Unexpressed Emotions

Unexpressed emotions

So many of us are being challenged to dig deep into our deepest pain, fears & suffering.

We are being forced into the very place that we have run from, hide, fear, have isolated, buried or abandoned within.

To the very place of your unspeakable shame.

To the place where your heart & illusions of humans got shattered.

But is your fear greater than love?

Has it changed you?

Have you stopped trusting?

Have you stopped feeling & are comfortably numb?

Have you become bitter, resentful & judgemental?

Have you become easily enraged?

Do you always feel alone?

Do you feel unloveable?

Do you think you are unworthy of kindness or happiness?

Do you have trouble expressing your emotions & feelings in relationships?

Do you sabotage every good thing that tries to arrive in your world?

Do you refuse to change?

Do you enjoy playing the victim or damsel in distress card now for attention?

Do you have a constant pattern, trigger & lesson within your life?

Well dear ones, it’s time to open up the wounds, to release the emotional charge.

Unexpressed emotions don’t go away.

They will come forward later in much uglier ways.

Resolution is the trait of Masters & Kings.

You must now resolve, relate, release, review, reveal & then rebirth.

To finally be brave enough, to find the strength & courage, to face & let go of the very thing that has haunted, diminished or binds you.

You are a prisoner of your past.

You cannot be fully present.

You will be anxious, fear or untrusting if the future.

That unspeakable moment in time needs you to be its hero.

Go save that little child left frozen in fear & time.

Go set that free spirited maiden free to rediscover & explore her magical big wide world out there.

Go nurture that tired, broken, exhausted & depleated Mother, who always sacrifices herself for her family & home.

Go embrace your Crone, the wise one, your ancient wisdom, your higher self, for she holds the keys to your heart & soul.

Let go of all that diminishes you,

Master the monkey chatter/ego in your head.

Journey into your heart space.

Embrace, love & nurture all of you.

Find your words.

Find yourself.

It’s time to speak, walk & live your truth.

To embrace all your experiences as lessons or opportunities to grow & change.

Shine brightly dear ones.

It feels amazing to release the burdens.

It feels empowering to let go.

It’s illuminating getting your essence & vibration back or released.

It’s a wonderful sense of pride & achievement when you know you are no longer broken, weakened or vulnerable.

It’s liberating finding compassion & forgiveness.

It’s rewarding to build the world you want to live in not escape from.

You are home when you can reconnect & bring heaven to earth.

You become the Master or Creator.

It feels wonderful to be ready to live, love & trust again.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings,

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls

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Soul & higher self

It’s time to grow & evolve.

No longer can we endure or feel diminished.

Our days of sacrifice are over.

It’s time for love, kindness, nurturing, compassion, caring & sharing.

Often it’s your greatest pain that empowers you to find & grow into your higher self.

But first you have to be willing, feel deserving & decide to give all that to you.

Choose to change.

Release your pain & suffering.

Let it go.

You are meant to grow, learn & evolve from life, not break because of it.

But it’s in the shattering where the light gets in.

Transform & transmute it into pure love & light.

Let it go to Grandmother Moon, as she shines her luminous pure white glow on this Full Moon night.

As she lights up the night skies, bathing us & Mother Earth with great blessings bestowed upon us.

Illuminating & igniting the light.

Transforming, nurturing & awakening from the shadows or darkness.

Love is the key.

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Look deep within.

Where there is still pain, hurt, reactions, triggers, mood swings, anger, frustration because you can be guaranteed it has an ancient wound buried there.

Many are dealing with Ancestral wounds.

Many are dealing with childhood wounds.

Many are dealing with Karma.

Many are dealing with old outdated soul contracts.

Many are dealing with family traits & patterning.

Many are dealing with relationship patterning & triggers.

It’s the exact place this energy is demanding we go.

Make no mistake it’s tough love & hard work.

For many it is a conscious choice to bury old wounds, we do this as a survival mechanism.

But some patterns & wounds are so deeply entrenched, they are formed over many lifetimes & some are working with old ancient aspects to see how they have continued to impact our life now, healing & releasing Karmic wounds & bindings.

Our most primal need is to survive.

So when we face our worst nightmares like abuse, neglect, violence, grief, separation, death, abandonment etc, if we can’t cope or deal with it we bury or run from it.

The old fight or flight mechanism.

But it eats us alive.

It dulls or manipulates our love & light.

It takes us away from Source, from our life force energy, from our deep connections to self & all that is.

We shrivel up & feel like we are dying a slow painful death inside.

As your love & light fades it’s excruciating & you become a shadow of your magnificent self.

But the 5 powerhouse planets in retrograde (reverse) are flexing their muscles & demanding great introspection or review, as they rehash life’s lessons.

Anything that limits or diminishes us is under intense internal scrutiny.

Mercury – planet of communication

Uranus- sudden & unexpected changes

Mars – battles, war, passion

Neputune – dreams, nightmares, illusions

Saturn – parent, boundaries, tough love

Throw in Winter Solstice, 3 supermoon (closest to earth) Full Moon, upcoming eclipses & the Lions Gate, I think you get the picture that the Master Teacher, the University of Life is seeing if we have learnt, grown or evolved we move ahead.

Are you going to pass or fail the test of self love?

Are you ready to unearth, nurture, release, change, evolve, love all of you?

Are you ready to be the hero of your story?

Are you sick & tired of feeling this way?

How has your strategy been working for you?

The only way forward is through it, to deal with that unspoken shame, pain, hurt, suffering & neglect.

If you haven’t learnt, grown, run, fear change & stay small your lessons now will be tough love.

You will feel like everything is going wrong & you are about to or have just shattered into a million pieces.

But that’s the very moment the light gets in.

We have to become sick & tired of feeling that way.

Our hand is forced & change is offered.

But will you make the choice to make the change, or things will always stay the same?

After all, this is our 2018, our 11 year of self mastery.

Are you learning what it takes to be the Master of your destiny?

Are you mastering your life lessons?

Are you ready to stand tall?

Are you going to talk the talk or walk the walk?

Are you ready to rise from the rubble & destruction like the Phoenix rises from the ashes?

The choice is yours dear ones.

But now it’s the time for great healing, freedom, liberation, enlightenment, empowerment & consciousness.

But are you brave enough to love & nurture you whole?

Are you ready to be the Divine & Sovereign Being that you are & were born to be?

Are you ready for your rebirth?

Are you ready to be the best version of self that you can be?

Then blessings are here dear ones.

Your path home to self is appearing.

It’s time to bring heaven to earth & end your pain, isolation & suffering.

It’s time to remember that pain & suffering is a conscious choice, so what do you choose to do now?

It’s time to create the world you want to live in, not run or escape from.

It’s Self Mastery time.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Full Moon Blessings – energy update 28/6/2018

Full Moon Blessings

Energy Update


Well the sky was glowing last night but this morning I was woken early, as I watched in amazement as Grandmother Moon sat over the ocean, she turned from pure white to ochre, orange, gold.

She just absorbed all the energy being released from the 3 lower chakras.


So we have passed the build up & the pressure should start to release & subside today as we slowly start to walk out of these transformational energies.

For many they are wondering what just happened?

Did a tsunami or earthquake shake your world to it’s very foundations?

Many have been dealing with heartbreak or damage control, or the fallout within relationships.

Many are leaving jobs for new careers or inspired to finally study & learn about what inspires you.

Many old archaic family dynamics have been played out for too long, too many generations, so great ancestral patterning & healing has been happening.

Many are grounding their new upgraded light bodies into the physical.

You may feel the need to purge, let go, or have a mighty clean up, declutter, sort stuff.

You may feel an overwhelming need for change.

You may have become frustrated or intolerant of certain people or situations, you have had enough & now you are the change.

You may have woken up sensing a shift or stability is returning to your perspective on life & where you are going.

You may have dug deep to the very core of your being to learn your vulnerability, pain & suffering.

You may now know the very essence that is the most sacred within.

The place you now know that needs your love, nurturing & protection.

You may have been inspired to set strong healthy boundaries around you.

You may have been a volcano & erupted, sending an earth quake through your old world that no longer serves you.

You may feel stripped bare, raw, vulnerable, exposed.

But just like The Tree of Life teaches us, in Winter, we are stripped back to bare the cold enduring chill & winds.

We have to shed all from the last cycles, to rest & recharge.

We send our roots deeper into Pachamumma, to receive deep nurturing, in preparation for our magnificent new growth & spring harvest.

Well so are we.

You are your own sacred tree, and this is life teaching you how to be one with the universe, Sun, Moon, planets, cycles within cycles, seasons, energy.

The ancients know this & live by this.

This is the very guidance I share with you, to help your insight or mighty inward journey.

These pictures reflect & show how we are energetically.

For some who have done the work a sense of freedom, liberation & happiness is returning, knowing that life will go on.

I know it’s been hard,

I know how weary we all are.

But please take time out in nature to ground this energy.

Yesterday as it built I felt restless so I just sat absorbing the sun/soul energy.

I just sat & breathed.

Then I got a mighty recharge of energy.

I was then inspired to put on my favourite music then completely cleaned & moved my bedroom around, I smudged & cleansed my whole house, I cleansed all my crystals, I shifted the energy in my sacred space.

I even decluttered my Facebook & electronic connections.

I realised I was cleaning & letting go on all levels, emotional, physical, mental & spiritual and I felt amazing & proud of my shift & hard work.

Both my home & myself have shifted.

So work with this energy & channel or focus your energy into building the world & relationships you want.

After all, you are the Master of your destiny.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Energy Update 27/6/2018

Energy Update


Tomorrow morning 28/6/2018 at 2.23am (Adel) we have Grandmother Moon fully illuminated in the Earth sign of Capricorn.

We have Moon in Capricorn (Earth) & Sun in Cancer (water) so there are you keys.

Cancer energy is all about families, home, relationships, I told you about the Crab Medicine, fiercely defending its home or loved ones with nippers blazing, but one emotional tidal hit & she gets flipped exposing her vulnerable underbelly.

Well that could be you now.

Grandmother Moon shines the spotlight on your foundations, your roots, your security, your primal earthly needs.

The Capricorn Mountain Goat Medicine teaches you that to reach the top of that mountain you will have to be sure footed, fearless & have a clear path forward to reach your goals.

But you may find yourself dangerously hanging on for dear life exposed on the side of the crumbling mountain in a precarious position, full of fear & self doubt, wondering where the hell am I going or how am I going to survive this time?

But you can & will.

This very energy is demanding you get real & stand strong & talk with your truth.

Watch for lots anger & frustration as retrograde Mars the planet of war or battle demands that we learn how to use fire energy in a constructive way.

But will that be an internal or external battle?

If you use it as rage, anger, control, manipulation or power you will get burnt & great destruction will happen.

You may turn this anger on another or implode yourself, literally having a melt down or pushed too far & you snap, your hand has been forced & the truth will come spewing out.

But this fire is the very energy boost you needed to finally eliminate what no longer serves you or diminishes you.

It’s demanding we let go of anything that is toxic or no longer serves our earth walk.

We can no longer just hang on, we have to move through this energy to safe ground.

Capricorn Moon gifts us the opportunity to finally have our absolute truth & direction we are heading sorted.

Much pressure will come on unhappy relationships & old outdated family dynamics.

Great reality has been seen & delivered & many are sitting in the rubble of their once safe world but the tower has come crashing down.

Now the Phoenix rises from the ashes.

After all the deepest roots are with family, home & loved ones.

It’s also where our best teachers or mirrors are.

We can no longer be prisoners of our past.

Many are exhausted & cant keep enduring & that’s exactly what this energy is bringing to a head, your pain & suffering.

Your stubbornness or resistance to change & evolve.

Your self sabotage has the spotlight well & truly shining upon it & its not a comfortable place to sit.

Stirring, poking & prodding your frustrations where you don’t feel loved, respected, supported, nurtured.

Pain & suffering comes from indecision or not receiving, acting, being or living your truth.

One thing is for sure, once you come out of this storm, you will not be the same person that entered the storm.

You will be stronger, braver, grounded, focused, have clarity, purpose.

Many will find themselves in a place of great change, which many fear.

You may be challenged to face your greatest fear, pain & suffering to finally see how much it shakes you to the core.

You may be ready to let it all go, to finally be free, to be your authentic self.

With 5 planets in retrograde we have a lot of self reflection & revisiting to finally Master.

The Universe has flexed its muscles, big energy abounds, but it’s here to help you sort the big stuff to finally be ready to be the Master of your destiny, not a prisoner to your past.

The upcoming eclipses will continue to show you if you are compromising or moving forward.

The Lions Gate is demanding you arrive there as the most authentic self, where you will receive great soul blessings & empowerment.

It’s all up to you dear ones,

Hold on tight to that love & light within.

Search & find your truth.

Own your authentic self & its needs.

It’s no time to settle for scraps.

Establish strong roots & foundations now.

New beginnings are being prepared so let it go, let it go, let it go.

For the more you resist, the harsher & brutal this storm will feel like a tsunami or earth quake in your world.

Go with the flow, release, change, let go, evolve, then it will be the white wash at your new blessed shore.

Then you will be realising your path is there for you & now your foundations are rock solid.

Shine brightly dear ones, be a beacon of light & hover in the eye of the storm.

Build the world you want to live in, not continually need to escape from.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Awakening the Divine Feminine & Masculine

Awakening the Divine Feminine & Masculine

So many relationships have been under the microscope as Women have steadily been awakening & evolving into their aspect of the Divine Feminine.

Women collectively have grown stronger, done deep soul healing & are stepping forward out of the shadows & oppression.

Times are changing.

Women standing arm in arm together, a Sisterhood, where we have helped each other overcome our pain, fears & adversities with unity, compassion, love, integrity.

Women have been finding our voices & truths,

Knowing our worth.

Knowing we are the nurturers,

Knowing we deserve to be loved, cherished, honoured & protected.

We have done deep soul healing.

Women are remembering we hold the holy grail within & are creators of life.

Women are remembering that their bodies are temples to be given freely & lovingly if we wish & choose to.

Women are remembering that you cannot change someone just because you love them.

That despite your best efforts sometimes it doesn’t work.

Within a partnership we grow, evolve & change because they love you & want to be with you, moving mountains if needed.

But do they do the same for you?

Is your relationship mutually beneficial?

Relationships must be equal partnerships now.

They are either evolving into something really special, open hearts, truth speakers, after you have both dug deep to clear any old outdated patterns & triggers.

You see, feel & connect with each other.

Or they are being severely tested or self combusting.

Many are seeing where the connection has gone, the love lost, or the story of your journey together has reached its completion.

Women want their man to open up, connect & surrender to the depths of her divine love & nurturing.

Men, us Women admire your strength to endure, but now want to nurture your ability to be loving & tender.

Women know Men have been told forever to toughen up, stiff upper lips, men don’t cry or show weakness, men run from expressing or showing feelings, seen cruelty of battles, made great sacrifices.

You have only seen this modelled by your fathers, so this isn’t something you know, you have to learn & be shown how & it’s ok to take off your armour.

Women want to have real conversations about life, feelings, sharing each other’s most intimate places, feelings, suffering, journey together.

But the old saying, you can take a horse to water, but can’t make it drink, but horses say you can take a Man to Wisdom, but can’t make him think.

Sometimes despite your best efforts, it’s just not meant to be.

It takes both to make a partnership.

If your relationship doesn’t have 2 working equally you stop relating & your ship sinks.

But she won’t wait forever,

For she now knows her worth as she embraces & empowers her Divine Feminine.

She is now strong enough & will go it alone rather than diminish herself anymore.

She is now searching for the Sacred Masculine.

She now accepts nothing less than a Divine Union.

To be loved to her depths of her body, mind & soul.

A Woman can’t change a Man because she loves him.

A Man changes because he loves you.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Owl Medicine 🦉

Owl Medicine

Driving I heard Jenny we have 3 lessons & a reward coming for you, watch.

Within a minute I had an impatient idiot overtake 3 cars & he was coming head on for me, missed me by less than a couple of metres. I heard my Dad say remember Jenny Lee it’s not you it’s all the other idiots that you have to watch out for. Hmmmmmm

Turned the corner another impatient idiot blocking the road because they couldn’t wait for the road to clear…….Hmmmmmm

I get back in car from shopping & I hear, Jenny go along the beach, so what do I see, in the middle of the day a magnificent White Owl hovering, so I pulled up to watch it swoop & retrieve it’s pray.

Hmmmmm 3 lessons.

Then I kept driving & on the side of the road I see a wing flapping in the wind, my heart sank & my tummy turned, I knew instantly it was an Owl.

I looked at the clock 11:22

The number of self mastery & the Master Builder, I must have passed another stage in my journey.

Owl Medicine has come to me.

He can now rest peacefully next to my Medicine Wheel.

Very humbling, only 1 week ago 15/6 I publicly spoke my truth & stepped up to claim my spirit name, that I was given 2 years ago. White Owl.

Another lesson of how quick we can manifest from our heart & soul when we are our authentic self.

The heirachy never cease to amaze me & send me signs & guidance, reminding me I’m watched over, I’m protected, I see all & I am never alone.

Sacred Medicine & blessings on the Solstice.


Energy Update 22/6/2018

Energy Update


Well we have had the longest or dark night and it really did feel so long. I was so tired by 9.30, literally couldn’t keep my eyes open & went into a deep sleep, as the energy had finally settled. I slept deeply for a solid 8 hours, unheard of for me. So the energy has shifted.

We have now gone through the dark night of the soul & now we start to return to the light.

It’s a mighty but necessary process.

The Solstice heralds that point of standing still as cycles complete & restart.

It’s now officially Winter, where we turn inwards, hibernate, recharge & conserve energy.

It’s a time of introspection to assimilate the new & rest from the mighty ascension journey we have all been on.

We have all been stripped & shed bare.

We have all been through brutal splattering & shedding.

We are all getting stronger & withstanding the cold enduring chills & winds that rattled & shook us to the core.

We welcome & are now in Cancer energy, teaching us all the value of family, relationships, partnerships, home, connections.

Cancer is a water sign so you are going to feel & work with the emotions that these relationships trigger.

Gemini taught us the duality or where they were unbalanced or broken, so now we assimilate the changes, growth & lessons.

Your heart should be cracked open by now, if you are resisting, it will only get harsher & more painful lessons to bring the truth & this mighty essence forward.

The Cancer Crab protects its domain fiercely & may look formidable with its nippers ready to let you know it means business if you poke at its home, loved ones or vulnerabilities.

But when flipped or unbalanced its soft underbelly is exposed, it’s defenceless, it can get a mortal wound.

I suggest we learn the Crabs Medicine because we too can experience this.

Energetically we are now preparing for the upcoming Eclipse season, Lions Gate & Full Moon in Capricorn where we get to ground everything we are gathering & growing through.

Don’t hold onto the past that no longer serves you, as you now know & have been digesting those bitter sweet truths.

Try not to be overwhelmed with fear, doubt, uncertainty & anxiety of the future you can’t quite see but sense there’s a whole new world out there.

It’s a lesson in trust & integration.

What will you dream into being & manifest into your new world?

What path will you take?

What decision have you made?

Now you get to implement your free will to create change?

Change is scary because it’s the unknown or unfamiliar, but you know you no longer belong in the old.

You know it no longer serves you.

You know things have to change.

You know you can’t stand the pain & suffering anymore.

You know what you want & deserve now.

Be present today, in the now.

For you can only work in the present time to create change.

For that frees you from the chains of the past & to build the path towards the future you have yearned so long for.

The mighty Wheel of Life has turned.

Cycles within cycles, within cycles.

But time waits for no one.

Work hard on the now, on the sacred soil, create the sacred space for the new you to emerge after your slumber & rest.

Don’t let the sadness of your past & fear of your future, ruin the happiness of your present.

Do the work now & you will be ready to forge ahead, the growth is happening deep within now, deep within your roots & essence, your heart & soul.

Our sacred tree of life knows it’s in the Winter it’s roots go deep, it is a baron or lean time, when a mighty cycle concludes & starts a new one.

We rest, we recharge, we reenergise, we shed all the leaves, fruit or flowers & we have our true essence, our raw self, our structures, we see who we are & what we really are made of, for there’s nowhere to hide.

You are meeting an old friend.

You are reconnecting to your I Am essence.

You are evolving & becoming empowered.

You are becoming enlightened, turning those wounds into lessons, now you gain the wisdom & growth.

You are being the Master of your destiny.

You are passing another test on this mighty journey of self mastery dear ones.

And you are doing a great job.

I know this ascension path is hard, but we are all in this together, it helps to know it’s not personal it’s a universal consciousness & awakening.

When we begin to understand something we don’t fear it.

Shine brightly dear ones,

And if you are broken please reach out, say no I’m not ok, I’m wobbling, call a friend or loved one.

If a loved one has changed or fallen off the face of the earth for the last few months, you can be guaranteed they have also been doing this mighty evolution.

Please reach out, check in, send a message, make a call, pop in & see them, invite them over, catchup for a cuppa or meal, they just may need a friend.

You just might be amazed at the love, kindness, support, nurturing & help that’s waiting for you to accept, receive & surrender into.

You deserve to be loved & nurtured too.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Solstice Blessings 21/6/2018

Solstice Blessings

Tonight at 7.37pm (Adel) is the exact time of our Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

So what does that mean?

Today has the shortest daylight hours and longest hours of darkness.

Today we are furtherest away from the Sun our Soul/Solar Energy.

After today the mighty wheel turns & starts its long journey back towards the light.

Energetically so do we.

Spend a moment reflecting on cycles, seasons, lessons learnt & the journey you have travelled so far this year.

Light a candle & look into the flame, you can release anything to be transformed by the element of fire. Symbolically by lighting a candle you are also lighting the light within.

Are you ready to be the Master of your destiny, for destiny awaits?

You hear about divine timing, well the planets, stars, moon, earth, sun are all aligning to honour the mighty wheel & cycles.

So have we, the Universe is saying go for it, green light.

Mother Nature always knows, we tune into her rhythm we tune deeply into life itself.

We reap what we sow, and what we do now will yield us a great harvest come Spring & Summer.

Now is our time to tend to that fertile soil & ideas in preparation for the upcoming Eclipse & Lions Gate. .

We dream our world into being.

Dream big dear ones, dream big, for your hard work has been done & your inner light is guiding you home.

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Are you Awakening from your slumber?

Is your world evolving?

Have you had enough of the pain & suffering?

Can you no longer stand to shrivel up or diminish yourself?

Do you know your worth now?

Are you ready to be seen, heard, loved, nurtured?

Are you sitting at the crossroads, knowing that big changes are imminent?

Are you looking at things from an entirely different perspective?

Have your friendships/relationships evolved?

Are you craving authentic people, places, connections & conversations?

Are you yearning for deep heart & soul connections?

Have you stopped compromising your needs?

Are you now a seeker & speaker of truth?

Are you finding your authentic self?

Have you been drawn to new mentors, teachers or learning new things?

Have you realised where you belong or no longer resonate?

Have old patterns & triggers taught you well?

Are you sick & tired of all the pain & suffering and feeling that way?

Are you finally loving & nurturing you?

Congratulations you have been doing your mighty Soul work & are ready to awaken, to pass through to the next level of your Self Mastery journey.

Keep going,

I know it’s hard,

I know everything shatters & splatters around you.

I know it feels like you shatter into a million pieces.

I know you feel stripped bare & vulnerable.

I know it’s a scary, unfamiliar place.

I know you will be feeling vulnerable, raw & exposed.

I know you will wonder where am I going.

I know you will be looking at the old world you are leaving behind.

I know it’s painful letting go.

I know we all struggle with change.

I know you are making tough choices.

But I also know this is a process that you can’t step around or avoid, there’s only one way, and that’s through it.

You are creating sacred space.

You are becoming enlightened, awakened & empowered.

Hold on Dear Ones,

We are heading into to the Dark Night.

The shortest day light hours,

But then the mighty Wheel of Life will turn towards the light, so will we.

Then we start to be free.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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