Crystal Healing

I am a qualified & accredited Practitioner of Crystal Awakening.

I am also an accredited Facilitator or Teacher, of Crystal Awakening for the Academy of Crystal Awakening. 

This is an International & National Accredited Course & Academy.

I have studied and worked with Crystals for 22 yearsInitially I purchased what was pretty and because I was drawn to them. My collection has evolved and expanded dramatically as I started to understand the healing properties and magical gift Mother Earth has created. Little did I know it would become an integral part of my healing treatments and activate a deep ancient sacred healing connection within me. 

For every ailment or condition, whether it be emotional, physical, mental, etheric or spiritual there is a Crystal that will assist.

Crystals are ancient healing medicine, they are not new age. 

Each Crystal holds a unique vibration, healing properties and medicine. Crystals will call you, you will find as your vibration evolves, so to will the Crystals that you work with. You may be instantly drawn to a Crystal, whether its because of its colour, shape, creation, vibration, name, or your energy is calling for its mirror, to work with it & to balance it. Crystals can be programmed to do work and amplify their healing & medicine. 

Pendulums can be used to balance chakras. 

Chakras, Cells, DNA respond to the vibration and healing energies of Crystals.

I have received & given profound healings with the assistance of Crystals and I look forward to helping you on your awakening and journey with the Crystal Kingdom.

Some Crystal balances I offer

  • Chakra Balance & Clearing
  • Pendulum Balancing
  • Past Life Journeys
  • Soul Retrieval & Emotional Release
  • Crystal Healings
  • Inner Child
  • Heart Expansion
  • Distance Healing with Crystals
  • Crystal Oracle Healings

2018/19 Crystal Classes 

Foundation – Crystal Awakening

Intermediate – Crystal Awakening

Advanced – Crystal Awakening

see Facebook for event information

  • Working with a Pendulum
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Grid work with Crystals
  • Crystal Essences