Wolf Medicine

Wolf Medicine

You never leave your pack or tribe alone, vulnerable or under attack.

Wolf is devoted, faithful & loyal.

Wolf knows how to survive the harshest conditions as it looks after the old & young.

Wolf walks with you as if sharpens your instincts, senses & insight.

Appreciate those that didn’t give up on you.

Remember who was there for you in your darkest moments.

Who loved you when you were unloveable?

Who taught you life survival lessons?

Who reminds you who you are & where you belong?

Who taught you the laws of the land?

Who guides you through the shadows?

Wolf Tribe does with its amazing Medicine.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

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Detach, Let go & walk away

Detach, let go, walk away.

Release, release, release……..

Do not let lower vibrations trap you in their games & manipulation.

They are powerless if you don’t play.

Take back your personal power.

Disengage & rise above it.

Hold your truth, integrity, virtue.

Put strong healthy boundaries around you, your energy, your love & light, your time, your kindness.

The less you respond to negative people,

The more peaceful your life will become.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

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Crystal Grid

Felt the need to create a little grid & sacred space to do Full Moon clearing.

Time to shift & activate this energy to the highest consciousness.

Today we walk out of the energies, we release, let go, can start to breathe, see a way forward.

Today the spiritual lessons are gifted to you.

Enjoy the Crystal Healing Medicine & sit with Grandmother Moon’s glow.

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

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The spirit within

Red, white, yellow or black,

The 4 colours of the worlds skins & all the shades in between.

We are all glorious.

But it’s the spirit inside that moves you, that is your uniqueness.


Energy Update 23/11/2018 Full Moon Blessings

Energy Update

Full Moon Blessings


Today at 4.09pm (Adel) we have Grandmother Moon full in the air sign of Gemini as the Sun shifts into the transformational fires of Sagittarius.

So there are your keys.

Sun in Fire

Moon in Air

Gemini – the sign of the twins

– duality, Polarity,

– separation, division will all be under the microscope & imploding, indecision, to & fro of not knowing which way will I go.

– lots mental stress & anguish because you haven’t made a choice.

-Issues around your soul mate, twin flames, relationships self/others.

Together with the potent fires of transformation that Sagittarius gifts us

– strength & courage

– determination & reconnect to your personal power

– freedom & liberation

– burning bridges & letting go

– lower vibrations will burn away

– Phoenix rising from the ashes

– rebirth & returning to soul/sun/source for energy & reconnection to soul essence & personal power.

– awareness or consciousness as you awaken to a higher vibration & new way to be alive & empowered from within.

– new paths, direction, purpose appear

Many blessings to you Dear Ones.

We have made it through the abyss & tsunami, now we walk though the fires.

We have our wings & personal power restored.

What are you going to do with it?

Use this energy to let it all go.

Release, let go, transform, transmute, burn away.

Oh great mother we invoke you in this space,

Take away the pain, and fill us with your grace.

Oh great mother we invoke you in this space,

If it doesn’t serve us, then burn it all away.

Now let out one huge breathe & sigh, feel the release.

Are you finally ready to let it go & love you?

Remember to give yourself a big pat on the back & a gold star for enduring & surviving what you thought you couldn’t get through.

Now we start to thrive.

Now we know why we are alive.

Time to power forward on your path of Self Mastery & shoot for the sky.

Even if you miss you will land amongst the stars.

Blessings are being bestowed upon the brave who refused to give up on their Souls evolution & ascension.

You are so loved & guided.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

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Welcome Sagittarius 23/11/2018

Welcome Sagittarius Energy


Today we shifted out of the relentless emotional water sign of Scorpio & step into the transformational fires of Sagittarius.

We can all collectively take a big sigh of relief as we say thank God it’s over & I survived it!

Depicted as the Archer, he forges forward taking aim & shooting his arrows towards those hopes, dreams & destiny you have been working so hard to manifest.

You can now shoot your arrows straight at your target & land it!

It’s about liberation, freedom loving.

Just like the mighty Pheonix rising from the ashes, that’s your soul, transformed, awakened, powerful, empowered, rebirthed, free, liberated & courageous.

Sag (fire) energy will be the catalyst we all need to burn away what still remains, to burn those bridges, sever those cords, unleash your courage & passions.

But Fire Energy must always be respected, for out of balance it will destroy.

It will bring anger, bitterness, jealousy, envy, greed, control, wrath.

You may find some literally have a huge melt down in front of your eyes, the flames (anger) consuming them, as their ugliness or venom reaches a crescendo.

Sadly mass destruction, purging & endings will happen if that’s the mode you are in.

If you find yourself getting irritable, snitchy, restless or frustrated, then you need to burn up the energy by physical exertion, or you will be throwing fireballs where they aren’t justified, causing mass destruction.

It’s known as the Philosopher, so the energy will have you questioning & seeking big answers.

Who am I?

What’s my life about?

Where do I belong?

What’s my future looking like?

What is happening with the world, humanity, society?

It’s the perfect energy for us to push through the last 6 weeks of 2018 our universal 11 year, the year of Self Mastery.

You’ve done all the hard soul searching & life transforming work this year.

You have turned those wounds into wisdom.

You have learnt everything that caused you pain & suffering.

Your life, how you are living it & who is in it should be looking very different than at the start of the year.

So use this time as we arrive at our Full Moon in Gemini (air & duality) to let it all go.

To take that fire energy with us & use it to transform & transmute all lower vibrations.

To have a mighty purge & burn away the dross & all that no longer serves you & diminishes you.

It’s freedom & liberation time.

Let it all go.

Be free & happy.

You will have the fire, passion, strength & courage starting to flow in your belly now, to reconnect you to your personal power.

Get ready to not only survive but thrive.

It is time Dear Ones, have your eyes on the prize & land your arrows right on the bulls eye now, you’ve got this.

Get ready to fly,

Enjoy the Fires of Transformation.

Rise & shine now Dear Ones.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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The spiritual journey

The spiritual journey

So many come to me for guidance along their spiritual journey.

Many believe that it’s just this perfect bliss , warm & fuzzy, hearts & angels, delivered to you on a silver platter wrapped with a pretty bow.

Yes there is that aspect on occasions.

But the real spiritual journey is not for the faint hearted.

It’s the most empowering, liberating, isolating, splattering, shattering, brutal stripping away of false truths, belief systems.

The journey of self discovery.

The pathway to self mastery.

You must journey deep into your shadow self, a place most fear or refuse to deal with.

The shadow self holds all your greatest gifts & keys.

It’s stripping away all that no longer serves you.

It’s about seeking truth & answers.

It’s about rebuilding yourself.

It’s about remembering who you are.

It’s about you discovering & accepting your own perfect uniqueness.

It’s about finding & reconnecting to your soul tribe.

It’s about discovering aspects of you long forgotten, lost, hidden, oppressed, banished, bound or broken.

You may need to do much journeying work with soul retrieval & past life healings to fully heal all aspects & triggers in this lifetime.

It’s about learning to love, respect & honour you, in totality.

It’s about learning to develop your instincts or intuition.

It’s about Consciousness.

It’s about Oneness.

It’s expansion.

It’s about collecting all these tools or keys for your new ever expanding tool kit.

It’s about being guided by the whispers of your heart & soul.

It’s about letting go of all you thought you needed.

Severing ties with toxic people, situations & environments.

It’s about letting go of judgements.

It’s about discovering acceptance.

It’s about discovering you are all you need.

It’s about expanding horizons & learning new things.

You may get called inexplicably to sacred sites all over the world or a particular country.

It’s about letting go of fear.

It’s about discovering pure love.

It’s about loving & returning all aspects of you to the light for transformation.

It’s about reconnecting Heaven & Earth within.

It’s about turning pain & suffering from a human experience into great lessons & wisdom from a Souls perspective.

It’s about being of service.

It’s about sharing your wisdom & journey to support or inspire others.

So it’s a mighty journey.

Definitely one not to be taken lightly.

But it’s also the most liberating, awakening & empowering journey you will ever undertake.

For the one who walks a spiritual path, is a person with great strength, courage, integrity, insightful, respect, open mind, truth seeker.

Is there a force or higher power calling you home?

Is there a stirring or yearning deep within to change?

To live a different life?

The call only gets stronger.

Is your name being called?

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Energy Update 21/11/2018

Energy Update


Today we have a fierce storm descending upon us in Adelaide, and where I live on the cliff face at Sellicks the winds are howling & seas are rough.

This energy has arrived to shake, rattle & rock the last of the lower debris & energy from your energy field.

Be aware people will be scattered & snitchy as the storm ruffles some worlds & feathers.

We are walking into the upcoming full moon energies in Sagittarius bringing back & igniting our fire & pathway forward.

Before we start please take a few moments to pause, to reflect, to take a deep breathe, to stop & appreciate just how far you have come & what you have overcome.

To acknowledge the mighty changes, challenges, transition & transformation you & your world have been through.

Take a moment to be grateful for all you have, all you now know, truth & lessons received, your success or failures.

It’s all been part of your journey.

It’s all been designed to get you to this point on your path of Self Mastery.

Take stock & then get ready when Saggy fire energy arrives at the end of the week, to be the archer, eyes firmly on the target or prize, shoot your arrow & land bang on target.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

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Self talk

Self talk.

Would you talk to others the same way that you talk to yourself?

How critical are you of yourself?

Do you have an overactive brain?

Do you play out the same scenarios over & over in your head?

Do you become anxious when things are out of your control?

Are you depressed stuck in & haunted by the past?

Do your thoughts trigger you to go between extreme mood swings?

How often do you say to yourself, I’m too fat, too ugly, too dumb, too silly, too slow, too talkative, too shy, not good enough etc.

Think about it for a moment, what do you tell yourself about yourself?

Have you started to self prophesies your greatest fears & worries?

The mind can quickly become the Master & you the slave.

You will never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself.

Why not try a little kindness, forgiveness, compassion, nurturing?

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Energy Update 20/11/2018

Energy Update


Wow how are you all travelling Dear Ones?

I don’t know about you but Sunday & Monday some weird, heavy, oppressive, lower vibrations were giving us some hassles & trying their last ditch effort at bringing you down, or holding you in the lower vibrations.

It was the desperate scratching & clawing of what or whom no longer serves you trying to hold on & test your new found conviction & truths.

Hold your light, do not feed the fear.

Did you waiver?

Or have you started to power forward, leaving the debris & trouble behind?

Yesterday was oppressive & as the heat shifted there was an eerie calm before the storm & strong winds.

Then like magic the storm subsided followed by an amazing golden orange sunset, deep healing of our sacral (water) & solar plexus (fire) chakras, as we start to prepare to leave Scorpio (water) & head to Sagittarius (fire).

Now all night we have a nice cleansing steady rain to settle & wash away the old.

Scorpio Medicine sure has worked it’s magic, of death/endings bringing birth/rebirth.

I don’t know a soul who hasn’t been changed & transformed.

It’s been a hard slog for many, we have all been severely tested, even feeling it was beyond what you could possibly endure or survive.

But you did.

It was to take you to the deepest pain & suffering you kept buried & refused to address & heal. You know how rough it was to go there, so now you know why you had to be pushed beyond your limits, to find even more of you.

I bet it was a very special, sacred, heart/soul wounding, that has effected you to the very core of your being. It kept you small, diminished, broken or lost.

It had the power to bring you to your knees or remain vulnerable.

The spiritual path of Self Mastery isn’t for the faint hearted.

It is a brutal slide into the shadow abyss that changes you to the very core of your being, then brings you back to your very essence.

Love & light.

You are a Divine & Sovereign Being of pure love & light.

When you realise & embrace this, you become the co-Creator & manifest the world you want to live in & thrive in, not barely survive in.

Use the last few days of Scorpio to ensure all emotions are now understood & balanced.

That you now have your truth.

Make sure you speak your truths & fix any misunderstandings & communication that may have been strained or walk away if it’s not worth your time & energy anymore.

You know the truth.

Cleanse this space & send blessings from above.

It’s time to forge forward, with an open heart & liberated soul.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

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