Energy Update 11/5/2019

Energy Update


Wow the energy has been intense this last few days.

Did the ghosts from the past appear to challenge you?

Did the world turn upside down?

Have big truths been spoken?

Have masks fallen off revealing some ugly desperate people trying to hold you down?

Have you seen where you no longer belong?

Have you learnt great truths?

Has the line been drawn?

Have you learnt your worth?

Congratulation you have been challenged to see where your moral compass & integrity sits.

You are being offered a sacred key to unlock the door to your I Am essence, your higher self.

It is the most sacred & spiritual time of the year for the Southern Hemisphere as the Veils between the Worlds are at their thinnest.

It’s Buddahs birthday & the start of the Wesak Celebrations, where all the Ascended Masters, our Guides, the dearly departed can come to connect with us more easily.

The Upcoming Scorpio Full Moon is the powerhouse Portal.

But here is the lesson & vital key……

Are you in your truth, integrity & heart space?

If you are Divine, blissful & sacred connections can be made through journey work, meditation, or spiritual processes.

It is time to step up, receive divine guidance & great insight.

You have the opportunity to elevate your consciousness & bring in the new guides for the next 12 months.

You get to unlock the gates of human death, of existence to empowerment, with the sacred key of life.

But what life will you live?

The life of your highest self?

The life of your human self?

But…………if you are not coming from love & light you can bring in or attract dark energies, and this is exactly why so many are attracting major shit & splattering in their worlds.

So be very mindful.

DO NOT play with things you don’t understand or have the abilities to deal with.

You can be guaranteed as you shine brighter it will feel like no matter what I do I always seem to battle.

Bingo, there it is, the fear or negative vibration, the life lesson, that you continually attract, that you must finally face & love that aspect of you whole.

Bring it out of the shadow self & return it to love & light.

Do not go back into old fear patterns, triggers, wounding, projections.

This powerful time is here for you to utilize the Scorpion Medicine, to kill off the ghost & ghouls of the past.

Transforming & Transmuting into the most powerful, authentic, truth speaking, light bearing soul you can be.

But that process can be very painful, like dying a slow painful death inside, as the ego, attachments & wounding fall away.

But often, death, endings, shedding, splattering happens before the rebirth.

Work with this mighty transformational energy Dear Ones.

Let go now, if you resist it will be brutal, cruel & toxic, the Scorpion Medicine can paralyze you with fear or wrath.

Remember it’s in the darkness where the stars shine the brightest.

Shine brightly dear ones.

Have no fear.

Open your mighty lions heart.

You have strength & courage inside.

You have your I Am essence calling, whispering & guiding you home to self.

Walk your walk.

Though I walk through the valley of shadows, I have no fear, for the stars will guide my path of self realisation.

I will write more as Wesak Moon arrives.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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