12:12 Portal

12:12 Portal

10/1 Universal Day – New Beginnings
33 – Christ Consciousness
22 – Master Builder
3 – trinity
Mother, father, child
Maiden, mother, crone
Sun, Moon, Earth
Father, Son, Holy Spirit ……….

Well Dear Ones
Are you starting to see the significance & alignment this portal offers you.
Today you are simply asked……have you Mastered yourself yet?
The University of Life is the Master Teacher.
Today you are asked…..are you ready to step through the Portal, Gateway, Timeline, to a new way of being, living, consciousness?
Are you now sure of your belief systems & not negotiables?
Are you healing & merging the Masculine, Feminine & Child within?
Are you working on deep trauma, ancestral healing, oppression & separation of self?
Have you faced & dealt with the woundings & triggers of your greatest fear & suffering?
Did you face dysfunctional friendships & relationships?
Do you now know we are all One & what befalls one, effects all humanity?
Are you now aware of the importance of your health, freedom, liberties, values?
Have you faced your triggers, woundings & shadow self?
Do you finally love, honour & respect all of you & the journey you walked to simply be?
Are you beginning to awaken, become aware, conscious, see & feel things differently now?
Do you no longer fit or connect with some people, places, connections, beliefs & habits?

Let your heart guide your way.
Let happiness & joy return & stay.
Let gratitude be part of your day,
Let abundance flow & share your pay,
Always remember to say thank you & pray,

Because there will always be challenges,
Life is the school of hard knocks, where now, we get our final end of year report card for 2020.
The year that changed the world & all its inhabitants from the Universe, letting us know how we have grown & just what we have graduated from & to……

Is there a brighter, happier, stronger, wiser version of you?

Open your heart, let the love & light shine from deep within,
You are a Beloved Child of the Universe,
It’s time to rise & shine Dear Ones…..

Father Sky, Earth Mother, we are here……
The Sacred & Holy Trinity…….

Something to ponder
Wishing you all so much love, light & blessings,
Energising Souls
© JB Energising Souls


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