Happy New Year 1/1/2017 = 1/1/1

Happy New Year
1/1/2017 = 1/1/1 day

Look at all those ones.
One day, one month, 2017/10/1 year
Today really is new year.
New beginnings.
Divine timing at its best.

We have a 1 universal year.
It’s like we have a unique opportunity to manifest exactly what we want & have worked so hard to clear the way for.
A blank canvas to design any way we want.

1 is the number of self.
1 is new beginnings, the start
When we have multiple 1’s it forms doorways or pathways for us to energetically step through.
Double 1’s create 11, the number of self mastery.
When it’s tripled 111 we have the power of 3, the holy trinity, the coming together of body, mind & soul.

We have moved into this new vibration of the 1 universal year straight after the New Moon in Capricorn, our Cardinal Earth reset point.

It allows us to be our authentic self.
To be a truth seeker or a light bearer or whatever you focus on, you will transform your world.

Dream big as our vibrations lift so does what we can manifest & attract into our world.
We know what we don’t want.
We have shed & created the space, now we start to reap what we have sown.

We are starting a whole new 9 year cycle, so make sure you are true to you & it’s your authentic life & world you dream into being.

Thank you for your support & I look forward to what 2017 gifts us.

Wishing you all an abundance of
Love, light & blessings for 2017 & beyond.


Reflecting on 2016

Reflecting on 2016

What a year.
What a journey.

I’ve sat doing my reflecting on 2016.
I saw a year of extremes & balancing.

Personally I have endured some of the most soul destroying times of my life this year.
Several times I shattered into a million pieces.
Many times I was brought to my knees as the lessons got more brutal.
I’ve shed & splattered.
I’ve had to let go.
I’ve lived & learnt.
My life & world transformed.

On the other side I was blessed beyond words with my souls evolution & journey.
My soul started to fly with it’s hard earnt wings & shine brightly.
I stepped forward in my calling & honoring my authentic self & truth.
I walked through the dark night of the soul many times knowing I hold the strength, courage & self belief to shed light & find my way in the darkest ugliest places.
Doors & pathways miraculously opened.
I met many amazing enlightened souls to inspire me to keep going.
I travelled to gather & share my wisdom.
I launched my website.
I am one of Australia’s 13 Grandmothers.
I gained valuable qualifications.
I finally started my dream of teaching.
I rebuilt my life from my dreams.
I learnt to get used to a new home, new lifestyle, new phase of my life & a new way of being.
I walk my walk & talk.

I learnt that I no longer have any fears.
Fear of betrayal.
Fear of abandonment.
Fear of being alone.
For I faced everyone of them & won the battles that had haunted my soul for many lifetimes.

I learnt that I am strong.
I learnt that everything I ever need to survive & thrive resides deep within my soul.

I learnt who I Am.

2016 I bow my head in gratitude to you. I thank you for the lessons & wisdom gained.

I welcome 2017 & the blessings & journey that awaits.

Love, light & blessings

Energy Update Slow down, you move too fast.

Energy update
Slow down, you move too fast.

Such interesting observations this morning.
I went to the shops and everyone was so dazed, confused, disconnected.
Really vague & absent minded.
They were there in the physical but not connected at all.
Many people blankly looking at what to do & get, but not getting the answers, like there was a glitch in the thought patterns & connections.

It’s the Earth energy coming in.

Earth energy is meant to slow you down.
To ground you.
To stabilise things.
To help things settle.
Earth energy to bring us all into the present moment.
To reset our focus & foundations.
Realigning us to the new 2017 vibration.

Watch & see.

We are all coming out of the storm that 2016 created in our worlds.
One thing I know for sure,
When you come out of the storm,
You will never be the same again.
That’s what the storm’s all about.

As I write this I hear
Slow down you move to fast,
You gotta make this moment last……
Feeling groovy

Love, light & blessings

New Moon Blessings

New Moon Blessings

Today we have some special magic happening. We have our New Moon at 5.23pm (Adel).

So what’s so special you ask?
Well we have both our Sun & Moon in the same sign, Capricorn. Depicted by the Goat, it is the Cardinal Earth sign or reset point.

It’s energy gifts you the energy to ground, set strong new foundations, to feel safe & stable.
To start fresh or to renew, reboot, restart.
It’s about your ambition, discipline, dedication, hard work, the need for recognition or to understand where you fit in your world.
It will gift you the ability to finally see growth or new shoots or opportunities or pathways from where you have planted & nurtured those sacred seeds of your hopes & dreams.

Physically you may feel strong, balanced & grounded.
You may have set nice strong healthy boundaries.
If unbalanced you will have creaky aching bones & joints, upset stomach & problems with your bowels or elimination. Or stiff & sore necks.

The Goat never gives up despite the size of the mountain it has to climb to get that succulent tree branch.
It knows it needs to search, to be on stable ground, to endure, to focus, to believe in itself, to trust its instincts.
It just sets its sights & sets off.
That’s what you can do now.
But be warned don’t get stubborn or bloody minded, for there is nobody more stubborn, unforgiving or rigid than a determined Capricorn.

Mother Earth has been doing some fearce clearing too. Her solar plexus chakra located at Uluru was flooded over Xmas, not seen in many years. This is why we experienced severe storms & rains here in Adelaide, as we live on Ley Line 44, which connects right to Uluru. What she feels & experiences, we get.

As we close the energy of 2016 our 9 Universal Year, the year of cycles of completion, endings, destiny.
Your soul has demanded you did the work.
You can be guaranteed your world has been severely shaken & stirred this year.
You aren’t the same person anymore.
You have struggled with so much shedding & releasing but it’s all been for your souls evolution.

So today you are gifted with sacred fertile soil, the new beginnings you have been yearning for.
The opportunity to finally ground, earth & flourish.

To bring in the New Year on New Moon energies is a double blessing.
For this is divine timing.
It is time.

As you dream your world into being dream big, for 2017 our Universal 1 year gifts you just that.
The opportunity to create the world of your dreams.
To grow & expand.
To learn about you.
To break free & let your heart & soul guide you.
To live your authentic life.
To be your authentic self.

Blessings abound.

Love, light & blessings


Until you heal the wounds of the past…………

So many people come to me for healing work. I admire them, for it takes great strength & courage to face your deepest pains & fears, to open those wounds.

Many choose to be like the ostrich, sticking their heads in the sand, ignoring how it’s effecting, impacting on their relationships or changes them.

Many self medicate with sex, drugs, alcohol, medications, gambling, food etc.

This is a coping mechanism. It helps you to alter the reality that you can’t or don’t want to face & deal with.

All this does is mask the pain & you end up suffering on different levels.
As your world starts to crumble & as you destroy your self worth & soul in the process.

Until you really heal it,
Until you face it,
Until you let go,
Until there is no emotional charge left,
Until you can get to the point of seeing the lesson,
Until you can see from a souls perspective not just a human perspective,
Until forgiveness takes place,
Until change happen,
Until belief systems evolve,
Until you break patterns,
You haven’t faced your wound or healed yourself.

Only then are you free.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Energy update

Energy update

As we enter the dark moon phase and the closing of 2016, remember to be kind & gentle on yourself.

You may find the need to chill out, sleep more, rest up, go within.
It is the time of inner soul reflection.
The time when we pause to reflect on the journey, the lessons, the knowledge you have now gained.
It’s the time to sit with gratitude for what & who you have in your life.
It’s the time to let go if you have been holding on too tightly.
It’s the time to listen to your heart & soul.
It’s the time when you need to pay attention to your dreams, as messages come that way to you from your soul & guides.

It’s the time of transition between the full & new moons.
It’s the time where you create the space, create the dreams, reflect & get ready to renew.

As we close the energy of 2016, our universal 9 year of endings, completed cycles, destiny awaits.
It’s the time to release, let go & cultivate that sacred soil of the soul where those precious new seeds of your dreams reside, ready to burst into life.

It’s a very important time to do the inner reflection work now, ready to birth the new year & new beginnings you have worked so hard for.

Love, light & blessings.

Solstice Blessings

Solstice Blessings

Today in the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate our Summer Solstice.

It is the peak of the sun, we have the longest daylight hours today.
It is the time of the first harvest of the year.
The time where we have worked hard, learned much.
The sun has birthed new life & growth into you & your world.
We stop & reflect on the journey of the year, as the mighty wheel of life turns again take a moment of deep gratitude.

Fire, The energy of the Sun provides strength, transformation, courage, growth, drive etc in the positive aspect.
But if it’s needed to bring about balance or shifts you may have found anger, frustrations, bitterness, aggression, jealousy, endings & atomic bombs going on in your world lately.

These aspects have their purpose to bring about transformation, lessons & great personal growth.

So today we start to reap what we have sown.
You can see your life, relationships, people, career etc isn’t what it was only a few months ago.
You can be guaranteed you are not the same person who started 2016.
That’s your hard work showing.
You have become the new evolved & enlightened you, congratulations.

So today bring in & honor the light into your heart, soul & world.
Breathe it in & absorb the solar/soul energy available to you now.

Blessings, love & light

Kangaroo Hide Medicine Drum

Had the most amazing day today with Rachelle Charman as we continue our journey together.
Today I birthed my new medicine drum. A very special & sacred journey.
This one is made from Huon Pine, Hexagon shaped & Kangaroo Hide.
This drum has been manifesting for a while now, it was very particular how it needed to be made & what it’s to be used for.
I look forward to working with it.

Full Moon Blessings

This morning at 10.35am (Adel time) we have our last Full Moon for 2016.
It’s in Gemini, an Air sign, depicted by the twins. It’s ruled by the planet Mercury.

So we have the Moon in Airy Gemini & Sun in firey Saggy.

So communications & the way we talk our talk is under the spotlight.
You will find your hand may be forced & you will be finally getting your truth out there.
Duality or indecision will cause frustrations or you maybe in 2 minds what’s the right way forward or decision to make.
It’s about intellect, quick wit, rolling with the tides of change.
Issues may arise surrounding siblings or friends.
You may feel like you have dual brains, switched on & full steam ahead or foggy & lethargic.

As this Full Moon gifts you this energy, it’s asking you,
Which way forward?
What’s your truth?
Are you running around like a chook with your head chopped off not knowing if you’re Arthur or Martha?
Are you ready to let go?
Are you ready to speak your truth?
Do you know your own mind?
Are you ready to talk the talk & walk the walk?

If you find yourself lost, confused, overwhelmed, exhausted, then you are being shown that something isn’t your truth anymore.
Are you resisting change?
Are you resisting releasing & letting go?
Is there unfinished business?
Are you not speaking & living your truth?
Do you still belong there?

Remember this 2016 year is a 9 Universal year. You are meant to sort & get rid of the rubbish, excess, tying up loose ends, letting go, clearing, changing, evolving.

Sort your stuff, this full moon is pushing you through the mental & physical aspects of self.
Your heart & soul have learnt & know your truth, no longer can you live in duality, you must live your authentic truth.

Let it go now or you will take it with you into the new vibration of 2017.

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings