a friend and sit with them.
Make the darkness beautiful.

You can’t do it for them, but just knowing you have someone is often all we need to keep going.

Love, light & blessings



Healing is a process of understanding, releasing, gently unraveling the energetic charge to a situation, person, trauma, fear, grief, loss etc.

Many think that to heal you have to rehash or relive the experience over & over again. That’s not true, you already know it like the back of your hand & have spent a lot of time & energy to bury it.
Yes you can’t deny the experience because denial needs to turn into a level of acceptance.
However, healing is a process of seeing the experience from a different perspective.
You have to be willing to start processing, letting go & releasing the negative emotions.
You start learning & growing from it.
Some forgiveness may be required, not that the person necessarily deserves it, but you not only deserve, but need this forgiveness otherwise the wound will fester.
Boundaries may need to be set.
Coping mechanisms learnt.

It takes great strength to allow your deepest vulnerabilities, wounds or pain to release, opening the space.
It needs devotion of time & effort to work through the healing process.
It takes an enormous amount of self love, self nurturing & understanding.

Remember Healing doesn’t mean it never happened, it means it no longer controls your life, your emotions, your relationships & how you relate or react to others.

Eventually you turn that wound into a battle scar & wear it with great pride.

Remember the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

You will know when you have healed, for you will be able to talk about it without emotions surfacing, triggers or attachments to outcomes.

You will see you weren’t meant to break but strengthen, grow, become wiser, empowered, free.

Love, light & blessings


Energy Update

Energy Update

La Luna is turning inwards, as she journeys through another cycle, to her dark moon phase, in preparation for Saturday’s upcoming New Moon.

You may be feeling very reflective, inward, in need of space, aware of a feeling something is happening.
You may be feeling withdrawn or in need of time in peace, alone or nature.
We tend to hibernate, stay indoors with a warm fire, comfort food, we start to go to our caves.

Big energy of Love & Light is being fed world wide into the Net of Light & mighty hoop, as people all over the world unite in Oneness, as a Collective & for the greater good of Mother Earth.
Please spend some time over the next 24 hours sending your prayers, healing & hold light.
If you have a Medicine Drum, please Drum for Pachamama.
She needs all the light workers, beacons, star seeds, earth keepers etc to unite & stand as one.
The big shift from 3D to 5D is in full progress, this is a pivotal gateway or portal.

Tomorrow Wednesday 21/6/2017, we have our Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is the day of the year that we have shortest daylight hours, as we are now furtherest away from the sun.
We have shortest daylight hours & the longest night.
We are in the heart of Winter, a time to be stripped bare & hibernation, introspection, assimilation has commenced.
Winter is the cycle Mother Nature guides us through now.
As you release all you have learnt & grown through this year, you have started to manifest & created new ways & paths.
Suddenly now the new foundations for the remainder of the year are present, and these like in nature, need time to manifest, to rest, to recharge, to grow new wood for spring blooming.
We have to prune the dead wood from the garden, we also prune the dead wood from ourselves & life.

Winter is here, enjoy all it offers.
Shine brightly dear ones, remember to be the Light Beacon in the darkest hour & storms.

Big energy is here, enjoy the magic.

Love, light & blessings
Jenny 🙏💜


Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Sometimes you have to shatter into a million pieces, falling to your knees, feeling like all you knew falls crashing at your feet or is stripped away.
You don’t recognise anything familiar.
You feel that you are all alone & wonder how will I survive this?
You may feel overwhelmed & spinning out of control.
You may feel like you are grieving, for the loss of the dreams, the connections, the old ways, the familiar.
You literally feel like a part of you is dying deep down inside.

But what I do know is that is the very moment where the light comes streaming in.
The moment your knees fall to the floor, within the shattered space of your soul or when your chest is cracked wide open to access your heart space, to help you get through.

It’s in the shattering & letting go where we feel like we die inside because we are forced to change or evolve.
This is where we shed false truths, where our moral compass is activated.
Where destiny or fate appears to change your path.
Our inner strength & wisdom awaits to be discovered.
Where we finally let go of what was breaking or diminishing us.
Where we start the long spiraling journey within.

Then the Phoenix rises from the ashes, reborn as a stronger, wiser, empowered, enlightened soul, with the ability & determination to rebuild yourself & your world.

With the upcoming Full Moon you maybe feeling just this way.
It is the time to release & let go.
It is the time to be aware of your truth, what has been thrust into the spotlight from the shadows within?
Are you in the process of destruction & rebirth?
Has your family or close relationships been under the hammer, being transformed into a new way of relating to each other?
Have you had lots pressure around work & feel it’s time to move along?
Is another part of your identity slowly evolving?
Can you feel the new you buzzing in anticipation of its freedom?
Can you sense a new path or direction is appearing?

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings