Step by Step

Step by Step

Many of us have been having a big clear out since our Eclipse season & recent New Moon in Virgo.

Have you experienced anything that isn’t for your highest good, or if you try to hang on to something that doesn’t serve you, that a huge atomic bomb or tsunami hit your world?

Remember I reminded you that Venus was in Retrograde.

So if you were going to take another spin on that merry go round of fools, you would have been dealt a harsh reality check.

Did you get asked if you want another dose of that bitter medicine of pain & hurt?

For Venus loves peace, beauty, harmony, after all, it is the Goddess & Planet of Love.

So when she asks you are you loving & nurturing you the way you now desire & deserve to be, you better be truthful, or she will splatter & shatter you like there’s no tomorrow.

She won’t let you continue diminishing your love & light, or sabotage your happiness, she’s demanding that you finally see your worth & inner beauty.

Step by step, even if they are baby steps, even if you are on your knees.

She won’t care as long as you start to learn this vital lesson of self love & self worth.

Without this vital piece, you are not on your path of self mastery.

Venus is preparing us to bring our life back into balance & beauty for the upcoming Equinox & Libran energy.

If it’s not meant to stay in your world it won’t any more.

For now the hurt & pain is gone & the love & light returns.

The mighty scales of balance & truth are levelling up as the Wheel of Life turns.

But as it turns it must leave the excess behind.

So must you.

I’ve felt a big shift since last weeks New Moon, we lifted up then crashed down, purging & splattering the last of our truths & karma.

It simply cannot come with us into our new future & paths.

Nothing but your authentic self shall pass.

The choices that you make & put into place from this day forward, will lead you to the future you deserve.

Step by step…….

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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