Hello darkness my old friend

As La Luna goes into her waning phase we enter the shadow or dark moon cycle.
It is the natural journey of going within, of self reflection.
It is the time where energetically we can feel a lot of darkness, illusion, fear, vulnerability.
But it’s a very sacred time.
For we are preparing the sacred soil for our true heart & soul’s desires to be birthed or planted with the upcoming new moon.

Go within, do the work, face the fear, heal that emotional charge, for the darkness or shadow self is the keeper of your personal power, greatest wisdom, soul or I Am essence.

You take your guiding light with you wherever you go, even in the darkest ugliest places. Place a seed of your light there & watch the transformation & magic begin.

Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again. image

Darkness cannot drive out darkness,
Only light can do that.

Shine brightly dear ones.


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