3/12/17 Mercury Retrograde & Full Moon Blessings

Energy Update

Mercury Retrograde & Gemini Full Moon.

Today Mercury goes into retrograde & there’s a lot of hype about this, some almost fear it.

Please don’t feed that energy or vibration unless that’s what you want to attract.

Mercury is the planet of communication, so when it goes retrograde or reverse, it’s simply going over things ensuring you’ve completed & done it right.

So think about it as an opportunity, to revisit, reassess, responsibilities, remember, recommit, readjust, realise, refocus, revive, you know all the “re” words.

So think about all the ways you communicate.

Are you speaking your truth?

Do your thoughts, words & feelings actually match?

Has your phone been backed up?

Phones, Computers, electric items can often short circuit in this highly charged energy.

Be very clear with your words, intentions, truth.

How you choose to communicate with others must be impeccable, as the magnifying glass is on all of us.

Watch your words or communication style, as you will get a reaction. I’m sure you want it to be a good or pleasant one.

Miscommunications leading to volatility or explosive arguments easily happen now in this energy.

You are being gifted the opportunity to tweek or make adjustments.

To tie up all loose ends before the year closes out.

To revisit or reassess plans, projects, dreams & your life.

Think about what you have contemplated or started, then what needs to be done, activated or completed.

It’s like dotting all the ‘i’ & crossing the ‘t’ before you release your masterpiece.

Combine this with our pending Full Moon tonight, on 4/12 2.16am (Adel).

It’s in Gemini, an Air sign depicted by the twins.

So Grandmother Moon imparts her wisdom & nurturing, shining her light on these hidden aspects.

So look at where there is duality within you.

Are you being torn or split between 2 worlds?

Are you being indecisive?

Is your head exhausting you?

Is your energy scattered, ratty, tired, weary & exhausted?

Are you running around like a chook with their head cut off?

What are you stubbornly resisting?

Is change inevitable?

Are you stuck in limbo or ready to forge forward?

Think of duality then think of oneness.

You may want to be foot loose & fancy free, breaking shackles.

You may be yearning for space & freedom.

You may need to restore balance.

You may need to let go & allow things to flow.

So there are your keys, this is the energy we are dealing with now.

May I suggest you try to detach, simply be, gain clarity, do the work on self.

This way you aren’t reactive but coming from a balanced, open perspective.

Endings are about.

It’s time to let go.

It’s time to release & be free.

Try to disengage from the lower physical vibration that traps you in the pain & suffering, to see from a higher soul perspective of love, compassion, understanding & wisdom.

Don’t be impulsive, reactive, scattered or the process can be brutal.

Work with it, definitely not against it.

I wish you an abundance of blessings & positive energy to work with as you transform & awaken.

Enjoy the journey, for that is where you are forged & birthed.

Love, light & blessings


Energising Souls


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