Energy Update 18/5/2019

Energy Update


Are you tired to your creaky bones or core of your being?

Has this ascension process knocked the stuffing out of you?

Do you feel overwhelmed or exhausted?

Are you weary, feeling small, lost, alone, vulnerable, almost embryonic ?

Has your world been turned upside down?

Have you learnt & had to digest some bitter truths?

Have you finally seen your worth?

Congratulations you are in the sacred space of surrender, introspection, self love, soul healing, awakening & evolution.

It’s the Ether, the sacred space, where transformation, shifts, moves, openings, transitions take place.

It’s akin to engaging in the birth canal ready for rebirth.

Things close in, we have been in tight pressurized situations, we feel bound, in the dark, we have to surrender to the struggle & allow the next stage of this natural process to happen.

But this is the scary part,

We aren’t the old, we are not the knew.

You have done the ugly hard work, shattering, splattering, releasing, letting go, grieving, pain & suffering, akin to all the labour pains & trauma of giving birth.

No wonder you are weary & exhausted.

But like giving birth, you can’t stop till it’s all done, no matter how scary, painful or overwhelming the process may be.

You know you see it through to the end & a miracle or blessing arrives, through great love, devotion & sacrifice.

It’s exactly the same process we are all going through now.

Rest now Dear Ones

Return to our Divine Mother’s womb to be satiated & rebirthed.

Pachamama loves & nurtures all her children.

Put your bare feet on the Earth, sit your bottom down, walk in a park or bush setting, escape into your own slice of paradise.

Stop & just breathe.

Allow your mind to daydream or wonder.

Get yourself out in the sunshine & get some sun/soul food.

Let the elements refresh, recharge & energise your weary being.

Water soothes & cleanses the soul, so walk or swim at the ocean to let the emotions flow, as the gentle waves caress the shore, let them wash away your sadness, suffering or pain.

Love & honour you, as we prepare for our sacred journey of rebirth tonight.

We journey to the Sacred Valley in the Himalayas for the Wesak Moon celebrations with the enlightened ones.

A time of great rejoice & celebrations.

A new spiritual cycle begins, but only through death & rebirth does the Phoenix rise from the ashes.

Have no fear Dear Ones,

This is the moment we have all been waiting for.

Sacred divine healing is offered to those with open brave hearts.

Stand tall & walk your walk.

It’s transformation & rebirth time.

I will write more on the Wesak Scorpion Full Moon later, but for today we prepare, nurture, rest, heal, honour self.

Meditation, stillness, introspection, reflection, observation, you must simply be, are vital keys.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Wow, I love this image, it’s so powerful.

Disconnect from poison, toxic, cruel, ugly, diminishing, people, places & situations.

You are your sacred tree of life.

You are responsible to protect & empower your life force energy.

Don’t let others control, manipulate or poison you, your love & light.

Would you put poison on your garden, favourite plant or flowers?

Then why would you let anyone do that to you?

Aren’t you special?

Aren’t you magnificent?

Aren’t you worthy to thrive?

Is your tree of life full with fruit, leaves, blossom, flowers, reaching for the stars, sky & sun?

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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The highest form of ignorance,

Is when you reject something you know nothing about.

How often along the spiritual path do you encounter people who poohoo your beliefs?

Who call us fish slappers or weird?

Who label us with names like witch or weirdo, just because we have natural healing abilities, thinking that you must be evil if you can do that?

Those who take great pride sitting in judgements or who just laugh off, or dismiss sacred, ancient, ageless, shamanic or healing modalities.

Those who label the first medicine of the tribes, plants & lands as “alternative medicine”.

Have you had people rubbish natural therapies yet have never tried anything or done anything to fix or heal themselves?

How often do people faithfully go to their GP, happily getting on the medical merry go round, just to get another prescription for more poison, to counteract the effects of another medication?

Have you had people attack you & project all their fears & ignorance onto you?

Have you refused medications & healed yourself with natural therapies?

People fear what they do not know, what is different, what can’t be contained or controlled, what can’t be explained.

Knowledge is power,

The more you learn, the more you expand your awareness.

You become conscious, awakened, aware, open, a student soaking in the lessons & gaining wisdom.

You open closed perceptions or old beliefs, to amazing opportunities for expansion & growth.

Do you want that?

Or to remain narrow minded, opinionated, ignorant, arrogant or asleep?

Ignorance, is a big lesson to master.

There’s a big wide world out there, filled with many sacred keys of wisdom, it just depends if you are brave enough to seek, or will you just hide?

The choice is yours………..

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Trust & Loyalty

Trust & Loyalty

I have an awesome tribe & circle.

I love you so,

To know you are loved, seen, heard, nurtured, honoured, protected, is the greatest feeling on this earth plane.

Free to be authentic & me.

Standing in your truth & integrity.

Your very essence.

This is how we not only survive but thrive.

Together we can move mountains.

My Sisters & Brothers





Once was a warning

Twice was a lesson

More than that you are a fool for letting them use & abuse you.

They are simply taking advantage of your kindness.


Energy Update 16/5/2019 – Let it go ……..

Let it go

Energy Update


This upcoming Scorpio Moon is demanding that you address, deal with, be challenged & confronted by your emotions/feelings.

Purification of the emotional body is happening for everyone.

Many have had to deal with the scorpions wrath & mighty sting as you were pierced again, in the heart or soul………..but was it for the last time?

If you are holding on to toxic relationships, friendships or family patterns, sadly your medicine may be toxic & poisonous now.

Resulting in death, rigamortis, paralyzed with fear may be gripping you now.

You may feel a shadow of self, diminished, free falling into a black abyss.

However, if you have finally seen that you can no longer sacrifice your love & light, that you deserve so much better, that you need to be loved, seen & supported, then use this medicine for rebirth.

Let the old, toxic patterns, triggers & wounding leave you now.

Just like a snake, shed that layer of skin that keeps you bound & small, in a straight jacket.

Free yourself to awaken, expand, show your liberated glorious self to the world.

One of the hardest things to do is let go.

Let go of hurt, betrayal, anger, grief, abuse, abandonment, trust issues.

We fight to hold on, we fight to let go.

Change is hard.

It’s the messy shattering, splattering, destruction, walking away, being alone, standing on your own two feet that’s frightening.

But breathe,

Take this moment by moment.

Day by day.

You have to make a choice, to make a change,

Or things will always stay the same.

Be brave Dear Ones,

Our new guides, Ascended Masters, Dearly Departed are all ascending into Sacred Valley & Earth to celebrate & honour you.

It’s Buddahs birthday, so now we get to celebrate with & as the enlightened ones.

You, mighty being of love & light.

You, for being the beacon of hope.

You, for humbly walking your path.

You, for weaving the net of light.

You, for being a gate keeper & earth keeper.

You, for being a great role model.

You, for your kind & generous hearts.

You, for being of service.

You, for being you.

You are a divine & sovereign being.

You are so loved.

Walk tall now Dear Ones,

It’s time to dream our worlds into being.

It’s time to birth the real, authentic, wise & powerful being that you are.

It’s time to birth a new spiritual us & cycle.

Who will walk with you now?

Who will guide your path?

Will you walk the path of truth & integrity?

Will you birth the new you?

The Universe is waiting………for you…..

To be the Master of your Destiny,

No more a prisoner of your past.

I will write more as the Wesak Moon arrives.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Mental Health

Mental Health

Please do not judge a book by the cover.

Many people fight battles behind closed doors.

Many families go through hell supporting loved ones with mental health issues.

Many families & relationships torn apart by destruction & not being able to get the professional help & support needed.

Sadly, often, families didn’t even know how lost & broken loved ones were until they end their life or have a failed suicide attempt.

Sadly, it’s the strong ones that are always helping others, always supporting others, that nobody ever thinks has any problems.

They carry enormous burdens & responsibilities, that nobody ever stops & thinks how are they holding up?

Or maybe have they already shattering into a million pieces & keep soldiering on for love, loyalty & devotion.

We all have tough life lessons.

We all have a shit happens file.

We all have to struggle, be overwhelmed, short circuit, become desperate, vulnerable, diminished.

But that’s situational, we know this time will pass.

Please spare a thought for those who struggle every minute of every day, just to not let nor believe those dark thoughts & voices in their heads.

They can’t “just get over it”.

Just to try & ‘fit in’ or be ‘normal’.

Love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, professional help is needed, not judgements.

Mental Health has such shame & stigma attached to it.

It’s no different than any other disease within the body, it’s your mind & thoughts.

It’s separation from your heart, your light, your soul.

Let’s start to talk about our feelings.

Let’s support & embrace one another.

Sometimes, you need to check on the strong ones too.

Has that strong friend stopped smiling, stopped calling or messaging, fallen off the face of the earth, acting out of character?

A Shaman will ask

When did you stop connecting to nature?

When did you stop singing & laughing?

When did you stop finding peace & joy?

When did you disconnect from your heart?

You find these disconnections, you find a way to healing.

To the root of the problems.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Energy Update 14/5/2019 22/4 Master Builder

Energy Update


1/4/5/2/0/1/9 = 22/4 The Master Builder

The energy is intense.

The upcoming Scorpion Full Moon is playing havoc.

The veils between the worlds are at their thinnest, it’s our Halloween for the Southern Hemisphere, so does that give you insight of the energy surrounding us?

We have a 22/4 Master Builder day.

Has the bottom fallen out of your world?

Is it time to rebuild you & your world from the ground up, so you are the beacon, lighthouse, bridge or mountain?

Big wounding, triggers, fears, pain are all coming to the surface now for healing & nurturing.

Much is shifting & purging.

Even the bridges, beacons of light, or lighthouses are weathering mighty storms at the moment.

To be a seer & beacon is a mighty blessing, yet heavy burden.

Not just ours but for Consciousness & Humanity collectively.

Many good people are tired & weary.

Many I have spoken to are at the point they want this all to be over, it’s just too hard.

Even lighthouses & light beacons have to endure the tsunamis of life’s storms, yet still we anchor & shine brightly to show others this is life.

Everything needs it’s moment or time for balancing.

This is the gouhls & ghosts of the past wanting to keep you down.

Wanting to suck you dry of your love & light.

Have you felt like walking away, to sabotage your calling or purpose, as the burden just becomes too great?

Have you had others wanting to keep you trapped in their hatred, ugliness, loneliness & despair?

Have you seen where your love & light no longer belong?

Have you had to sit with great truths, seeing what or whom continually causes you great pain & suffering?

Can someone still inflict a mortal scorpion sting to your heart & soul?

Are you paralyzed with fear, emotions or wrath?

Many are projecting their ancient triggers, patterns, wounding & self worth issues.

Trying to stop you from evolving, letting go, moving forward.

Have you finally realised that maybe they don’t want help, nor to grow, evolve, change & learn?

We are always challenged, often by devastation & chaos, just to see where we are at.

Will you be broken?

Will you be sacrificed again?

Remember the wrath or poison of the Scorpion Medicine.

Often it does feel like a slow painful death inside before rebirth.

You may choose to anchor, you may choose to walk away, you may even be forced to finally choose you above all others.

Grandmother Moon is holding our hands, as she navigates us through the toxic poison emotions towards purification & rebirth.

Be brave Dear Ones,

If your love & light are fading fast,

Reach out to your inner sanctum.

We all need a bit of tenderness, kindness, nurturing, support & healing now.

We all have to choose our path now.

Is it love & light?

Or is it pain, suffering, toxicity, ugliness, poison, shadows, fears & illusion?

Choose wisely.

Otherwise mass destruction will happen.

If it does, then once the storm has passed, you will finally get to see, it was the emotional shit storm you had to leave behind, just to survive.

Then you will start to come back to life & thrive.

I will write more as the Wesak Moon arrives.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Energy Update 11/5/2019

Energy Update


Wow the energy has been intense this last few days.

Did the ghosts from the past appear to challenge you?

Did the world turn upside down?

Have big truths been spoken?

Have masks fallen off revealing some ugly desperate people trying to hold you down?

Have you seen where you no longer belong?

Have you learnt great truths?

Has the line been drawn?

Have you learnt your worth?

Congratulation you have been challenged to see where your moral compass & integrity sits.

You are being offered a sacred key to unlock the door to your I Am essence, your higher self.

It is the most sacred & spiritual time of the year for the Southern Hemisphere as the Veils between the Worlds are at their thinnest.

It’s Buddahs birthday & the start of the Wesak Celebrations, where all the Ascended Masters, our Guides, the dearly departed can come to connect with us more easily.

The Upcoming Scorpio Full Moon is the powerhouse Portal.

But here is the lesson & vital key……

Are you in your truth, integrity & heart space?

If you are Divine, blissful & sacred connections can be made through journey work, meditation, or spiritual processes.

It is time to step up, receive divine guidance & great insight.

You have the opportunity to elevate your consciousness & bring in the new guides for the next 12 months.

You get to unlock the gates of human death, of existence to empowerment, with the sacred key of life.

But what life will you live?

The life of your highest self?

The life of your human self?

But…………if you are not coming from love & light you can bring in or attract dark energies, and this is exactly why so many are attracting major shit & splattering in their worlds.

So be very mindful.

DO NOT play with things you don’t understand or have the abilities to deal with.

You can be guaranteed as you shine brighter it will feel like no matter what I do I always seem to battle.

Bingo, there it is, the fear or negative vibration, the life lesson, that you continually attract, that you must finally face & love that aspect of you whole.

Bring it out of the shadow self & return it to love & light.

Do not go back into old fear patterns, triggers, wounding, projections.

This powerful time is here for you to utilize the Scorpion Medicine, to kill off the ghost & ghouls of the past.

Transforming & Transmuting into the most powerful, authentic, truth speaking, light bearing soul you can be.

But that process can be very painful, like dying a slow painful death inside, as the ego, attachments & wounding fall away.

But often, death, endings, shedding, splattering happens before the rebirth.

Work with this mighty transformational energy Dear Ones.

Let go now, if you resist it will be brutal, cruel & toxic, the Scorpion Medicine can paralyze you with fear or wrath.

Remember it’s in the darkness where the stars shine the brightest.

Shine brightly dear ones.

Have no fear.

Open your mighty lions heart.

You have strength & courage inside.

You have your I Am essence calling, whispering & guiding you home to self.

Walk your walk.

Though I walk through the valley of shadows, I have no fear, for the stars will guide my path of self realisation.

I will write more as Wesak Moon arrives.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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