A Masters Journey


So many come to me wanting Masters training, or simply think they can just be & hold Masters energy.
I always say it doesn’t happen overnight, we will work together for at least 12 months, as I take you through ever deepening layers & cycles to break through your resistance & fears.
It’s not simply an attunenent & you get given a couple of symbols & presto you become a Master with the value of a Kellogg’s Cornflakes certificate, then discarded, left to the pack of Wolves to destroy.
I say you must be prepared to walk a big journey, be challenged by truth, be stripped raw, you may loose everything you presently think & hold dear.
You must face your ego & it’s slow painful death, most cringe at this point, few will step forward & rise up to meet themselves & life’s challenges.
You are a work in progress with life being the Master Teacher.
You become a Master of self.
Some people are born Masters with their life path as an 11 22 33 Master.
When you are born this way, you walk a mighty path, finally realising everything that happened to you, that nearly destroyed you, was the very thing that forged the cuts for the Master to birth & shine bright like a diamond or neon sign.
This Master is usually a loner, or has a small trusted circle or tribe, a person wise beyond their years, special, a wealth of knowledge, a harbour in life’s storms.
These Masters radiate, their presence, heart space, capacity to find compassion & forgiveness is phenomenal.
They also are born with ancient wisdom & knowing, life being triggers or activations to bring forward the sacred keys & codes needed to unlock the wisdom within.
Masters transform & transmute energy to the highest consciousness.
Every Master was once a beginner.
A Master has tried, been knocked down, even failed more times than you will ever know, everytime knowing an opportunity of learning & wisdom is present.
A Master is self accountable, self reflective.
A Master knows the importance of discernment.
A Master is no better than another, and has no need to prove it, tooting their own horn, that is simply your mighty ego needing to be satiated.
Oh no a true Master is Master of Self, their life lessons, universal lessons, understanding & respecting others, self & life intimately.
Deeply connected to all life.
Becoming a Master you challenge & shed all your inherited, all you absorbed, or outdated belief systems, you find your truth.
A Master holds a masterful level of consciousness, awareness.
You are not a Master until you have journeyed through your shadow self, reclaiming, nurturing, healing & freeing all aspects of self.
A Master doesn’t sit in judgement, but simply accepts where everyone is along their personal development paths.
A real Master doesn’t play games, misuse or manipulate with their gifts.
Watch for the google masters, the masters at cutting & pasting others information & trying to pass off fake knowledge……you will know or spot these cheap imitations quickly, because they are hollow, no substance, and cannot answer your questions.
A Master shares, teaches, loves, forgives & empowers others continually, often sharing or teaching through their own example or story telling, sharing their journey.
A Master knows & respects that knowledge is power & we do not fear what we know or understand.
With every connection, word, thought, smile, held out hand, Masters give a divine spark of light to activate the energy or change vibration or frequencies……..just by holding their own vibration & consciousness.
A Master is of service……paying forward.

It’s a mighty journey,
As you master self, you build your world, your life, your connections.
You alone are responsible for your peace, joy, happiness, contentment, life.
And that every day so many blessings & even little miracles pass by to say hi.

Something to ponder
Energising Souls
© JB Energising Souls


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