It’s a funny thing, it cannot be bought it must be earnt.

Respect is listening with an intent to hear & understand, not thinking about what you are going to say.

Respect is being present, in the now, for you know the value of time.

Respect is given to your elders, for they have earnt it, honouring their journey, their courage & sacrifices, the stories & wisdom they carry.

Respect is allowing another to have an opinion.

Respect is allowing another to coexist.

Respect is necessary for Mother Nature to maintain her environment.

Respect is need for all creatures to survive & thrive.

Respect is often demanded from people in positions of power or authority, that isn’t respect that is fear.

What does respect mean to you?

With respect & being respectful in all your connections you help to create balance, harmony, peace, honesty, truth.

A nice exchange

Love, light & blessings



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