Somethings are simply unforgivable & in fathomable… could another human do or be like that?
Some humans are simply ugly inside & don’t want anyone else to be happy.
Hurt people will always hurt other people…………..
But forgiveness in those instances isn’t about them…’s freeing & liberating you from the power, pain, shame, suffering, neglect, ugliness, trauma, energetic charge, or moment in time, they hold over you.
For giving…….please look at that word.
For giving yourself you are simply giving…..
You are replacing what was taken, often without your consent, from you.
You break the emotional charge.
You deny them control or manipulation over your energy, mind, body, heart or soul.
Forgiveness says you also forgive yourself for being young, stupid, ignorant, or any part you played meaning or inadvertently in hurting another.
Forgiveness is also about taking responsibility for actions, or refusing to hold onto toxicity by sending that back to the one who will one day reap what they have sown…..or learn a big life lesson.

Can you give …….to yourself only if that is all you can do for now…….release the energetic charge, love, kindness, nurturing, compassion is the gift you need to give yourself to commence your healing, as you slowly find yourself again, turning those wounds into wisdom.

Can you say sorry to yourself?
Can you forgive another?

Only when your awareness opens or changes, no more denial, projections, triggers, will you start to come out of the shadow self……

Something to ponder
Energising Souls

©jb energising souls

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