Kind Hearts

Kind hearts

Givers have to set boundaries,

Because takers rarely do.

This is one of my hardest lessons to learn, balance & Master.

To have a kind & generous heart is a blessing but it also takes many hits along this journey called life.

When you share your love & light freely it’s often used & abused.

You can fall pray to abuse or betrayal,

You are often abandoned when they got what they needed from you, or are no longer useful to their games.

You get skilled at understanding people & their behaviour patterns.

Our kindness is often taken for granted,

Used or manipulated,

You can feel like a doormat,

You can be an energy dumping ground or get sucked dry by energy zappers.

People rely on you, but is it always your responsibility?

Who is there for you in your darkest hours?

Many times you find yourself alone & wonder why people never think you have needs, feelings, stress, pain or suffering?

Do you empower others or enable bad behaviours to continue?

You may shatter into a million pieces,

You get to see that not everyone is like you……..

Then the change comes,

Your self worth kicks in,

The light ignites from deep within,

The flame inside stirs to activate your strength.

You learn what you bring to the table & that you deserve a feast not scraps.

You see deep truths through your pain & suffering.

You turn the wounds into wisdom.

You draw that line in the sand,

You put up healthy boundaries,

You walk away from what or whom diminishes or disrespects you.

You realise we aren’t all made the same or have the same moral compass or principles you live by.

You accept people for who they are & decide by your truth, if they stay or go from your world or circle.

You balance the relationship scales, no more one way streets.

You learn & speak mighty truths,

You get shown who causes you pain & suffering.

You get shown who values your worth.

You get shown who really cares,

You realise that you deserve so much better.

Sometimes you have to walk away, not because you don’t love them, but because you have finally learnt to love, honor & protect your kind heart.

That you are so worthy.

Your kind heart has become a strong, kind, compassionate & enduring heart.

You hold the keys,

You hold the questions,

You hold the answers,

You just have to see, feel & digest the truth,

For the truth will always set you free.

But only you can be the change.

You have to make a choice, to make a change, or things will always stay the same.

And I’ve learnt, that all my pain & suffering comes from unexpressed truths.

To have a kind heart isn’t easy because you never want to hurt others.

But not at the expense of your own kind heart.

Because ultimately, only I can give it what it needs.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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