Awakening is a process of stripping away all that no longer serves you.
Breaking down false or learnt truths or belief systems.
It often happens after a life transformational event or period of time in your life.
Sometimes it’s forced upon you & the life you knew is changed forever.
You are sick of living a lie.
You know there is a deeper meaning & purpose why you were born.
You get sick & tired of things hurting or controlling your soul.
You know their is a piece or parts of you missing.
You maybe magnetically pulled to a place that triggers memories or an awakening.
You may receive energy healing or energy attunments that cause a shift & awakening to purpose.

Only then does the most amazing yet soul shattering journey you will ever go on commences.
It’s not all angels, hearts & flowers.
It’s not dished up on a silver platter, it’s the hardest work you will ever endure.
It’s ruthlessly splattering, shedding, letting go, stripping the world you knew away layer upon layer.
It’s the rediscovery of our I Am essence.
It’s learning & living by your truth & moral compass.
It’s a willingness to let go & discover many hidden aspects of you & dormant wisdom.
It’s learning to love & honor yourself again.
It’s about being true to your hopes & dreams.
It’s about being the authentic or real you.

The reason people awaken is because they finally stopped agreeing to things that insult their soul.

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings


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