Souls……..I see you

Souls ………I see you

Have you ever experienced an instant deep connection with someone?

Do you have unexplainable feelings or reactions with a particular person?

Have you experienced a weird chain of events that brought you together?

Does someone know you inside out or even better than you?

Have you felt a deep & sacred connection to another?

Have you said about someone you have just met, I feel I’ve known them forever or we had an instant connection?

Have you found members of your soul tribe, where like minded souls gravitate together & find you have lived many incarnations together?

Is there a person that has a deep hold over you that you find hard to break?

You may find this person pushes you like no other.

Have you ever considered you may know this person from a past life?

We have many incarnations.

We are reborn into soul pods or soul families, to honor our soul contracts.

It’s how karma is often played out.

You may have been related, their parent, lover, sibling, betrayer etc.

Yes, they may look very different this lifetime.

But you can be guaranteed there will be a reoccurring lesson between you until it gets mastered.

Your souls or I Am essence recognises each other’s energy or vibration.

One day you may look in their eyes, see a smile or mannerism, or even be able to remember your past life connection.

Sometimes it’s instant like a lightening bolt.

Souls recognise each other,

By the way they feel,

Not by the way they look.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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