The Great Divide

The Great Divide đź’”

Now this is a prickly topic, but so important to understand & discuss.
I believe knowledge is power.
What you know or understand… do not fear……..
The Great Divide between the wounded & healing, awakened & sleeping, is sadly so clear for all to see now.
Families, friendships, relationships all put under the microscope…..are they empowering or dysfunctional?
When you have done the work you won’t & don’t sit it your wounded self, being offended, passing judgement, being triggered, projecting all your shit & traumas onto everyone you come in contact with.
You stand up, dealing with life, growing, learning, changing, evolving.
You own & work on yourself, the good, bad & ugly.
You will self reflect, make changes, apologise, rebuild.
In fact you will find initially you have a variety of emotional reactions, bewilderment, anger, rage at oppression, be wounded by manipulation, lured in for game playing ……….
Until one day it sadly dawns on you & you learn you are dealing with an abuser, a person with narcissistic tendencies, a person so wounded & hurt that they go through life being toxic, ugly, destructive humans.
You may come across the child that never grew up, never got love, throws tantrums, never got told they did well or got parents approval, never good enough for their cold & distant parents…..that makes for a spiteful & narcissistic adult.
You have some emotionally crippled or emotionally absent, because they have never been shown nor given love, kindness & support.
You have some with a sense of entitlement, looking down their nose at everyone.
Many sit in their arrogance, trying to master their life as the perfect illusion, within their ivory towers.
Some have so many masks of illusion & fakeness they have lost touch with reality, instead gripped in delusion & deception.
You come across the ones that only want what you have, jealousy & envy rule them, as they set about destroying you, your character, you reputation, your being, for their own sad & pathetic gain.
Some manipulate by withholding emotions, or the very thing they know you need & crave….just to control you.
Then you can have the dark or evil that simply have no thought or respect for any living thing, they are like an energy vampire who sets out to destroy you, your health, your self belief, your sanity, your happiness… fact anything that is good.
You can have the one that takes great pride in divide & conquer tactics, isolating you from everyone, just to posses or own you.

One of the hardest lessons for me to learn was not everyone wants help, to be happy.
That I had to learn, see & accept where people were at in their evolution & journey.
That not everyone has respect, kindness, forgiveness, caring & sharing at the forefront.
That hurt people hurt other people.
That when people show you who they really are, believe them the first time, because it will be to your detriment if you don’t.
That how people react to you is mostly about them as they filter your words or consciousness through their level of awareness.
That by being real & authentic, you hold a mighty mirror up & you can be guaranteed to be attacked just for being you….people fear & will set out to destroy what they don’t have, know or understand……because sadly for many it’s easier than facing themselves.

Hence ……The Great Divide…….

All connections must be mutually beneficial or they will self combust now…..
I hope this offers some truth & awareness to you…….
It’s not always personal……it’s a collective lesson & awakening…….

Something to ponder
Energising Souls
© JB Energising Souls

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