Reset Button?

Are you ready to hit the reset button?
Have you outgrown relationships, friendships, work places, family dynamics & toxic games, old habits & addictions, destructive patterns, self abuse & self sabotage?
Do you want & strive towards a new way to be, live, communicate, connect?
Only you can make you happy……
Do you need to plug back into your life, journey, healing & energy?
You get to choose……
Is it empowering, uplifting, mutually beneficial?
Is love present?
Is this environment now toxic for me?
Am I enabling & settling for shitty behaviours?
Does this diminish or empower me?
Are you done playing games?
Have you seen & recently received confirmation, what once brought you to your knees, now barely registers a blip in your vibration?
Then let go of the old,
Open your heart & arms wide,
To finally receive what you truly deserve & desire.
You are so worth it Dear Ones,
Let’s all rise & shine……

Something to ponder
Energising Souls

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