Energy Update

28/10/1 – new beginnings
11 – self mastery
22 – master builder
111:22 – trinity 111

The energy is building
You may feel tired, snitchy, irritable, headache, sinus, cold symptoms, thick heads.
You may have light, restless sleep patterns, if you get much sleep at all.
You may feel the overwhelming urge to break free, change, let go.
It’s so important to let go, release, surrender to all that no longer serves you.

Our bodies physical, emotion, mental & spiritual/light are all getting cleansed & upgraded.
Whether you are awake & conscious or sleeping/resistant this process is happening, how you choose to handle it is up to you.
This is as the fire energy transforms & transmutes the thick, heavy, density around & within you.
It’s raising vibrations.
Life has shaken you to awaken you.
Awakening to great truths.
Knowing intimately your core beliefs & what’s not negotiable……
Full moon lunar eclipse energy is pulsing through the Ethers.
All will come out & be exposed from hiding in the shadows to be illuminated.
Masks will fall.
Ugly humans nowhere to hide.
You will be shown undeniable truths………

Watch what happens between the Eclipses…….all that has been unbalanced…….rebalances ………
Lies & manipulation ……truth triumphs….
A divine light shines from Creator & the Universe, to remind us what has been eclipsed…….to Atone, to make peace, with self & our fellow humans…… through truth, love & light…….it will guide the way.

Something to ponder
Energising Souls
© JB Energising Souls

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