31st October 2017

Energy Update

Beltane Celebrations

So do you feel the emotional pressure all around you, as we build to the upcoming Scorpio Full Moon?

It’s all about death/endings for the resurrection/ transformation from an emotional level to transpire, as we are reborn/birthed into a new way of being or relationship with self or others, for Scorpio is the deepest feeling of all the water signs, plunging us all into the shadow self.

Deep shadow self work is & has been done, you will be challenged & all your deepest pains & fears have rumbled into your psyche to be finally dealt with. It can bring up sexual matters & patterns, jealousy & possession issues, belief systems, deep seeded pains, betrayals, abandonment issues, relationships are under the spotlight, also powerful mystical soul healing & awakening times.

Scorpio energy will bring about or signal an ending or death of a cycle, within a relationship or friendship.

You are being given the opportunity to now transform, to let go of the old emotions, connections, belief systems that no longer serve you & to birth the new you, your world, your relationships, your emotions, your true feelings, belief systems & moral compass.

For we must have endings, which are often painful, especially with Scorpio’s mighty sting, it can kill or cripple you emotionally, to make space for the new beginnings.

The cycle turns, the mighty Wheel of Life is turning again.

We celebrate Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere. The mid point between the Spring Equinox & Summer Solstice. It is a time of fertility, abundance, fire is used to symbolise transformation. We celebrate & rejoice in the return of the Sun, of Mother Earth coming back to life, of the pastures flourishing, new growth, good crops & fertile lands. We show our gratitude to the Universe for this new life, cycle & beginnings, we ask for prosperity in the coming months. That is the energy we sit in. Right in the heart of spring, the goddess energy of hope & promise.

Place a bright happy bunch of flowers inside to bring this energy into your home. Light a candle to say I’m holding the light & ready to harness growth.

We are not like our Northern family who are celebrating Halloween. They are going from Autumn into Winter, the baron lands, shadows & energy of Winter & honouring the dead.

That is not our energy or time here in the Southern Hemisphere.

You choose what energy you want to attract, feed & celebrate. I know I’ve had enough of the darkness I’m calling in & heading straight for the light.

What a wonderful blessing, what is ending in your world creating a sacred space for rebirth?

Has the grim reaper been through your world slicing away the dead wood & attachments you no longer need?

What is waiting to be rebirthed into your world?

Is there a new you starting to emerge?

Can you feel your wings twitching?

Are you preparing for a new life?

Are you ready to transform & fly, for the Phoenix will rise from the ashes that are all around you now, as your see your world, or castle crumbles as you stand in the rubble.

You see relationships ending, you see that change has to happen.

You finally realise you are the storm, you are the change, you hold the vision, you release that emotional scar, you heal those wounds, you love yourself back whole.

You become the Phoenix.

You rise again, bigger, braver, wiser, stronger, awakened, empowered & on the road to self mastery.

………….transformation awaits, the gift of Scorpio energy.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings,



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