Energy Update 9/12/2020

Energy Update

Have faith Dear Ones ………
So many I have spoken to lately have all said Jenny when is this going to end……..
The last month has certainly shaken us to awaken us.
Portals, eclipse windows, planets aligning & coming out of retrograde, upcoming solstice, sun/solar flares, light codes, upgrades, ascension symptoms……
Ahhhhhh let’s all take a big breathe, pause, reset, realign.
Many are frazzled, short circuiting, not knowing how to make ends meet in challenging times.
Many overwhelmed as they continue to people please & reach exhaustion trying to strive for unrealistic perfection as the pressure of the silly season encroaches.
Many have literally had to lance the boil or cut away the toxicity in our life.
So many having to deal with big life decisions.
So many relationships being stretched to their limits, bursting out of old & toxic patterns.
Relationships have changed, evolved, become conscious or they have self combusted.
We have all been challenged to face ourselves & any self sabotage games we tried to continue.
If it doesn’t serve you, empower you, connect with you……it will simply vibrate away from you now…..literally be repelled.
So many are letting go of long term dysfunctional work situations, family dynamics, toxic relationships.
We are being forced to be accountable for our actions, words & deeds.
Our thoughts & intentions can & are instantly or quickly manifesting now.
Everybody, without exception has been forced to look at what has oppressed you, diminishes you, pained you, toxic to you.
We all must face our wounds & fears so they no longer control or manipulate your energy.
We have all been challenged to plug back into ourself, our life, our happiness.
We all have tasted bitter truths & disappointment, as reality set in.
Now we decide who stays in our world & deserves our time, energy, love & light, because now we know all connections must be mutually respectful, beneficial & meeting at a level of consciousness.

He/she whispered can I really do this………to the butterflies of transformation, wings twitching ready to unfurl in all their glory, heart fluttering, strength & courage returning……

They whispered back……have faith Dear One………have faith……everything you need is already inside …….

Follow your heart, soul, dreams, yearnings, calling……it will guide you home to self, to tribe, to belong, to your divine essence…..

Remember, the tiny grub had to give up all it knew, surrender, be bound in darkness within the cocoon, allow the metamorphosis, then break free of limiting beliefs.
A butterfly can’t even see its own magnificent wings & true beauty, yet it’s evolved, happily flying towards freedom & viewing life from a whole new perspective, transformed……..

So do we…….
I will meet you there……

Something to ponder
Love, light & blessings
Energising Souls
© jb energising souls

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