Energy Update

Energy Update

As Grandmother Moon is in her introspective stage, her dark moon phase, where she turns her gaze deep within her soul to search any hidden depths within, to prepare the space for her upcoming rebirth, her new moon, her new cycle.

Energetically we tend to naturally do that now also.
You may have the need to just chill out & rest.
You may feel very tired & sleepy.
You may be quiet & reflective.
You may feel a bit spacey or in limbo.
You may be pondering over lots of decisions & truths that have been thrust in your face since our Libran Full Moon wielded the mighty sword of truth.
Have you been shown what was out of balance in your world?

There maybe a heaviness, emptiness, aloneness, a feeling of being unsure or lost – which way do I go?
For some this energy can feel heavy & oppressive, you are in the dark, feeling a heavy empty wasteland surrounding you, and all you can sense is foreign or alien to you. The shadow self, the unknown, the depths of your soul, reflecting to you the space to journey or deep void within.

These next few days are for introspection, for self reflection.
A time to listen to the whispers of your soul.
Remember the monkey chatter in the head is the ego & keeping you trapped in only the physical humanness of your existence & journey, don’t let it continually fill you with uncertainty.

This is the time to journey deeper within, to trust your inner knowing, your I Am soul essence enough to discover what aspects of you need your love & light?
What needs to be nurtured or tended to?
What internal work do you need to do to prepare the sacred soil for the sacred seeds of new beginnings or new cycle you are preparing for?

If you find yourself consumed by the shadow, surrounded in fear, doubts, pain & negative energy, call on your mighty Ancestors. Call on your guides, call on your Angels, call on whatever you believe in to help you journey through the darkness.

You are never alone.
You are watched over.
You are guided.
You are loved.

When you can’t look on the bright side,
I will sit with you in the dark.
The Ancestors.

Love, light & blessings


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