New Moon Solar Eclipse

Energy Update
This morning at 2.46am we had our New Moon in Sagittarius.
We had the Solar Eclipse started 12.03am & ended 5.23am, visible mainly over South America, Antarctica & Indian Ocean, but at sunrise here in Adelaide this morning it has a divine Golden Halo.

The solar winds are flowing.
The Light Codes incoming.
The energetic upgrades…..palpable.

Did you learn where you still compromised or negotiated aspects of self & relationships over the last 2 weeks within our eclipse window?

Today we breathe, we see, we know what we want & need now…….simplicity & to put our life on forward motion & plug back into our life.

Plant those sacred seeds, your hopes, dreams, wishes, prayers, deepest desires…..tend to them with lots of tender loving care……then watch your dreams become a reality.

Dream your world into being.
Open your heart to manifest happiness & abundance for yourself & loved ones.
You have your eye on the prize now……be the Saggy Archer, lift your bow & arrow, sharpen those instincts, ignite that fire & passion in your belly to launch your dreams…….you just might land bang on target now you know yourself & truth.

You are planting sacred seeds for your future, humanities future, Pachamama’s future, for our children, for the next 7 generations.

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings
Energising Souls

© JB Energising Souls

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