Peace & Gratitude

Peace & Gratitude

May you be blessed with a deep peace to your heart & soul.

May you freely give & receive the love & light needed.

May you have deep gratitude for all you have walked through, learnt & evolved into.

May you birth the new you, new year & new beginnings.

May you set up strong structures & foundations.

May you dream your world into being.

May you bring & receive peace, love, laughter & joy to the world.

From me to you I am so very humbled, grateful & thank you for connecting with me this year. I’ve watched my business & page grow beyond my wildest dreams & it’s only just begun.

Thank you for joining me on Energising Souls page, coming for healings, readings, guidance or if you have joined me in my teaching capacity.

I’m planning & activating 2019 now.

I’m excited, it’s time to be all of me.

Watch this space for lots will be revealed.

Let’s round out & close down 2018 in our new vibration & create the blessings that you have worked so hard to manifest into your world.

Much love to you Dear Ones,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


Goodbye 2018 – Energy Update

Goodbye 2018

Energy Update

31/12/2018 – 18/9 endings

It’s time to put 2018 behind us!

What a year of new beginnings, change, awakening, soul growth.

2018/11 our Universal Year of Self Mastery.

A year that saw everyone go through huge personal growth & evolution.

I have to say, I’m happy to see the back of this challenging, ruthless, tough ascension path we have all been on.

This year has been hard work, I’m tired & ready for big changes.

Many worlds have been shattered.

Many relationships didn’t make it, because of the glaring energetic disconnects that you could no longer deny or live with.

As you were challenged to deeply look at yourself, you had no choice but to see all aspects of your life were under the microscope.

Finally seeing where you were diminished, self sabotaging, neglecting, unfulfilled, unhappy, inauthentic, you learnt your truths.

For many there were many bitter/sweet moments.

We are certainly not the same person who started the year.

You have now looked at your life under a microscope, had huge upheaval, been through enormous changes.

Now we are preparing & birthing our solid foundations, looking towards the future you are building.

Take the time now to close off or tie up any loose ends.

Clean up or tidy up mess, clutter.

Sweep & clean the house.

Feng Sui says you literally sweep away the debris, the old energy, leaving no remnants of dirt, clutter, stale energy or mess.

You are energetically making a clean slate, clearing the old to make way for the new.

Write down things you want to let go of & burn it.

Burn incense, smudge your house, or use sage to clear.

Open windows & doors to cleanse the air & let it flow, as you cleanse your home.

Light a candle, to invite the light into your home.

Clear the air,

Clear the energy.

Make the space to ground & manifest the world you want & to bring in the new year, new energy, new beginnings.

We are sandwiched between the fallout of Xmas & Full Moon in Cancer (Water), now we are building to a New Year & then New Moon in Capricorn (Earth) Eclipse.

There’s the vital key of what you need to let go of, or change. It’s all about the way you are relating to people, relationships, friendships.

It will shine the spotlight on your greatest love or a neon light on what’s broken.

If your world isn’t on solid ground, you will feel the Eclipse pressure to squeeze out the stuck, stagnant & toxic energy that still remains.

It will demand you don’t bring anything that diminishes you into the new year & sacred blessings that are waiting for you.

Let it flow, let it go, your emotions need to be expressed, you need to show, speak & be authentic about your relationships, feelings, life & truth.

If you love them show it.

If you want it, go out & make it happen.

It will also show what or who has become the one to expose your vulnerable underbelly.

It’s time to step up, or it just might be you that gets let go of.

We birth 2019

Our universal 3 Year

The number of the Holy Trinity.

Body, mind, soul or Mother, Father, Child.

It is the first number to have a start, middle, end.

It’s unification, sacred unions, divine miracles & blessings.

We say by the power of 3 to amplify energy to this level.

The triquetra, symbolic of birth, life & death.

How special & blessed after our baptism of fire into Self Mastery, we have all just walked through, and at times felt like we barely survived.

Now you have a glimpse into the path a Master walks & what that demands.

Like I’ve said, it’s not a journey for the weak or faint of heart, it’s a mighty journey.

We bring in big Earth energy now, and the Elephant shows us, slow, steady & methodical, connecting deeply to Earth with strong empowered steps.

Are you ready to move forward?

Are you ready to ignite a dream or passion?

Are you ready to birth a new you, new life, new relationship, new job, new truth, new walk, new consciousness?

Are you ready to be your authentic self?

Are you going to talk the talk or walk the walk?

Are you ready to be the Master of your Destiny?

Something to ponder,

Blessings, love & light

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Are you waiting for your dreams to manifest?

Do you believe in them?

Do you actually do anything about bringing them into reality?

Or do you think they are just going to be delivered to you on a silver platter?

Do you believe you deserve your dreams, hopes, wishes & happiness?

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


If truth be known……


One of our greatest fears is to remember or empower who we really are, what we are made of, our gifts.

This is what the spiritual journey is all about, coming home to self.

Lifetime after lifetime we hold our lineage in our DNA & cellular memory.

Do you resonate deeply to a particular Goddess?

Do you have karma, soul contracts, twin flame or soul mate connections to attend to?

Are you mesmerised, called & mysteriously drawn to far away lands?

Are you inexplicably drawn to a period of time, with a knowing or deep fear attached to anything related to it?

Do you have irrational fears or triggers that can’t be explained in this lifetime, like a fear of drowning or choking?

Have you had gifts or tricks that were so natural to you, but strange or odd to others, with thoughts of I’ve always been that way or can’t everyone do that too?

Is there a character from the history books that you are so similar & resonate with?

Have you ever done past life or soul retrieval work to get your truth, essence & answers?

Have you been in a strange country & had full dejavu or past life recall, an instant knowing, or you can just guide yourself effortlessly but eerily through the streets from your past?

If truth be known, many fear becoming all they can be.

Many self sabotage or keep themselves small thinking it’s more painful to risk the mighty journey home to self.

Many of us have abused our powers & gifts in past lives.

In fact as part of my mighty journey home to self, I have learnt I placed my Master Codes, safety seals & sacred geometry codes over the access points of this ancient wisdom & essence, until I had reached a level of consciousness to be able & responsible enough to access them again.

I have even found it takes the power of 3 sitting at a similar Master dimensional vibration, to unlock the access points to the higher dimensions & portals.

Whole civilisations were lost & sunk to the sea floor to protect this.

Many abused their powers.

Truth be know, it did freak little old me out initially, I’m just Jenny.

But as I learnt part of who I am, a born Earth Keeper & what that was all about, I saw myself shapeshifting to protect the Master Earth Grid Crystal I was in charge of, programmed & looked after back in Ancient Atlantean times as it fell.

When you learn the truth of who you really are, you you will be blown away & understand the mighty journey you have walked.

With great powers, abilities & gifts comes great responsibility.

Do you think the University of Life hasn’t mastered its lessons?

Do you believe you are ready to awaken to your sacred purpose & to be of service?

Are you ready to remember who you are?

You are made of the Stars, Earth, Moon, Sun & a beloved Child of the Universe.

Let that essence seep back into your heart.

Did it stir deeply in your soul?

Remember who you are.

Our days of playing small are done.

You are the Master of your Destiny.

Create & manifest your world.

Become all you were born to be.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Dying for a drink

It’s sweltering for us in Adelaide & most of Australia.

But spare a thought for animals that don’t have easy access to water or shade.

Please consider leaving some water out for our birds, critters, bees & native animals.

With this simple act of kindness, they get life saving water & I get to see & enjoy the variety of birds drinking from my bird bath all day.


Sacred Union

Ladies when you remember you hold the Holy Grail inside, you will remember & learn to love, honor & respect it.

Then you get to choose who you share your divine & sacred essence with.

Men when you understand the sacred temple you are about to enter, everything changes.

The Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine merge.

Sacred Union, the ancient serpents awaken & entwine.

The Souls dance to their heart song of love not lust.

It’s called making love, not having sex.

Powerful sacred sexual energy.

It creates life itself.

Then the magic really begins.

The Ancient Atlanteans knew this, and the only time 2 people were able to be intimate was if there was a soul purpose to the Union, or to create & birth a soul into existence.

There was no other reason.

The Union was blessed by the High Priest/High Priestess.

Is it time to honour this again in you?

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


Masterful Wisdom

Masterful Wisdom

Use the last week of 2018, our Universal 11 Year, the Year of Self Mastery, to ponder the mighty journey you have just undertaken.

Choices reviewed, changes made, wisdom gained, stories rewritten, worlds evolved, new life & belief system established.

You are now Conscious & Awakened.

Have you learnt great insight & what really makes you tick, think & feel?

Have you overcome mighty obstacles?

Have you had a tough year?

You’ve unpacked that emotional backpack.

Felt, seen, discovered, learnt & lived through great truths.

Had to find, face, retrieve, love & nurture broken & lost aspects of you.

Had to get real & see who empowers & diminishes you.

Did you clean house & end a lot of bad relationships, friendships, addictions, destructive patterns?

Did you have to face mighty triggers & mirrors finding lost & broken aspects of self?

Does your world look very different than at the start of 2018?

Do you have the same people standing next to you?

Are you on a whole new path & heading in a completely different direction?

Or are you sitting thinking what the hell just happened & what’s next?

Did you graduate from the University of Life’s Master Class?


But remember being a Master isn’t about a fancy meaningless title, ego driven, or being better than others.

Or some just want to float & gloat, sounding like a boofhead, just going around telling everyone you are a Master.

Oh no, that’s not a Master, that’s ego.

It’s about knowing yourself intimately, universal consciousness & being the best version of you that you can be in any given moment.

It’s not a competition.

It’s about Mastering your journey home to self, connecting deeply & intimately with your I Am essence, and until you do that you are not a Master, you are still ruled by mind/ego.

It’s about Mastering your Soul contracts & life lessons.

A Master is not just there for themselves.

A Master serves the greater good of all, is humble, & is of service to others & self.

Always sharing, caring, nurturing, guiding.

After all what is all the wisdom in the world worth if you do not grow from the first level of Self Mastery, keeping it all to yourself.

You become the Master Builder & eventually become the Master Teacher, full circle.

So have you become a wise Owl?

What vision, insight & wisdom are you taking into 2019?

Remember if it doesn’t feed, nurture or empower your Soul……….let it go.

After all, you are now the Master of your Destiny.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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