Energy Update

Energy Update

25/3/2017 = 7 + 3 + 1 =11
Master Day

As we enter the dark moon phase, much of your shadow self has been bought to the surface so you can heal, learn & gain wisdom.
Energetically as we await the new moon we go within to gain this clarity.
But when we journey within we take a sacred light with us, a light from Source or Creator, to guide us inwards, to reconnect us to our heart, to light & empower our soul.
You may have had lots of info coming in.
Lots of clarity coming to you.
You may have found a new path.
You may be discovering a new belief system.
You may be finding a deep connection or stirring from within.
You may be ready to birth new beginnings.
You may be like the Phoenix raising from the ashes, transforming yourself on the deepest levels.
You may be shedding much, feeling shattered, but that’s the moment the light gets in.
You may be remembering who you are & why you are here on Earth at this time.
You are awakening.

So allow the energy to download, to guide, to nurture or to push you through the dark night of the soul.

Our new beginnings & new paths are being birthed.

Today is a Master Day.
Are you ready to be the Master of your destiny?
Are you ready to walk through those energetic gateways?

Love, light & blessings


Hello Autumn, Equinox Blessings

Today we celebrate Equinox.
Equal hours of day & night
Mother Nature says it is officially Autumn, in the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate Mabon.
It’s the 2nd harvest, it’s the time to give thanks for your blessings.
We reap what we sow, so gather some fruit, nuts, grains, Autumn coloured leaves etc & light an Autumn coloured candle eg yellow, green, red and give from your heart space.
It shows you are grateful for what you have & for the earth that has provided all your earthly needs.

In Northern Hemisphere it’s officially Spring & they are celebrating Ostara.

It is also the first day of the new zodiac cycle, we are into Aries, a fire sign, ruled by a Ram.
It gifts you the fire in your belly & strength to push through to your new beginnings.
To ground & push through any perceived barriers & your hard work & new foundations.
Use the gift of fire to transform burn off the heavy emotions & energy from the water sign of Pisces, bringing us a deeper connection to our personal power centre & who we truly are.

Be like the magnificent trees as they shed what no longer serves them & they dazzle in their beauty as they transform & shed their leaves of reds, golds & autumn tones.

Blessings to all


Giving & Receiving

Giving & Receiving

Many people give to depletion & find it difficult to receive.
Many feel they need to give to be liked, accepted, seen.
Many have huge hearts, yet get sucked dry or taken advantage of.
Many believe or have been made to believe they are not worthy.

There must always be balance.

You cannot give, what you do not have.

You cannot give from an empty well.

Remember if you are not willing to receive giving, love, support or kindness from another, you are not only denying yourself, but you are denying them the gift of giving.

We must learn to both give & receive.

Something to ponder



Truth, speak your truth even if your voice is shaking.


The truth will always set you free.

I was always told, if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.
But that can lead to suppressing & holding on to hurts & pains.

Some people just let it rip, clearing their feelings.
But that can lead to another taking poison arrows & deep wounds.

I’ve learnt to not speak your truth in the heat of the moment, but to process or sit with the emotional trigger, then speak your truth from a place within your heart. Then it is your truth from a place of wisdom & integrity, not an emotional reaction.

Words are so very powerful, they may be forgiven, but are they ever forgotten?

Truth can destroy or empower.
It’s all about the way or intent it’s delivered in & received.

Truth can be a double edged sword.

Be mindful & compassionate when you deliver your truth.

But deliver your truth you must, even if your voice is shaking.

You may not like what you hear, see or feel.
You may struggle because you don’t like to hurt, upset, disappoint or don’t like conflict.
You may struggle speaking your truth with fears of rejection, abandonment or betrayal.

You give or receive the information, then you have a choice, you get to decide to use your wonderful gift of free will.

Then the truth has set you free.

Love, light & blessings


Energy Update

Energy Update

For 3 days the emotional releases from deep within my soul have been unrelenting & happening.
I always experience the energy so I can write about it or teach from it.

We are in the muddy waters, the deep Pisces energy that demands you journey where old hurts, wounds, pain, fears, triggers & emotions lay hidden or buried.

With the upcoming full moon the spotlight will be illuminating the unseen or avoided, ready to be released.
It will challenge you on a deep emotional soul level.
It will take you deeper than feels comfortable to test you.
It will demand you face these emotions.
You can be guaranteed this will be happening universally.
So be gentle on you or considerate to others, for nobody will escape this journey.
Emotions will be raw, people will be reactive, fragile emotionally.

The Lotus flower knows it’s roots run deep, it is immersed in the muddy waters, then struggles, stretches & grows towards the light, breaking through the perceived darkness into the light, then dazzles in its perfect beauty.

Be like the Lotus Flower,
Be at ease in the muddy waters.
Go with the flow.
Trust that you too will emerge in all your perfect beauty.

Love, light & blessings




Ain’t that the truth!

Remember the truth is not always delivered all fluffy or pretty, wrapped up with a shiny bow on top.
It can be brutal.
But if you can see through the hurt, or how you hoped or assumed a person or situation would be different, finally seeing & accepting the truth.
That is the moment when you realise you have the divine gift of free will to make a choice.
The truth will always set you free.
But first it will probably piss you off!!

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energy Update

Energy Update

In the last 24 hours I’ve spoken to so many who are ready to throw in the towel. So many good strong people who are now exhausted, not just physically but on a soul level.

The Pisces energy I warned you about of illusion, delusion & lower vibrations are in full swing.
So many are drowning in the deep emotions, feeling out of their depth, not being able to see a way through, feeling overwhelmed, defeated, broken or breaking.

Relationships are under the spotlight.
This can be a partnership, friendship, family connection or how you relate to yourself.

Your intuition will be questioned.
Your strength challenged.
Your belief systems rattled.
Your self worth or why am I here is being rattled.
Be careful of self sabotage & destructive habits.
Stay out of toxic situations & away from toxic people.

Some are now shifting into anger after the shocks, hurts & betrayals.
Some are simply broken.
Some are saying I can’t do this anymore.
Some are asking for help.
Some are suffering in silence.
Some have lost their trust in love.

If you or a loved one are going though this, know you can’t do it for them, but you can be there to support them.

Let your light be a beacon & shine so brightly that others can see & find their way out of the dark.

Love, light & blessings