If you are searching for guidance or inspiration on your spiritual journey, you have come to the right place.

Please contact me if you have any unanswered questions or wish to schedule an appointment. For the time being, feel free to browse through the website or Facebook page for a little spiritual inspiration and guidance to see you through.

Love, Light and Blessings


My healing journey with Jenny has been a pure blessing in my life. One of the most rewarding gifts to the soul, the universe truly delivered leading me to my spiritual teacher. A beautiful soul that guides me with her wisdom, someone I completely trust my journey with. Jenny provides a tranquil comforting space that allows me to feel safe and secure. It is a place I feel at peace, a little slice of heaven. I am able to open my heart and soul and release lifetimes of blocks and emotions. Jenny’s natural gift and light have brought my healings to another level. Over the years I have experienced so many memorable healings with Jenny incorporating crystals. I have gained so much knowledge and understanding of their ability to help heal. The powerful charge of amethyst, rose and clear quartz wands have played major roles in my healing sessions, as have the small yet equally powerful tumbled crystals. These beautiful treasures are now part of my home. No words can ever truly express how Jenny and her healings have changed my life but my heart and soul are eternally grateful  – Monica


Many roads are travelled in this lifetime. Some are made easier when we have an earth angel there to guide you. Jen has always been there to support and guide me. When I felt alone and I couldnt go anymore she was there to cheer me on, allowed me to make my own choices for growth. It was with her wise words and guidance that I set my wings free to fly and live my life my way. Blessed to have you in my life Jen and i know those that are guided to you too will have love and gratitude for all that you are and share. – Mira