With over 20+ years experience as a Tarot Card Reader and Channel, it’s only natural that readings become a part of my services.

I use the Thoth Tarot Deck, which has Ancient Egyptian connections.

Many have said to me over the years that my readings are unique, accurate and like no other reader. 

My clientele all return to me as they feel guided and need clarification. Business has been built by these return clients and by referral, or word or mouth.

I take that as a huge compliment for my gift to you is to offer guidance and an alternative to the way you are looking at people, situations and environments.

As a healer I work connecting with your Soul and helping you to connect to its whispers and yearnings. I use the tarot cards as tools, they give timings, stories, scenarios, characteristics. I also channel messages from the other side and your soul, offering deep insight into the unknown and clarity for the future. 

Your 1 hour appointment will include a full 12 month spread that will help you to understand and gain clarity.

 Crystal Card Healing & Readings (new service)

Crystal Reading Cards offer a unique insight into your psyche and healing vibration that has matched you. With a Crystal Card Healing & Reading you will receive the medicine, teachings, guidance and wisdom from the Crystal Kingdom. 

I also use various other card decks within Meditation, Circles, Classes and they are selected intuitively for guidance and insight.