Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Sometimes you have to shatter into a million pieces, falling to your knees, feeling like all you knew falls crashing at your feet or is stripped away.
You don’t recognise anything familiar.
You feel that you are all alone & wonder how will I survive this?
You may feel overwhelmed & spinning out of control.
You may feel like you are grieving, for the loss of the dreams, the connections, the old ways, the familiar.
You literally feel like a part of you is dying deep down inside.

But what I do know is that is the very moment where the light comes streaming in.
The moment your knees fall to the floor, within the shattered space of your soul or when your chest is cracked wide open to access your heart space, to help you get through.

It’s in the shattering & letting go where we feel like we die inside because we are forced to change or evolve.
This is where we shed false truths, where our moral compass is activated.
Where destiny or fate appears to change your path.
Our inner strength & wisdom awaits to be discovered.
Where we finally let go of what was breaking or diminishing us.
Where we start the long spiraling journey within.

Then the Phoenix rises from the ashes, reborn as a stronger, wiser, empowered, enlightened soul, with the ability & determination to rebuild yourself & your world.

With the upcoming Full Moon you maybe feeling just this way.
It is the time to release & let go.
It is the time to be aware of your truth, what has been thrust into the spotlight from the shadows within?
Are you in the process of destruction & rebirth?
Has your family or close relationships been under the hammer, being transformed into a new way of relating to each other?
Have you had lots pressure around work & feel it’s time to move along?
Is another part of your identity slowly evolving?
Can you feel the new you buzzing in anticipation of its freedom?
Can you sense a new path or direction is appearing?

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

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