Energy Update 14/5/2019 22/4 Master Builder

Energy Update


1/4/5/2/0/1/9 = 22/4 The Master Builder

The energy is intense.

The upcoming Scorpion Full Moon is playing havoc.

The veils between the worlds are at their thinnest, it’s our Halloween for the Southern Hemisphere, so does that give you insight of the energy surrounding us?

We have a 22/4 Master Builder day.

Has the bottom fallen out of your world?

Is it time to rebuild you & your world from the ground up, so you are the beacon, lighthouse, bridge or mountain?

Big wounding, triggers, fears, pain are all coming to the surface now for healing & nurturing.

Much is shifting & purging.

Even the bridges, beacons of light, or lighthouses are weathering mighty storms at the moment.

To be a seer & beacon is a mighty blessing, yet heavy burden.

Not just ours but for Consciousness & Humanity collectively.

Many good people are tired & weary.

Many I have spoken to are at the point they want this all to be over, it’s just too hard.

Even lighthouses & light beacons have to endure the tsunamis of life’s storms, yet still we anchor & shine brightly to show others this is life.

Everything needs it’s moment or time for balancing.

This is the gouhls & ghosts of the past wanting to keep you down.

Wanting to suck you dry of your love & light.

Have you felt like walking away, to sabotage your calling or purpose, as the burden just becomes too great?

Have you had others wanting to keep you trapped in their hatred, ugliness, loneliness & despair?

Have you seen where your love & light no longer belong?

Have you had to sit with great truths, seeing what or whom continually causes you great pain & suffering?

Can someone still inflict a mortal scorpion sting to your heart & soul?

Are you paralyzed with fear, emotions or wrath?

Many are projecting their ancient triggers, patterns, wounding & self worth issues.

Trying to stop you from evolving, letting go, moving forward.

Have you finally realised that maybe they don’t want help, nor to grow, evolve, change & learn?

We are always challenged, often by devastation & chaos, just to see where we are at.

Will you be broken?

Will you be sacrificed again?

Remember the wrath or poison of the Scorpion Medicine.

Often it does feel like a slow painful death inside before rebirth.

You may choose to anchor, you may choose to walk away, you may even be forced to finally choose you above all others.

Grandmother Moon is holding our hands, as she navigates us through the toxic poison emotions towards purification & rebirth.

Be brave Dear Ones,

If your love & light are fading fast,

Reach out to your inner sanctum.

We all need a bit of tenderness, kindness, nurturing, support & healing now.

We all have to choose our path now.

Is it love & light?

Or is it pain, suffering, toxicity, ugliness, poison, shadows, fears & illusion?

Choose wisely.

Otherwise mass destruction will happen.

If it does, then once the storm has passed, you will finally get to see, it was the emotional shit storm you had to leave behind, just to survive.

Then you will start to come back to life & thrive.

I will write more as the Wesak Moon arrives.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Energy Update 11/5/2019

Energy Update


Wow the energy has been intense this last few days.

Did the ghosts from the past appear to challenge you?

Did the world turn upside down?

Have big truths been spoken?

Have masks fallen off revealing some ugly desperate people trying to hold you down?

Have you seen where you no longer belong?

Have you learnt great truths?

Has the line been drawn?

Have you learnt your worth?

Congratulation you have been challenged to see where your moral compass & integrity sits.

You are being offered a sacred key to unlock the door to your I Am essence, your higher self.

It is the most sacred & spiritual time of the year for the Southern Hemisphere as the Veils between the Worlds are at their thinnest.

It’s Buddahs birthday & the start of the Wesak Celebrations, where all the Ascended Masters, our Guides, the dearly departed can come to connect with us more easily.

The Upcoming Scorpio Full Moon is the powerhouse Portal.

But here is the lesson & vital key……

Are you in your truth, integrity & heart space?

If you are Divine, blissful & sacred connections can be made through journey work, meditation, or spiritual processes.

It is time to step up, receive divine guidance & great insight.

You have the opportunity to elevate your consciousness & bring in the new guides for the next 12 months.

You get to unlock the gates of human death, of existence to empowerment, with the sacred key of life.

But what life will you live?

The life of your highest self?

The life of your human self?

But…………if you are not coming from love & light you can bring in or attract dark energies, and this is exactly why so many are attracting major shit & splattering in their worlds.

So be very mindful.

DO NOT play with things you don’t understand or have the abilities to deal with.

You can be guaranteed as you shine brighter it will feel like no matter what I do I always seem to battle.

Bingo, there it is, the fear or negative vibration, the life lesson, that you continually attract, that you must finally face & love that aspect of you whole.

Bring it out of the shadow self & return it to love & light.

Do not go back into old fear patterns, triggers, wounding, projections.

This powerful time is here for you to utilize the Scorpion Medicine, to kill off the ghost & ghouls of the past.

Transforming & Transmuting into the most powerful, authentic, truth speaking, light bearing soul you can be.

But that process can be very painful, like dying a slow painful death inside, as the ego, attachments & wounding fall away.

But often, death, endings, shedding, splattering happens before the rebirth.

Work with this mighty transformational energy Dear Ones.

Let go now, if you resist it will be brutal, cruel & toxic, the Scorpion Medicine can paralyze you with fear or wrath.

Remember it’s in the darkness where the stars shine the brightest.

Shine brightly dear ones.

Have no fear.

Open your mighty lions heart.

You have strength & courage inside.

You have your I Am essence calling, whispering & guiding you home to self.

Walk your walk.

Though I walk through the valley of shadows, I have no fear, for the stars will guide my path of self realisation.

I will write more as Wesak Moon arrives.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Is your problem really that bad?

In 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months will it change?

There are always others facing such great stress & struggle.

Is that cold worth whinging about when another is fighting for life?

Is your mood worth all that stress & struggle?

There is always someone worse off than you.

Can you pause, breathe, release & reset?

Can you make a choice?

Do you still have free will?

Can you pay kindness, support, nurturing forward?

Look at this picture,

It’s today’s reminder that your life really isn’t that rough.

If you have a roof over your head, clean water to drink, clothes on your back, a dollar in your pocket & food in your tummy, you are already better off than many.

Perspective is very powerful.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Coincidence or Synchronicity?

Are they coincidences or synchronicity?

You are a powerful being of love & light.

You deserve happiness, peace, love, joy.

You attract people, places, insight, visions, blessings, abundance, & so much more.

You find & make sacred reconnections with your soul tribe.

You connect to all that is.

You become one with nature & all it’s Medicine & beauty.

You connect to sacred wisdom.

All you ever need just magically & amazingly comes to you.

Become the Master of your Destiny.

You are a Co-Creator.

When you know, honour, respect & accept this, you become One.

Conscious, Awakened, Empowered.

A divine & sovereign being.

Create & dream your life & world into being.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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I apologise for the swearing but this is truth.

There is not a living soul on this earth who has not made a mistake.

Some are minor, some are monumental.

But they are all opportunities for change & they are our life lessons.

It’s how we grow & evolve.

If you sit in judgement then you are sitting in ego or power play.

Do you think you are better than another?

If you are in your heart space, you will find compassion, understanding, forgiveness or truth.

Then you exert your free will.

You may not agree, you may not resonate, nor accept poor behaviour, nor want anything to do with someone.

You may even choose to walk away, but you don’t judge them.

You accept them for where they are at.

Simply seeing what & who they are.

Allowing them to walk their own journey.

Gaining their own life experience & lesson.

Let them sleep,

Let them learn,

Let them grow on their own, if they don’t want your help, support or guidance.

Don’t throw stones in glass houses.

For he who sits in judgement, must be prepared to be judged themselves.

Nobody is perfect.

Everybody wobbles, makes mistakes, evolves.

With love in your heart, mountains can be moved.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Illusion pretending to be truth

Illusion pretending to be truth.

How long have you lived with fear?

Is it real or an illusion?

Is it a ghost from the past?

Do you feed the negativity by focusing your energy there?

Do your words, deeds & actions keep you a prisoner of your past?

Do you continually attract the same people, lesson or scenario into your world?

Do you have the feeling part of your essence is lost or trapped somewhere?

Is there a missing link within?

Fear keeps us trapped in the cycle of triggers, wounding & projection.

Fear keeps us trapped in mental anguish.

Fear keeps us devoid of love & light.

When you face your greatest fear, you face your greatest challenge.

Just like the shadows in the night can look scary, like the tree scratching the window in the winds, in the shadows you may fear it’s something sinister. But in the daylight we find clarity, we see the truth, it was just the tree that scared me when I couldn’t see or trust my instincts.

Same happens in life.

Is it really a monster in the mist or just your fear energetically.

Life is full of illusions pretending to be truth.

Find your love & light,

You find your truth,

Then there will be no more fear & illusions.

You are the Master of your Destiny.

Nothing or nobody has the right to break your soul, and that includes you.

Love, honor, respect & nurture all aspects of you.

Bring them out of the illusions within the shadow self.

Then watch you & your world transform.

I can help guide you from the shadows to the light.

Shamanic journeys, meditations, readings, workshops & private healing sessions are all available by me, Jenny Boffa, Energising Souls at my healing space at Sellicks Beach, SA.

I would love to help support & guide your awakening & journey.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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