Sacred Space

Sacred Space

You may have an emotional storm brewing on the horizon or find yourself right in the storm.

Lots of deep emotions are rumbling to the surface.

Our shadow self, the dark emotions, you know the ones we like to avoid, the ones we stuff deep inside because they are too painful, you know if we speak our truth it will effect or hurt others, the ones riddled with guilt, shame, betrayal, abandonment.

The ones that diminish or bind you.

Well I’ve got news for you, that’s exactly where this Scorpio energy is influencing or challenging you to face once & for all.

It’s time to face that fear, face that pain, to release the emotional charge & start healing.

This energy is demanding it.

Become the storm you are running or hiding from.

A hurricane doesn’t run from the rain, don’t run from your pain.

Otherwise it will find destructive & ugly ways to manifest itself into your relationships & world.

Summon your strength & courage.

Connect to your personal power & speak your truth.

It’s transformation time.

But to transform there has to be endings, to create the space for the new beginnings.

Next week we have full Moon & it’s already becoming a pressure cooker.

Get ready to let go.

Get ready to hover in the eye of the storm as it passes over your world.

One things for sure, you won’t be the same person once the storm subsides or passes.

You decide, are you the storm?

Are you able to hover in the eye of the storm & not get sucked into it?

Or are you being tossed around in the turbulence ?

Even Mother Nature is going through the same with storms here Tuesday night, now spreading all across the East Coast.

Definately work with this energy, it’s certainly not wise to run the gauntlet or challenge it.

But if that’s your style, and if you are up for a mighty challenge, it’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster, hang on to your hats & enjoy the ride!

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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