The Spiritual Path

Many on the spiritual path often say to me why is this so hard?

Why do others look like they have no problems or battles?

This isn’t fair.

Well put quite simply, that’s your ego trying to put fear into you.

Ego constantly challenging you.

Ego makes you think about you, your attachments, materialistic, vanity, trapped in the monkey chatter of your head.

On the contrary heart & soul makes you kind, compassionate, heart based & service orientated.

We originally were heart based then mind operated, now sadly we are mind/ego based shallow, self absorbed & think that the world & everybody owes you everything.

Well spirit in you will eventually shatter that illusion.

And bingo, that’s where your pain, suffering, Awakening, splattering & Consciousness is activated.

It heralds the start of the death of your ego.

That’s your mighty struggle & challenge.

You are here to learn the road back through your heart & to your mighty I Am essence.

That’s what the Spiritual Journey is all about.

The stripping away of all that isn’t your truth or moral cloth & the rebirth of you.

We are pure beings of love & light.

In human form we are the weakest, most distant from this essence.

This is the most prized evolution for your Soul.

Of course you have self imposed challenges, mountains to climb, soul contracts & life lessons to learn & overcome.

How do you think you find yourself?

So if your battle seems harder or longer, have you considered the path you were born to walk?

Stay strong & focused on your spiritual path.

Is your ego checked?

Is your ego friend or foe?

The path of Self Mastery isn’t for the faint hearted, but it’s the greatest journey you will ever undertake.

Born Masters have it even harder, knowing it is themselves they must Master, not others, with many walking solitary paths, until all earthly attachments are stripped away & we are left with only us.

Our I Am essence & One with all.

There is no separation.

The ego makes us think, feel & believe that.

We finally become the Master of our Destiny.

Be brave Dear Ones,

The journey is a mighty one, but well worth the effort & dedication.

After all, it’s what you signed up for & you will continue to attract the same people, lessons, triggers & woundings until you do.

Exert your free will.

Remember who you are & why you came.

Something to ponder

Love, light & blessings

Jenny Boffa

Energising Souls


(C) copyright JB Energising Souls

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