The University of Life…..

The University of Life

  • is the Master Teacher

Life is a school where you learn how to remember, exactly what your soul already knows.
You get to unwrap all your gifts.
You get to remember who you are.
You find out your life lessons.
You get to be the hero of your story.
You get to be the author & artist.

But first you have to unpack your emotional backpack you have collected along the way.
You take the time to make room for all the good stuff that actually is yours.
You leave behind what everyone else told you that you could, or couldn’t be.
You unpack limiting belief systems.
You unpack self sabotage.
You unpack the pain, hurt, suffering.
You go from wounded self to healing self.
You face every truth, trauma, trigger, wounding & fear as you journey ever deepening within your shadow self.
You learn that without the shadow the divinity, the love, the light within can never be reclaimed & ignited.
You let go of all that wants to hurt, or diminish you.
You challenge the norm, or mundane, that keeps you comfortably numb.
You unpack the past, to make way for the present.
You heal your heart & soul.
You connect to your I Am essence.

Then you find your moral compass.
Your belief systems.
Your self worth.
Your truth.
You know the value of silence & peace.
You understand & regularly practice discernment.
You respect all life.
You hold wisdom gifted to you by life’s lessons.
You start to love yourself & life.
You come alive from the inside out.
Building the life, connections & journey that was meant for you all along, and you finally realise you deserve to be happy.
You become all of you…..
The Master of Self…..
The Master of your Destiny……

Something to ponder,
Love, light & blessings
Energising Souls

© JB Energising Souls

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