Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Energy Update
🌟Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Blessings, 🌟
Full Moon in Gemini – Air (heart, skin, breathe)
Sun in Sagittarius- Fire
Major Solar Flare……
9 universal day…..endings, completion cycles……
The Universe has shaken us to awaken us……
Are you getting a clearer picture?
Do you now understand why you feel exhausted, skin problems, headaches, short tempered, irritable, vague, turbulence, poor sleep, releasing……..

Please do not forget the Beaver Moon is in the Northern Hemisphere, as they approach Winter, you must prepare……
But in the Southern Hemisphere we have the dawning of Summer……abundance…..
Energetically the Gemini Moon will show you the duality or polarity of self, beliefs, patterns…..
It’s the line in the sand……
Big endings are here……
A new timeline awaits…..
There is a great divide, letting go of all that no longer is a vibrational match.
Separation of lower or toxic energies.
You will know your light & shadow self.
Stop literally tearing yourself in two, or sacrificing self, for people that never reciprocate or allow a mutually beneficial relationship or understanding to happen.
You will see what you have allowed to be eclipsed within,
The space to heal or change is here,
Transform & transmute, let it go,
Make up your mind & get out of your head,
Your heart is there……
Let your love, light, truth reunite all aspects of self,
May relationships let go of resentment & find respect & appreciation,
Stubbornness to compassion,
Resistance to freedom,
But this will only happen when you let yourself be whole, complete & Mastering self & life…..

What do you eclipse or diminish?
What do you empower & thrive on?

It’s all up to you now Dear Ones……

I’ll let you in on a divine little secret,
There is no seperation,
It’s fear that puts the illusion in front of you,
Love & light is who you are…….

Something to ponder
Energising Souls
© JB Energising Souls


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