Aquarian New Moon

New Moon Blessings.

This morning at 10.37am (Adel) we have our new moon in Aquarius, an Air sign, governed by 2 planets, traditionally Saturn, (the planet of lessons/growth into wisdom with its modern ruler Uranus, unexpected changes/enlightenment.

We have both the Moon (feminine) & the Sun (masculine) in perfect alignment, as well as connecting to the powerful & famous Egyptian lovers constellation of Osiris & Isis. They are united again in the heavenly skies. Together there is great power, alchemy & Magic to tap into.

Aquarius is depicted by the water bearer & gifts us the energy of freedom, liberation, individuality, humanitarian, wisdom, reasoning, change.

But in the negative you will be stagnant, refusing to grow & change, bloody minded or stubborn, an airhead, dislodged & living in a fantasy world.
You may find ankles maybe playing up & swelling as you refuse to love you & your world.
This energy is about change & growth, you may be trying to change others & resisting change yourself. If you do the bottom will fall out of your world, for Uranus will drop that atomic bomb to enforce the change.

Aquarian energy gifts you visionary glimpses into a future way beyond your hopes & dreams, this is what Saturn gifts you, if you have done the work, learnt the lessons, grown & expanded & are now manifesting, the world of your dreams is waiting to arrive.

My Guidance, quieten the monkey chatter in your head, allow yourself the freedom to grow, liberate your heart & soul, nurture the sacred soil of your dreams.

The Age of Aquarius is being birthed, a time for communities, humanitarian, visionaries, peace & freedom for mankind. This is what we are feeding & birthing now. This is what this 9 year cycle will manifest.
So in this universal 1 year, be very wise about where you choose to place your energy & focus, it will become your future reality.

Dream your world into being.
Follow that dream.
For the time is now.

Blessings, love & light,


Did you know?

Did you know?

How much negative emotions & stress create and effect your organs?

Stress, worry, anger, jealousy, fear just to name a few.

They create a negative charge or cycle that can limit, diminish & even stop energy passing through them from your chakras (energy centres), to nourish & support their health.

This will result in dis-ease within your body, leading to diseases of your organs & illness.

Fear – kidneys
Anger & resentment – liver
Bitterness – digestion & stomach
Grudges – bowel / elimination
Pissed off – bladder
The list goes on & on.

If you heal the emotional charge you heal & restore balance to your body.

If you would like to start focusing on you, to start working on healing & honoring you, Energising Souls specialty is Energy Work.

Something to ponder.


Hello darkness my old friend

As La Luna goes into her waning phase we enter the shadow or dark moon cycle.
It is the natural journey of going within, of self reflection.
It is the time where energetically we can feel a lot of darkness, illusion, fear, vulnerability.
But it’s a very sacred time.
For we are preparing the sacred soil for our true heart & soul’s desires to be birthed or planted with the upcoming new moon.

Go within, do the work, face the fear, heal that emotional charge, for the darkness or shadow self is the keeper of your personal power, greatest wisdom, soul or I Am essence.

You take your guiding light with you wherever you go, even in the darkest ugliest places. Place a seed of your light there & watch the transformation & magic begin.

Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again. image

Darkness cannot drive out darkness,
Only light can do that.

Shine brightly dear ones.


Full Moon Blessings

Full Moon Blessings

Tonight at 10.03pm (Adel) Grandmother Moon is full in the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so she is home in her sign. This time her lessons relate to the 4th House teaching us about families, parent & child relationships, your home & your roots.

Cancer is depicted by the Crab.
A funny critter, they bury themselves in the sand & emerge out of nowhere with nippers poised to protect their territory. They have a hard shell or exterior which protects them well, but a soft, vulnerable underbelly.
So do we.

The symbol for Cancer is signified by 2 breasts of the nursing mother, so parent/child triggers & issues may arise.
Lots of mother/maternal nurturing energy abound.

Water represents emotions.
We have a double whammy with the feminine moon energy & the feminine energy from the element of water.
So don’t fight it, the emotions will need to flow, cleanse & release.

It is a time of deep dreaming & intuition, so pay attention.
What is trying to get your attention.
You may be sensitive, feel loving, caring & protective of loved ones.

Families may draw together or fall apart, depending on the lessons sought.
Emotions can go into overdrive, melt downs, conflict, emotional struggles will surface to be dealt with, healed & released.

You may be highly sensitive & be questioning where you belong in this world & life?

My guidance, go with the flow.
Be aware people will be very emotional & sensitive.
Be loving, gentle & supportive to yourself or others.

Full Moons help to trigger releases.
So let it go.
Let it flow.
Cleanse & release.

Prepare the way for your life to flow & for the 2017 new beginnings to be birthed & emerge.

Love, light & blessings

Divine Timing

Divine Timing
11/1/1 = 22/4 Master Day
Full Moon Eve

Today has gifted me so much clarity, guidance & blessings.

There is magic in the air.

The numbers gift us the 11 day, 1 month, 1 universal year, 4 1’s

11 The number of Self Mastery.
The universal vibration is a 22/4 day, the Master Builder.

The heavens have aligned with a Grand Cardinal Cross.
As I looked at the alignment I was amazed.
All the 4 elements are represented.
The alignment all 22 degrees.

Jupiter (expansion) in Libra (balance /element of Air).
Sun (masculine/transformation) in Capricorn (determination/grounding in the element of Earth).
Saturn (Karma) in Sagittarius (philosopher / element of Fire).
Moon (Feminine/cycles) in Cancer (Families / element of Water).

So there are the keys to your lessons & where the triggers of the upcoming Full Moon will be.

Grandmother Moon is in the sign of Cancer already, as she builds in her gentle, yet firm persuasive way, of shining her glorious wisdom to light your path with these lessons.

There will be much focus & pressure building on family, connections, relationships, emotions.

She’s not full until tomorrow night so work with the energy not against it.

Today is a blessed day indeed.

Be able to change yourself & the world will change with you.

Love, light & blessings


11/1/2017 = 22/4 Master Day

11/1/2017 = 11/1/1 = 22/4 Master Day

Wow look at the power in those numbers.
We have 4 1’s
11 day, 1 month, 1 universal year
Those magnificent doorways are there for you again.
11th day of the year asks you what have you Mastered so far?
Then we add the whole day and we have 22/4 the number of the Master Builder.
What a blessing to receive so soon in this year of opportunity & new beginnings.

The universe is gifting you the opportunity to dream, create, manifest & build the life of your dreams.

But there’s the key.
First you must do the work on Mastering yourself.
Once you have achieved that level of knowledge the next level is in the creation & manifestation.
The one who is equipped to build their world to create their dreams & destiny.

22/4 Masters have big lessons in life.
I know, I was born with these numbers.
We are born & needed to be of service, for humanity, for communities. Building a brighter, happier world wherever we may be called.
You always build on & seek your knowledge.

So what kind of world do you want to build & be a part of?
What lessons do you need to build on to find the wisdom now?
What hopes & dreams do you want to build on to manifest & transform into reality?
What foundations have you built for those dreams?
Are you going to step up to the challenge & build a world beyond you dreams?
Are you ready to fulfill your destiny?

We are all put on this Earth for a sacred reason. It’s time to step up & be that amazing human filled with passion, purpose, strength, courage & self belief.

Shine brightly dear ones, for it is a time for mankind & the world to awaken.

Love, light & blessings

Energy Update Out with the old, in with the new.

Energy Update
1/1/1 day, month, year again.image

Yesterday afternoon I felt the energy finally start to shift & this morning there is a lightness in the air.
The sun is shining & the birds are singing a glorious song.

Mercury retrograde is releasing us from its grip.
You have been communicating deeply with your souls energy & many fears, triggers, people & situations would have rumbled into your awareness & world since the new year.
It was designed to test you, to see what triggers still remained deep within.
It was to make you face them, to reassess & reconnect.
Maybe you wobbled, maybe you had to battle, maybe you had to reset boundaries, maybe you are being forced to let go.

2017 our 1 universal year is here to gift you many new beginnings. But before we can have our new beginnings there must always be endings & transition time.

This is when a lot of ugly, old, stagnant & destructive energy rumbles & rattles your world.
Old energy is clearing out for new energy to enter. Please be patient & very gentle on yourself.

Our full moon energies are building as we prepare to let go, do the work, face those fears, for we are about to be rebirthed, into a wiser empowered you.

Remember to hold your light.
Stand in your truth.
Do not feed fear with fear, that’s exactly what it wants to grow & paralyse you.
Speak your truth.
Use your moral compass.

Shine brightly dear ones, we are making progress.

Love, light & blessings

Energy update

Energy Update

What a week.
So much has been shifting energetically & it’s only the first week of 2017.

Howling winds from the East blew for 2 days to ruffle our feathers.
Huge solar/soul energy has radiated all over Australia, with heat wave conditions.
In the Northern Hemisphere we have extreme cold.
Perfect balance & polarity of the Hemispheres.
There has been massive downloads of energy.
Soul contracts & Karmic cycles have been honored & completed.
Waves of light & energy is returning to our souls after honouring our soul contract work to hold light in the darkest places.
Cycles ended & completed.

You may feel unwell with this huge download & assimilation of energy.
You may feel tired, flat, dizzy, nausea.
Yesterday it hit me hard & I was unable to even stand. I felt like the leaning tower of Pisa. So be aware.

You may have old memories, people, places, stories, images floating through.

We are entering a rare time where all our planets are in forward motion, no retrograde lessons. We to are being released to move forward.

We are building into our full moon energies. A time of release. A time to let go.

So if over the next few days any or all of these symptoms occur, don’t panic.
Our physical bodies are being upgraded & fine tuned to the new vibration & 5D energy from the thick heavy, dense energy of 3D.

Be gentle on yourself.

Love, light & blessings

It’s only Words


It’s only words………or is it?

Words can make a heart flutter.
Words can cut to the core.
Words can cause monkey chatter in the mind.
Words can cripple a soul.
Words can set you free.
Words can unite.
Words can divide.
Words unspoken can haunt you.
Words of love embrace & empower.

Think before you speak.
Once spoken words may be forgiven, but are they ever really forgotten?

Something to ponder.

Love, light & blessings