Full Moon Blessings

Full Moon Blessings

Tonight at 10.03pm (Adel) Grandmother Moon is full in the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so she is home in her sign. This time her lessons relate to the 4th House teaching us about families, parent & child relationships, your home & your roots.

Cancer is depicted by the Crab.
A funny critter, they bury themselves in the sand & emerge out of nowhere with nippers poised to protect their territory. They have a hard shell or exterior which protects them well, but a soft, vulnerable underbelly.
So do we.

The symbol for Cancer is signified by 2 breasts of the nursing mother, so parent/child triggers & issues may arise.
Lots of mother/maternal nurturing energy abound.

Water represents emotions.
We have a double whammy with the feminine moon energy & the feminine energy from the element of water.
So don’t fight it, the emotions will need to flow, cleanse & release.

It is a time of deep dreaming & intuition, so pay attention.
What is trying to get your attention.
You may be sensitive, feel loving, caring & protective of loved ones.

Families may draw together or fall apart, depending on the lessons sought.
Emotions can go into overdrive, melt downs, conflict, emotional struggles will surface to be dealt with, healed & released.

You may be highly sensitive & be questioning where you belong in this world & life?

My guidance, go with the flow.
Be aware people will be very emotional & sensitive.
Be loving, gentle & supportive to yourself or others.

Full Moons help to trigger releases.
So let it go.
Let it flow.
Cleanse & release.

Prepare the way for your life to flow & for the 2017 new beginnings to be birthed & emerge.

Love, light & blessings

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