A souls perspective

I always see the blessings,
I always look for the Souls perspective.
For beauty resides there.
I pray for truth & the highest good of all.
I ask for compassion, forgiveness, kindness, understanding, tolerance when it’s not forthcoming.
And when I can’t see,
Because all I see & feel is ugly human behaviours,
I look to the beauty of nature,
It always reminds me Earth is a beautiful place,
We are surrounded & nurtured by our Earth Mother & Heavenly Father.
I am a Beloved Child of the Universe.
Then I remember,
Its just some sleeping humans that try to change that view.
Forgive them, for they do not understand,
But I will never let them change me,
My eyes & heart believe.
My heart & soul guide my journey,
That can never be taken from me.

I always believe & see beauty in everything.
The good, bad & ugly,
All hold great value for you,
Your Souls evolution is the most beautiful unfolding & rebirth of self.
Your beauty shines from within.

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings
Energising Souls
(C) copyright JB Energising Souls


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