Reset Button?

Are you ready to hit the reset button?
Have you outgrown relationships, friendships, work places, family dynamics & toxic games, old habits & addictions, destructive patterns, self abuse & self sabotage?
Do you want & strive towards a new way to be, live, communicate, connect?
Only you can make you happy……
Do you need to plug back into your life, journey, healing & energy?
You get to choose……
Is it empowering, uplifting, mutually beneficial?
Is love present?
Is this environment now toxic for me?
Am I enabling & settling for shitty behaviours?
Does this diminish or empower me?
Are you done playing games?
Have you seen & recently received confirmation, what once brought you to your knees, now barely registers a blip in your vibration?
Then let go of the old,
Open your heart & arms wide,
To finally receive what you truly deserve & desire.
You are so worth it Dear Ones,
Let’s all rise & shine……

Something to ponder
Energising Souls

A Masters Journey


So many come to me wanting Masters training, or simply think they can just be & hold Masters energy.
I always say it doesn’t happen overnight, we will work together for at least 12 months, as I take you through ever deepening layers & cycles to break through your resistance & fears.
It’s not simply an attunenent & you get given a couple of symbols & presto you become a Master with the value of a Kellogg’s Cornflakes certificate, then discarded, left to the pack of Wolves to destroy.
I say you must be prepared to walk a big journey, be challenged by truth, be stripped raw, you may loose everything you presently think & hold dear.
You must face your ego & it’s slow painful death, most cringe at this point, few will step forward & rise up to meet themselves & life’s challenges.
You are a work in progress with life being the Master Teacher.
You become a Master of self.
Some people are born Masters with their life path as an 11 22 33 Master.
When you are born this way, you walk a mighty path, finally realising everything that happened to you, that nearly destroyed you, was the very thing that forged the cuts for the Master to birth & shine bright like a diamond or neon sign.
This Master is usually a loner, or has a small trusted circle or tribe, a person wise beyond their years, special, a wealth of knowledge, a harbour in life’s storms.
These Masters radiate, their presence, heart space, capacity to find compassion & forgiveness is phenomenal.
They also are born with ancient wisdom & knowing, life being triggers or activations to bring forward the sacred keys & codes needed to unlock the wisdom within.
Masters transform & transmute energy to the highest consciousness.
Every Master was once a beginner.
A Master has tried, been knocked down, even failed more times than you will ever know, everytime knowing an opportunity of learning & wisdom is present.
A Master is self accountable, self reflective.
A Master knows the importance of discernment.
A Master is no better than another, and has no need to prove it, tooting their own horn, that is simply your mighty ego needing to be satiated.
Oh no a true Master is Master of Self, their life lessons, universal lessons, understanding & respecting others, self & life intimately.
Deeply connected to all life.
Becoming a Master you challenge & shed all your inherited, all you absorbed, or outdated belief systems, you find your truth.
A Master holds a masterful level of consciousness, awareness.
You are not a Master until you have journeyed through your shadow self, reclaiming, nurturing, healing & freeing all aspects of self.
A Master doesn’t sit in judgement, but simply accepts where everyone is along their personal development paths.
A real Master doesn’t play games, misuse or manipulate with their gifts.
Watch for the google masters, the masters at cutting & pasting others information & trying to pass off fake knowledge……you will know or spot these cheap imitations quickly, because they are hollow, no substance, and cannot answer your questions.
A Master shares, teaches, loves, forgives & empowers others continually, often sharing or teaching through their own example or story telling, sharing their journey.
A Master knows & respects that knowledge is power & we do not fear what we know or understand.
With every connection, word, thought, smile, held out hand, Masters give a divine spark of light to activate the energy or change vibration or frequencies……..just by holding their own vibration & consciousness.
A Master is of service……paying forward.

It’s a mighty journey,
As you master self, you build your world, your life, your connections.
You alone are responsible for your peace, joy, happiness, contentment, life.
And that every day so many blessings & even little miracles pass by to say hi.

Something to ponder
Energising Souls
© JB Energising Souls

A souls perspective

I always see the blessings,
I always look for the Souls perspective.
For beauty resides there.
I pray for truth & the highest good of all.
I ask for compassion, forgiveness, kindness, understanding, tolerance when it’s not forthcoming.
And when I can’t see,
Because all I see & feel is ugly human behaviours,
I look to the beauty of nature,
It always reminds me Earth is a beautiful place,
We are surrounded & nurtured by our Earth Mother & Heavenly Father.
I am a Beloved Child of the Universe.
Then I remember,
Its just some sleeping humans that try to change that view.
Forgive them, for they do not understand,
But I will never let them change me,
My eyes & heart believe.
My heart & soul guide my journey,
That can never be taken from me.

I always believe & see beauty in everything.
The good, bad & ugly,
All hold great value for you,
Your Souls evolution is the most beautiful unfolding & rebirth of self.
Your beauty shines from within.

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings
Energising Souls
(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

Are you a gunna?

Are you a Gunna?

I’m gunna do this, I’m gunna get around to that, I’m gunna change jobs, I’m gunna be happy, I’m gunna get healthy, I’m gunna study, I’m gunna get help, I’m gunna leave this relationship, I’m gunna work on me when I get time.

Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve
If you live your life this way you will be filled with regrets & lost opportunities.

Stop making excuses.
If it’s important to you, you will find a way.
If not you will find an excuse, or another way to self sabotage.

Just do it……..
She took a deep breathe, letting go of all that weighed her down.
She smiled at how light, free, happy & at peace she was without them.

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings
Energising Souls
© JB Energising Souls

The Great Divide

The Great Divide 💔

Now this is a prickly topic, but so important to understand & discuss.
I believe knowledge is power.
What you know or understand… do not fear……..
The Great Divide between the wounded & healing, awakened & sleeping, is sadly so clear for all to see now.
Families, friendships, relationships all put under the microscope…..are they empowering or dysfunctional?
When you have done the work you won’t & don’t sit it your wounded self, being offended, passing judgement, being triggered, projecting all your shit & traumas onto everyone you come in contact with.
You stand up, dealing with life, growing, learning, changing, evolving.
You own & work on yourself, the good, bad & ugly.
You will self reflect, make changes, apologise, rebuild.
In fact you will find initially you have a variety of emotional reactions, bewilderment, anger, rage at oppression, be wounded by manipulation, lured in for game playing ……….
Until one day it sadly dawns on you & you learn you are dealing with an abuser, a person with narcissistic tendencies, a person so wounded & hurt that they go through life being toxic, ugly, destructive humans.
You may come across the child that never grew up, never got love, throws tantrums, never got told they did well or got parents approval, never good enough for their cold & distant parents…..that makes for a spiteful & narcissistic adult.
You have some emotionally crippled or emotionally absent, because they have never been shown nor given love, kindness & support.
You have some with a sense of entitlement, looking down their nose at everyone.
Many sit in their arrogance, trying to master their life as the perfect illusion, within their ivory towers.
Some have so many masks of illusion & fakeness they have lost touch with reality, instead gripped in delusion & deception.
You come across the ones that only want what you have, jealousy & envy rule them, as they set about destroying you, your character, you reputation, your being, for their own sad & pathetic gain.
Some manipulate by withholding emotions, or the very thing they know you need & crave….just to control you.
Then you can have the dark or evil that simply have no thought or respect for any living thing, they are like an energy vampire who sets out to destroy you, your health, your self belief, your sanity, your happiness… fact anything that is good.
You can have the one that takes great pride in divide & conquer tactics, isolating you from everyone, just to posses or own you.

One of the hardest lessons for me to learn was not everyone wants help, to be happy.
That I had to learn, see & accept where people were at in their evolution & journey.
That not everyone has respect, kindness, forgiveness, caring & sharing at the forefront.
That hurt people hurt other people.
That when people show you who they really are, believe them the first time, because it will be to your detriment if you don’t.
That how people react to you is mostly about them as they filter your words or consciousness through their level of awareness.
That by being real & authentic, you hold a mighty mirror up & you can be guaranteed to be attacked just for being you….people fear & will set out to destroy what they don’t have, know or understand……because sadly for many it’s easier than facing themselves.

Hence ……The Great Divide…….

All connections must be mutually beneficial or they will self combust now…..
I hope this offers some truth & awareness to you…….
It’s not always personal……it’s a collective lesson & awakening…….

Something to ponder
Energising Souls
© JB Energising Souls

New Moon Solar Eclipse

Energy Update
This morning at 2.46am we had our New Moon in Sagittarius.
We had the Solar Eclipse started 12.03am & ended 5.23am, visible mainly over South America, Antarctica & Indian Ocean, but at sunrise here in Adelaide this morning it has a divine Golden Halo.

The solar winds are flowing.
The Light Codes incoming.
The energetic upgrades…..palpable.

Did you learn where you still compromised or negotiated aspects of self & relationships over the last 2 weeks within our eclipse window?

Today we breathe, we see, we know what we want & need now…….simplicity & to put our life on forward motion & plug back into our life.

Plant those sacred seeds, your hopes, dreams, wishes, prayers, deepest desires…..tend to them with lots of tender loving care……then watch your dreams become a reality.

Dream your world into being.
Open your heart to manifest happiness & abundance for yourself & loved ones.
You have your eye on the prize now……be the Saggy Archer, lift your bow & arrow, sharpen those instincts, ignite that fire & passion in your belly to launch your dreams…….you just might land bang on target now you know yourself & truth.

You are planting sacred seeds for your future, humanities future, Pachamama’s future, for our children, for the next 7 generations.

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings
Energising Souls

© JB Energising Souls

The University of Life…..

The University of Life

  • is the Master Teacher

Life is a school where you learn how to remember, exactly what your soul already knows.
You get to unwrap all your gifts.
You get to remember who you are.
You find out your life lessons.
You get to be the hero of your story.
You get to be the author & artist.

But first you have to unpack your emotional backpack you have collected along the way.
You take the time to make room for all the good stuff that actually is yours.
You leave behind what everyone else told you that you could, or couldn’t be.
You unpack limiting belief systems.
You unpack self sabotage.
You unpack the pain, hurt, suffering.
You go from wounded self to healing self.
You face every truth, trauma, trigger, wounding & fear as you journey ever deepening within your shadow self.
You learn that without the shadow the divinity, the love, the light within can never be reclaimed & ignited.
You let go of all that wants to hurt, or diminish you.
You challenge the norm, or mundane, that keeps you comfortably numb.
You unpack the past, to make way for the present.
You heal your heart & soul.
You connect to your I Am essence.

Then you find your moral compass.
Your belief systems.
Your self worth.
Your truth.
You know the value of silence & peace.
You understand & regularly practice discernment.
You respect all life.
You hold wisdom gifted to you by life’s lessons.
You start to love yourself & life.
You come alive from the inside out.
Building the life, connections & journey that was meant for you all along, and you finally realise you deserve to be happy.
You become all of you…..
The Master of Self…..
The Master of your Destiny……

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings
Energising Souls

© JB Energising Souls

Energy Update 14/12/2020

Energy Update
Monday 14/12/2020
12/3 Trinity Universal Day

As the Solar Eclipse New Moon Energies are upon us……
Stop, breathe, ponder, reflect, release, reconnect……
Introspection, discernment, self reflection, observing……..
Now the Sagittarius Archer has eyes peeled, instincts sharpened, the arrow poised to land bang on target……towards the promised land or dream…….
New beginnings await……
Freedom awaits…….
A whole new energy & world awaits……
Dream big Dear Ones…..
Dream our world into being…..
Open your hearts, souls, minds & arms,
It’s time to embrace each other,
It’s time for happiness & joy,
It’s time for families to reunite,
It’s time for real love to reside,

Nothing can eclipse you, your love, your light, your courage, your passion……..
Your I Am essence…..
Unless you let them……
Today you get to choose if this is your truth & new way to be……
Today you decide…..
Do you talk the talk or walk the walk?
Are you real & authentic?
Or still think you can play games & hide behind your masks of deception & lies?

The Solar Eclipse will show you where you & your personal power is still compromised or easily manipulated.
For others it will feel like going from AA battery power to 240 volt mains power.
You will step into self, purpose, beliefs, truths & simply be authentically you…….
Relationships will be challenged, if they haven’t grown & evolved the fires will burn the connections away as they self combust.

Fire energy abounds……respect it……for it can be constructive & very easily destructive when it gets out of control……so can you…….
In the negative fire is anger, frustration, resentment, snitchy, controlling, manipulative, overbearing, all consuming……

Today many will be tired, lethargic, snitchy, irritable, short tempered as the huge energy assimilates within……..when your buttons get pushed by fools or ignorance, remember to breathe & decide which battles you want to be drawn into or have to fight……
Because many will fight because of fear & weakness, resisting the surrender & changes…….

Positive we transform & transmute all lower vibrations, take it through the spiritual flame, the Violet Flame of love & light, surrender ……

We birth us…..
The gift of 2020
The Master Builder Year…..
A year like no other……
The new world, future, humanity, earth awaits…….
You elected to be here for this very moment in time…..
Let’s ignite this love & light together…..
Let’s cheer each other on…..
Shine brightly Dear Ones.

Something to ponder
Energising Souls
© JB Energising Souls

12:12 Portal

12:12 Portal

10/1 Universal Day – New Beginnings
33 – Christ Consciousness
22 – Master Builder
3 – trinity
Mother, father, child
Maiden, mother, crone
Sun, Moon, Earth
Father, Son, Holy Spirit ……….

Well Dear Ones
Are you starting to see the significance & alignment this portal offers you.
Today you are simply asked……have you Mastered yourself yet?
The University of Life is the Master Teacher.
Today you are asked…..are you ready to step through the Portal, Gateway, Timeline, to a new way of being, living, consciousness?
Are you now sure of your belief systems & not negotiables?
Are you healing & merging the Masculine, Feminine & Child within?
Are you working on deep trauma, ancestral healing, oppression & separation of self?
Have you faced & dealt with the woundings & triggers of your greatest fear & suffering?
Did you face dysfunctional friendships & relationships?
Do you now know we are all One & what befalls one, effects all humanity?
Are you now aware of the importance of your health, freedom, liberties, values?
Have you faced your triggers, woundings & shadow self?
Do you finally love, honour & respect all of you & the journey you walked to simply be?
Are you beginning to awaken, become aware, conscious, see & feel things differently now?
Do you no longer fit or connect with some people, places, connections, beliefs & habits?

Let your heart guide your way.
Let happiness & joy return & stay.
Let gratitude be part of your day,
Let abundance flow & share your pay,
Always remember to say thank you & pray,

Because there will always be challenges,
Life is the school of hard knocks, where now, we get our final end of year report card for 2020.
The year that changed the world & all its inhabitants from the Universe, letting us know how we have grown & just what we have graduated from & to……

Is there a brighter, happier, stronger, wiser version of you?

Open your heart, let the love & light shine from deep within,
You are a Beloved Child of the Universe,
It’s time to rise & shine Dear Ones…..

Father Sky, Earth Mother, we are here……
The Sacred & Holy Trinity…….

Something to ponder
Wishing you all so much love, light & blessings,
Energising Souls
© JB Energising Souls

Energy Update

Energy Update
So many have contacted me sharing they are feeling just like this at the moment, tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, spread too thin, drained, uncertain & indecisive.
Big energy abounds.
Monumental life changes & shifts are happening.
Many are dealing with walking away, releasing who & what no longer serves them.
Many are letting go, moving forward, but that comes with a heavy load of guilt, anguish, unhappiness & tugging on the heart strings.
Separation & change isn’t easy, we as humans fight to hold on & we fight to let go.
Many are feeling in the void, transit lounge or limbo, just waiting for the right time, for the planets to align, for divine timing.
Some are so overwhelmed by the impact, changes, upheaval, emotions, light upgrades, that they are frozen in fear, unable to see a path through or forward.
Some can only see the rubble of the life they once knew, loved & fitted into like a glove, but now so alien, as your world lays in chaos or ruins at your feet.
Many are experiencing deep grief releasing. Long held pain & sadness is coming away in waves, as the festive season & closing another annual cycle triggers deep held pains.
We stop, pause, contemplate & reflect how far have I come?
Many strong, courageous, spiritually empowered people I know are soul weary, literally broken & exhausted.
Its been a long hard arduous personal ascension path & journey.
Many have awakened & are of service, anchoring the energy downloads & feeding the Grids, Ley Lines, the Net of Light & Mother Earth for the greater good of humanity.

Whatever is rising up for transformation within you, or your world, please just remember, we are all in this together.
We are only as strong as our weakest link.
It may not be you right now, but you can be guaranteed someone close to you is there now.
The mighty Wheel of Life turns for everyone.
We all experience life cycles. We all know someone who is in it or we have been or are in this place.
Don’t leave a fellow sister or brother out in the tsunami all alone.
Offer a helping hand.
Send a text message to say you are thinking of them.
A kind word, to know someone cares, to feel seen, supported & loved is the most primal human need.
Be a real friend, are you there for the good, bad & ugly?
Or are you a fair weather friend only around for the good times?
then maybe you should only be an acquaintance…….
Real friends are by your side, because they want to be, because they care, because they want you to be happy, they are happy for your happiness & sad when you are sad. They know what you deserve, they value you, they honour you, they respect you, they remind you of just how special & loved you are when you forget, or life has knocked it out of you.

When it hurts to look back,
When you are too afraid to look forward,
Look beside you,
I will be there

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings
Jenny Boffa
Energising Souls
(C) copyright JB Energising Souls