Welcome December 2020

Welcome December
8 universal day ♾ – Infinity – abundance
We walk out of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse energies & didn’t they pack a punch…..

We have the 12th & final month of the year, as we turn the bend for the home straight of 2020.
I’m sure we will all say, a year like no other.
The year the world changed forever.
The year we were all stripped bare, faced ourself, fears, ignorance, shadow self.
We were all challenged with mighty truths & almost insurmountable fears & challenges.
The year where we learnt the real value of love, family, life, freedom, free will……and what it felt like to have it threatened, separated, isolated, challenged.
The year that demanded we know & enforce our not negotiables & moral compass.
The year we all saw the oppression & struggles of our fellow humans & countries.

We are asked to move forward now with new found strength, courage & determination to set up your life, your loved ones, your family, your dreams…….
All moving forward doing & being authentically you……..
Knowing, living & being your truth,
Understanding others & life,
Seeing through compassionate eyes,

Be aware that you don’t have thunder in your words, fire trapped in your belly, or attitude, unless absolutely necessary to restore healthy boundaries.
Love, kindness, compassion, empathy come from being empowered.
Use your energy to transmute & transform all lower vibrations that diminish you.
Know you are able to focus your energy & set your intention for only what empowers you & brings you those hard earnt hopes & dreams.
You now hold your own teachings & lessons.
Now turn those wounds into wisdom.
That ugly truth & gut wrenching lesson into personal power or triumph over adversity.

It’s the 12th month,
12/3 the holy trinity – merging healed mother, father, child aspects in self & relationships.
22 Master Builder year.

Can you see now the Universe did shake you to awaken you?
Are you ready to be all of you?
Step into your wiser, empowered self……

You are so worth it Dear Ones….
We have all become a better version of self……
Exactly what Creator planned,
For all the Beloved Children of the Universe.

Something to ponder
Energising Souls
© jb energising souls


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Energy Update
🌟Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Blessings, 🌟
Full Moon in Gemini – Air (heart, skin, breathe)
Sun in Sagittarius- Fire
Major Solar Flare……
9 universal day…..endings, completion cycles……
The Universe has shaken us to awaken us……
Are you getting a clearer picture?
Do you now understand why you feel exhausted, skin problems, headaches, short tempered, irritable, vague, turbulence, poor sleep, releasing……..

Please do not forget the Beaver Moon is in the Northern Hemisphere, as they approach Winter, you must prepare……
But in the Southern Hemisphere we have the dawning of Summer……abundance…..
Energetically the Gemini Moon will show you the duality or polarity of self, beliefs, patterns…..
It’s the line in the sand……
Big endings are here……
A new timeline awaits…..
There is a great divide, letting go of all that no longer is a vibrational match.
Separation of lower or toxic energies.
You will know your light & shadow self.
Stop literally tearing yourself in two, or sacrificing self, for people that never reciprocate or allow a mutually beneficial relationship or understanding to happen.
You will see what you have allowed to be eclipsed within,
The space to heal or change is here,
Transform & transmute, let it go,
Make up your mind & get out of your head,
Your heart is there……
Let your love, light, truth reunite all aspects of self,
May relationships let go of resentment & find respect & appreciation,
Stubbornness to compassion,
Resistance to freedom,
But this will only happen when you let yourself be whole, complete & Mastering self & life…..

What do you eclipse or diminish?
What do you empower & thrive on?

It’s all up to you now Dear Ones……

I’ll let you in on a divine little secret,
There is no seperation,
It’s fear that puts the illusion in front of you,
Love & light is who you are…….

Something to ponder
Energising Souls
© JB Energising Souls


This says woman …….
And it’s absolutely correct.
But when men heal, he becomes the role model for his sons & grandsons, mates, etc…….
When anyone heals,
Man, Woman, Child…….
We all help to heal, become role models, inspire & support all around them.
Simply by holding a new consciousness, connection & heart space……
We are all in this together.

Something to ponder
Energising Souls
© JB Energising Souls


Energy Update

28/10/1 – new beginnings
11 – self mastery
22 – master builder
111:22 – trinity 111

The energy is building
You may feel tired, snitchy, irritable, headache, sinus, cold symptoms, thick heads.
You may have light, restless sleep patterns, if you get much sleep at all.
You may feel the overwhelming urge to break free, change, let go.
It’s so important to let go, release, surrender to all that no longer serves you.

Our bodies physical, emotion, mental & spiritual/light are all getting cleansed & upgraded.
Whether you are awake & conscious or sleeping/resistant this process is happening, how you choose to handle it is up to you.
This is as the fire energy transforms & transmutes the thick, heavy, density around & within you.
It’s raising vibrations.
Life has shaken you to awaken you.
Awakening to great truths.
Knowing intimately your core beliefs & what’s not negotiable……
Full moon lunar eclipse energy is pulsing through the Ethers.
All will come out & be exposed from hiding in the shadows to be illuminated.
Masks will fall.
Ugly humans nowhere to hide.
You will be shown undeniable truths………

Watch what happens between the Eclipses…….all that has been unbalanced…….rebalances ………
Lies & manipulation ……truth triumphs….
A divine light shines from Creator & the Universe, to remind us what has been eclipsed…….to Atone, to make peace, with self & our fellow humans…… through truth, love & light…….it will guide the way.

Something to ponder
Energising Souls
© JB Energising Souls


Shadows & negative energy

Now this may shock some people.
Why would you love a demon I hear?
Well lower vibrations, or shadow energy tend to manifest themselves into what some people call demons or entities, they are actually our fears.
They are an energetic wounding or culmination of our traumas, hurt, fear, shame, guilt, abuse, neglect, pain, suffering, self loathing, abandonment etc…..
See how the shadow or negative aspects can accumulate & form a presence, or energy that permeates or influences everything you do.
Sometimes you swear karma hits you, a run of bad luck, everything keeps going wrong, like you just can’t get a break.
Sadly sometimes when you feel under attack, personally or psychically, you are actually receiving someone’s projected anger, rage, resentment, jealousy, unhealed emotions spewed towards you & your energy fields.

That’s because this collective energy it’s surrounding, consuming or diminishing you & your love & light.
Your vibe & beliefs keep attracting or drawing like a magnet to you people, situations, attachments energetically.
Change your belief, lifestyle, vibration or energy, you will change your life.
Be aware & conscious of how you feel around certain people.
Some are like energy vampires sucking you dry.
Some you just feel alive, happy & free around.

The only way to change this is by loving you.
By loving, reconnecting & respecting all life.
Love & aspects of love will change your life & situation.
Love – forgiveness, kindness, understanding, acceptance, self care, compassion, happiness, joy, contentment, peace etc…….

I do big Shamanic healings & have on occasion come across real entities or dark attachments…..and I promise you the only way to shift these is not to get into an ego competition or power struggle.
Because that’s exactly how you get trapped in lower vibrations of trauma & fear.
You can get knocked off balance or start to be drawn into playing games.
The only way is to stand strong in your love & light, hold no fear, there is no challenge, nor no sacred space opened for it.
Your love & light is your masters weapon.
Stare it down, and let it know it does not have your permission to stay.
Cut cords, attachments, barbs, threads, all connections.
Seal the space the energetic charge once resided by the shadow self, triggering your trauma response & influencing all your destructive responses, self sabotage & connections.
The energetic charge dissolves.
Love & light transform any fear & darkness.

Only by facing your fears……will they ever diminish & eventually disappear……
Love transforms even the darkest shadows…… once a tiny crack gets in……..light floods in…….then love guides the way……

Something to ponder
Energising Souls

© JB Energising Souls