New Moon Blessings 15/5/2018

New Moon Blessings

Tonight at 9.17pm (Adel) we have our New Moon in Taurus, a fixed Earth sign depicted by the Bull.

So we have been shown deep emotions that needed healing from our last full moon in Scorpio. The last few days we have been doing our releasing, now the purging cycle in the dark moon shadows.

Now Uranus (sudden & unexpected changes) & Mars (planet of fire & war) have been squaring off in the skies.

Have your battles been internal with yourself or have external pressures been coming down on you?

I know I got knocked flat Sunday night with my neck going out & my world spun for 24 hours, reminding me of the need to release the tsunami & turmoil that I have been enduring over this last period of time.

I had to be layed out flat to restore balance & reground myself.

Literally I heard Jenny you will stop, rest & recharge, you are anchoring big energy for Mother Earth.

The poles in the body for Earth are neck, bowels & knees, so if you find any of these 3 parts of you are playing up, then you are probably trying to find safe ground too.

Uranus moves into Taurus tonight after 7 years in Aries, so when these mighty slow moving planets shift, so do we, expect the bottom to fall out of your worlds, if it hasn’t already, before it can be strong again.

Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, so it says don’t be stubborn, rigid, unforgiving or unbending, or charge like a wounded bull, or you will cause mass destruction.

Instead find your balance, restoring beauty & harmony to your world.

Earth energy slows everything down.

There’s not a person I’ve spoken to recently who hasn’t been going through enormous changes on all levels.

Remember we aren’t allowed to take all the old patterns, triggers, pain & suffering with us, so change is happening whether you like it or not.

It’s the universal year of self mastery.

So this New Moon is gifting us the opportunity to really ground our new insight, lessons, strengths, hopes & dreams.

It’s gifting you the chance to rebuild you & your world, but this time nothing but authenticity will cut it.

No more faking it till you make it.

No more hiding, playing small & diminishing yourself.

No more compromises & sacrifices.

No more bullshit, lies or unbalanced relationships.

Nothing but the truth will set you free.

And let’s face it, it’s that very freedom to live our lives our way, that many have been chasing.

Did you make major changes in your world & relationships?

Did you cut people off?

Did you put up healthy boundaries?

Did you redefine your belief systems & moral compass?

Do you know your worth?

So what does your life, work, career, home, family, friendships & relationships look like now?

I bet there’s major shifts & changes.

I bet you have had some painful realisations.

I bet you’ve had great hurts, disappointment, pain & anguish as you had to see the cold hard truths you had resisted.

But now you have your truths.

But what will your new life & world look like?

Did you make a choice to change?

Have you got your clarity & answers?

Can you see the path ahead?

Or do you still have to hold strong at the crossroads to be sure?

You have to create the space, to allow the new you & new life to be birthed.

Tonight, that shift & energy finally arrives.

Build the world you want to live in, not the world you need to continually have to escape from.

Your hard work & fruits of your labour are manifesting.

But first they must be firmly anchored into earth to grow, nurture & build upon.

Dream your world into being.

Plant those sacred seeds, for soon you will reap what you have sown.

Make those affirmations to ground the change into your material world, you won’t regret it.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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