Is your problem really that bad?

In 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months will it change?

There are always others facing such great stress & struggle.

Is that cold worth whinging about when another is fighting for life?

Is your mood worth all that stress & struggle?

There is always someone worse off than you.

Can you pause, breathe, release & reset?

Can you make a choice?

Do you still have free will?

Can you pay kindness, support, nurturing forward?

Look at this picture,

It’s today’s reminder that your life really isn’t that rough.

If you have a roof over your head, clean water to drink, clothes on your back, a dollar in your pocket & food in your tummy, you are already better off than many.

Perspective is very powerful.

Something to ponder,

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Coincidence or Synchronicity?

Are they coincidences or synchronicity?

You are a powerful being of love & light.

You deserve happiness, peace, love, joy.

You attract people, places, insight, visions, blessings, abundance, & so much more.

You find & make sacred reconnections with your soul tribe.

You connect to all that is.

You become one with nature & all it’s Medicine & beauty.

You connect to sacred wisdom.

All you ever need just magically & amazingly comes to you.

Become the Master of your Destiny.

You are a Co-Creator.

When you know, honour, respect & accept this, you become One.

Conscious, Awakened, Empowered.

A divine & sovereign being.

Create & dream your life & world into being.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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I apologise for the swearing but this is truth.

There is not a living soul on this earth who has not made a mistake.

Some are minor, some are monumental.

But they are all opportunities for change & they are our life lessons.

It’s how we grow & evolve.

If you sit in judgement then you are sitting in ego or power play.

Do you think you are better than another?

If you are in your heart space, you will find compassion, understanding, forgiveness or truth.

Then you exert your free will.

You may not agree, you may not resonate, nor accept poor behaviour, nor want anything to do with someone.

You may even choose to walk away, but you don’t judge them.

You accept them for where they are at.

Simply seeing what & who they are.

Allowing them to walk their own journey.

Gaining their own life experience & lesson.

Let them sleep,

Let them learn,

Let them grow on their own, if they don’t want your help, support or guidance.

Don’t throw stones in glass houses.

For he who sits in judgement, must be prepared to be judged themselves.

Nobody is perfect.

Everybody wobbles, makes mistakes, evolves.

With love in your heart, mountains can be moved.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Illusion pretending to be truth

Illusion pretending to be truth.

How long have you lived with fear?

Is it real or an illusion?

Is it a ghost from the past?

Do you feed the negativity by focusing your energy there?

Do your words, deeds & actions keep you a prisoner of your past?

Do you continually attract the same people, lesson or scenario into your world?

Do you have the feeling part of your essence is lost or trapped somewhere?

Is there a missing link within?

Fear keeps us trapped in the cycle of triggers, wounding & projection.

Fear keeps us trapped in mental anguish.

Fear keeps us devoid of love & light.

When you face your greatest fear, you face your greatest challenge.

Just like the shadows in the night can look scary, like the tree scratching the window in the winds, in the shadows you may fear it’s something sinister. But in the daylight we find clarity, we see the truth, it was just the tree that scared me when I couldn’t see or trust my instincts.

Same happens in life.

Is it really a monster in the mist or just your fear energetically.

Life is full of illusions pretending to be truth.

Find your love & light,

You find your truth,

Then there will be no more fear & illusions.

You are the Master of your Destiny.

Nothing or nobody has the right to break your soul, and that includes you.

Love, honor, respect & nurture all aspects of you.

Bring them out of the illusions within the shadow self.

Then watch you & your world transform.

I can help guide you from the shadows to the light.

Shamanic journeys, meditations, readings, workshops & private healing sessions are all available by me, Jenny Boffa, Energising Souls at my healing space at Sellicks Beach, SA.

I would love to help support & guide your awakening & journey.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Energy Update 5/5/2019

Energy Update

New Moon Blessings


New Moon blessings Dear Ones

What a Divine time in our evolution.

We get our New Moon in Taurus this morning at 8.15am (Adel).

We have been through the long dark night, now with the dawning of a new day, the light is returning.

New Moon heralds a new cycle, new start, new beginnings.

Taurus is a strong Earth sign, ruled by Venus and gifting us deep connections & healing from Pachamama.

Mother Earth anchors, supports, nurtures us.

It allows us to finally send deep roots down, make soul energetic connections, to belong & feel safe in your Earth, to beautify your Earth.

To bring beauty, grace, peace, serenity, stability, support, structures, new foundations & growth back into you & your world.

We have a double blessing with the 5/5 Portal opening.

5 the number of change.

The change is here.

The time is here.

Now we get the holy trilogy.

We also have 5/5/2019 22/4 the Master Builder day, our 3rd blessing today.

The next level of self mastery where we build onto or expand into our higher or soul self.

You rebuild self, you build worlds, communities, relationships, sacred connections.

Are you willing to step through that resistance, self sabotage, self loathing?

Are you Awakening & starting to see a bigger or different picture or perspective?

Do you finally understand yourself & your needs?

Have you changed & grown through adversity, shedding old belief systems?

Have you found your moral compass?

Do you walk in truth & integrity?

The door to wisdom is knowing yourself.

For taking responsibility for every word, deed, action & reaction you make.

For honouring all life.

For owning all aspects of self.

It is time, divine timing.

The universes says dream & manifest your world into being.

Allow yourself to remember the magnificent being of love & light that you are.

Open up to all there is.

A mighty Portal has opened.

For the brave & courageous, the believers & shakers, together we walk tall.

Soul tribes are forming everywhere.

Souls know each other, not separated by the colours of our skins.

We honour all the worlds skins, Black, Yellow, Red & White, we are one, we are kin, we all have the same colour blood & organs inside.

Unity, Oneness, Consciousness is the way.

Women need women & sacred circles to talk openly, to feel safe, supported, nurtured & honoured, healing our ancient woundings within the Sisterhood.

Our Men, so bravely stepping forward now surrendering into their heart spaces, opening up to share their truth & feelings, no longer able to be desensitised robots or killing machines.

The Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine unified, open in their love & devotion to each other, empowering each other to be the best version of self.

Wisdom comes from living & walking your path or journey.

Is it time to step through this portal to the change you have yearned so long for?

Be brave & courageous now Dear Ones.

It’s time to connect deeply to the ancient self, to the core or root of who you are.

To your I Am essence.

It’s time to be & embrace all of you.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


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Always trust that inner knowing.

The hairs stand on end.

The turn or twist in your tummy.

The goosebumps.

That feeling that won’t leave you.

That person who keeps popping into your thoughts.

It’s your intuition, your higher self, whispering guidance.