And we all shine on, like the Moon, the Stars & the Sun………

And we all shine on,

Like the moon & the stars & the sun………

Just show up & be the best version of a human being you can muster.

Shine brightly dear ones,

Now more than ever compassion, understanding, kindness, communities, humanitarians, Earth Angels, Light Workers all powered by love & light, are needed by many for humanity to raise consciousness.

Mother Earth needs us to anchor light for her.

Collectively we are all raising consciousness, awakening, evolving, empowerment.

We are all being challenged on our journey of self mastery.

Think about it……….

If we all did 1 act of kindness daily imagine the ripple effect world wide.

And we can all do that without costing you a cent but some thought & time.

Smile or say hello to a stranger, or elder, it just may be their only form of human contact.

Extend a helping hand.

Call or message a friend that you haven’t heard of for a while, have you stopped & thought it’s strange not hearing from them & they may just be broken or struggling?

Stop in & visit your parents or friends.

Tell & show someone you love them.

Let that car in traffic.

Clean out your cupboards & send that unused warm coat or jumper to the Salvos or Goodwill, for someone who has little to keep warm in winter.

Volunteer your services.

Organise a gathering with friends or family.

You can share your knowledge, expertise or wisdom.

You can pick up or offer someone a lift.

If you are in a good financial position, you may choose to help or support someone or a cause that has little or nothing.

The list is endless.

How can you shine brightly dear ones?

How can you create a positive ripple in this world?

What can you contribute?

How can you share your love & light?

And if you can’t or don’t want to contribute, to change, to make yourself or the world around you a better place, that’s your choice, but please don’t hinder, diminish or try to sabotage the ones that do.

Shine brightly dear ones,

And be the best version of a human being you can muster.

Then the rest will take care of itself, for the Law of Attraction will prevail, what you send out will return.

I know what I want returned to me.

I know what energy I always put out into my world & freely share with those who come into contact with me.

Do you?

Something to ponder,

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright Jenny Boffa Energising Souls


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