We are all in the process of change & integrating all the energy, downloads, belief system & new beginnings.

You may be feeling it’s too much for you but it’s not, it’s just the right amount you need to shift you forward.

Sometimes the very thing you have feared the most is exactly what you have to face & overcome now.

Are you willing to give & receive?

But are you going to let your fears, doubts, old patterns or old belief systems reattach or settle back into the new foundations, or new path, you have fought so hard to clear & find?

Don’t wait for perfection, that’s simply not possible as we start out any journey.

Everything has to grow & evolve.

The best analogy I can give you is to think of yourself like a baby.

You have to plan, prepare, make space & changes to your world & lifestyle.

To be a parent you have to learn to love, nurture, protect & be responsible for another’s needs & survival.

You know you have to have fertile conditions to create new life.

You conceive an idea.

You have to wait 9 months for that conception/baby/idea to grow & be birthed.

You see the fruits of your labour.

But it’s a newborn, vulnerable & new to this world & surroundings.

But even then it has to grow through cycles.

Stepping bravely into the unknown & boldly trusting the process & the parents surrounding it.

The babies essence, appearance, characteristics & traits all slowly appear & manifest.

A family or home is formed.

You start to belong.

Your roots & foundations are formed to support your new life & journey.

You spend your whole life continuing to learn new cycles & ways to be.

You gain consciousness, awareness, lessons, guidance.

Then you become.

Any new plan, journey or way of being starts out in its embryonic or birthing stage.

That’s exactly where we are all at.

We aren’t the old but not yet the new.

We are like the baby ready to roll over or crawl for the first time, being asked to take a mighty leap of faith, learning a new way to move forward & be.

It won’t consume you your fears will.

Is your love/dream greater than your fears?

We are all in this together Dear Ones.

But don’t force your wings out of your cocoon or they will be forever damaged & withered.

The wings must open by themselves when the time is right.

Keep taking those baby steps.

Then before you know it you will be crawling, walking & running.

It’s not a sprint, this is a marathon.

It’s a mighty journey home to self.

That Dear Ones is not an overnight occurrence, do not be harsh or impatient.

It takes time, trust, compassion, focus, determination, diligence, self belief & the desire for change & evolution to rebuild you & your world.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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